Prince Bin Al Reeh: You will not defeat me. I am born of a great tribe, People of the Horse.

Frank T. Hopkins: So am I.

Sheik Riyadh: How is the coffee? If you were to put a horseshoe in it, do you suppose it would stand erect?

Katib: At your age uncle, I suppose it is that only thing that might!

Sheik Riyadh: Boldly spoken... for a man with no wives.

Aziz: You are most wise to tie your horse. Were he to cover an Arab mare,


Aziz: the foal would have to be destroyed before it touches the ground... as would the sire.

Frank T. Hopkins: [to Hidalgo] You hear that? Keep your pride tucked.

Frank T. Hopkins: Mister... you can say anything you want about me. I'm gonna have to ask you not to talk about my horse that way.

Frank T. Hopkins: Nobody hurts my horse.

Sheik Riyadh: [Frank offers his Colt to the Sheik] I lost the race, Frank Hopkins.

Frank T. Hopkins: But you won a friend. It's a gift.

Jazira: I do not know if you are a good as it is said, but I have faith in the painted stallion. It is said that you captured him in the wild.

Frank T. Hopkins: Badlands. Long time ago.

Jazira: How did you tame him?

Frank T. Hopkins: I didn't.

[the Sheik offers to shake Frank's hand]

Frank T. Hopkins: What about your ability to tell the future?

Sheik Riyadh: If I had the ability to foretell the future, perhaps I would have bet on a painted horse.

[last lines]

Frank T. Hopkins: Let 'er buck.

Jazira: [without niqab] Why do I feel that you truly see me when others do not?

Frank T. Hopkins: Well, my horse likes ya.

Sheik Riyadh: And you, an impure unbeliever in the tent of a man who can trace his very blood back to Adam, you will be removed of your infidel self.

Frank T. Hopkins: Removed of my what?

Sheik Riyadh: Like a stallion not worthy of breeding.

Preston Webb: Well, I didn't ride eleven-hundred miles to finish second place!

Frank T. Hopkins: Why did you then?

Frank T. Hopkins: I ain't too much of a gambler, sir.

Sheik Riyadh: To the contrary. You are gambling with your very life in this great race.

Jazira: Goodbye... Blue Child.

Frank T. Hopkins: Get out of here mister. Leave me be.

Yusef: This is not possible...I was charged with the crime of stealing milk. As punishment I have been assigned to the American and his horse.

Frank T. Hopkins: You're working for me?

Yusef: It was this or be removed of my left hand. The future will tell if I have chosen poorly.

Frank T. Hopkins: Only fools or gamblers walk behind a stange mare, Sheikh! You can believe that.

Sheik Riyadh: Is that a passage from the Bible?

Frank T. Hopkins: A gift from above, not a plague.

[picks up the dead locust and takes a bite]

Frank T. Hopkins: Once you get past the legs, it ain't too bad.

Buffalo Bill Cody: Hidalgo is a legend. He's never lost a long distance race.

Jazira: The Indians of the West. You have seen their vanishing kind?

Frank T. Hopkins: I am their kind.

Jazira: I would know you only as a white man.

Frank T. Hopkins: Maybe I got good at hiding my face, too.

[first lines]

Frank T. Hopkins: [to Hidalgo] C'mon little brother. Checkout time. Yeah.

Sheik Riyadh: Tell me about this Wyatt Earp... and Doctor Holliday.

Frank T. Hopkins: [after Hidalgo has thrown him off] You're lucky this gun's got blanks.

[trips off banner fence]

Frank T. Hopkins: Tell him to fetch more water.

[Yusef yells at the slave boy in Arabic and sends him off with a kick]

Frank T. Hopkins: Hey.

[hands Yusef another bucket]

Frank T. Hopkins: You, too.

Yusef: Why do you buy this boy, anyway?

Frank T. Hopkins: Someone has to do your work, goatherder!

Aziz: What shall I tell his Excellency?

Frank T. Hopkins: You can tell him pound sand for all I care.

Buffalo Bill Cody: [about Hopkins] Can cross the country in thirty days but can't find his horse backstage!

Frank T. Hopkins: Western justice, partner.

Frank T. Hopkins: [put his hat down next to Hidalgo] Well, what do you make of it so far?

[Hidalgo picks up Hopkins' hat with his mouth]

Frank T. Hopkins: Nope, too late to turn back now.

Prince Bin Al Reeh: I could defeat any rider in the great race, if I was allowed to sit the back of Al-Hattal. Why am I not?

Jazira: Because the sacred is not for sale, as are you.

Annie Oakley: We're betting on the last American cowboy!

Frank T. Hopkins: [sees the sandstorm] What in hellfire...?

Frank T. Hopkins: I'd take a warm gin over ice any time, mister.

Major Davenport: Major, actually.

Aziz: Have you never seen a slave market, Mr. Frank?

Sheik Riyadh: Never before has a foreigner partaken in the Great Race.

Frank T. Hopkins: For a man of such high rank you're kind of short, Aziz.

Jaffa: If any harm has befallen the child, I shall remove your head myself!

Jazira: What does this mean?

Frank T. Hopkins: Shunka Wakan? Big dog. There's no word in Sioux for horse. When the Indians saw the first one the Spanish brought over, they didn't know what the hell it was. When they saw how it could run, carry a man through battle, become his friend for life, well, they figured it had to be a sacred animal.

Jazira: Indeed.

Frank T. Hopkins: When you're in a desert, the sight of green grass and fresh water can be mighty tempting. Sometimes you're just seeing things.

Major Davenport: Have you ever killed any red Indians?

Frank T. Hopkins: Just one. A long time ago.

Lady Anne Davenport: Tell me, Mr. Hopkins, what breed is your stud?

Frank T. Hopkins: Hidalgo's a mustang, ma'am.

Major Davenport: Oh! Mustang?

Lady Anne Davenport: From the Spanish "mesteño". Meaning "untamed".

Frank T. Hopkins: That's right.

Lady Anne Davenport: Horse of the red Indian. Small, hearty. Mixed blood, of Spanish origin.

Major Davenport: Mixed.