Ethan Hunt: I'm part of an agency... called the IMF.

Julia: What's that stand for?

Ethan Hunt: Impossible Mission Force.

Julia: [chuckles] Shut up.

Ethan Hunt: Blow the car.

Zhen: Oh, it's such a nice car.

Ethan Hunt: And yet, do it.

Luther Stickell: Was there something more going on between you two?

Ethan Hunt: Lindsey was like my little sister.

Luther Stickell: And you never... slept with your little sister, right?

Luther Stickell: [convincing him not to get married, like a broken record] Don't do it, Ethan.

Ethan Hunt: Luther? Julia and I got married two days ago.

Luther Stickell: Well, congratulations!

Brassel: You can look at me with those judgmental eyes all you want, but I bullshit you not, I will bleed on the American flag to make sure those stripes stay red.

Brassel: Mr. Musgrave, please don't interrupt me when I'm asking rhetorical questions.

[In the middle of a complicated operation, Ethan - disguised as Owen Davian and sitting in a car, makes a drop to Luther, underneath the car in a manhole]

Ethan Hunt: [Deadpan] What's up?

Luther Stickell: [Deadpan] Nothin'. What's up with you?

Ethan Hunt: [Deadpan] Nothin'.

Lindsey Farris: I'm out! How many rounds do you got?

Ethan Hunt: Enough.

[rises, fires one shot and takes out the opponent]

Ethan Hunt: Now I'm out.

Declan: Ethan! Get in! They're coming!

Ethan Hunt: Who?

Declan: Building security and they're pissed!

Owen Davian: Who are you? What's your name? Do you have a wife? A girlfriend? Because if you do, I'm gonna find her. I'm gonna hurt her. I'm gonna make her bleed, and cry, and call out your name. And then I'm gonna find you, and kill you right in front of her.

Theodore Brassel: It's unacceptable that chocolate makes you fat, but I've eaten my share and guess what?

Luther Stickell: He made it... he made it!


Luther Stickell: I knew he'd make it.

Benji Dunn: Oh well, maybe we could share a jail cell together!

Declan: Do you copy?

Zhen: [mocking Declan] Copy, all I do is copy.

[when asked if he knew what the "Rabbit's Foot" was]

Benji Dunn: It's interesting - I used to have this professor at Oxford, okay? Doctor Wickham, his name was and he was, like, this massive fat guy, you know? Huge, big guy. We used to call him - you know, well, I won't tell you what we used to call him, but he taught biomolecular kinetics and cellular dynamics. And he used to sort of scare the underclassmen with this story about how the world would eventually be eviscerated by technology. You see, it was inevitable that a compound would be created which he referred to as the 'Anti-God'. It was like an accelerated mutator or sort of, you know, like a, an unstoppable force of destructive power, that would just lay waste to everything - to buildings and parks and streets and children and ice cream parlors, you know? So whenever I see, like, a rogue organization willing to spend this amount of money on a mystery tech, I always assume... it's the Anti-God. End-of-the-world kinda stuff, you know... But no, I don't have any idea what it is. I was just speculating.

[to Ethan, on phone]

Owen Davian: You hung me out of a plane. You can tell a lot about a person's character by how they treat people they don't have to treat well.

Luther Stickell: That look in your eyes is a pain in my ass, you know that, right?

Owen Davian: Oh no, it's fine. I always spill red wine on my white custom made shirt.

Ethan Hunt: [about to get electrocuted] Throw the switch on and off.

[slight pause]

Ethan Hunt: Don't forget the off.

Airline Worker: Mr. Pavel Sobo... Sobótka.

Ethan Hunt: Sóbotka.

Airline Worker: Sóbotka. Okay. And you're flying to Shanghai?

Ethan Hunt: Jeste jsem v Cíne nebyl. Je to tam hezký?

[I've never been in China. Is it nice there?]

Airline Worker: I don't speak Czech. I'm sorry. Let's see about your flight.

Ethan Hunt: Okay.

Airline Worker: Okay.

Ethan Hunt: Okay.

Ethan Hunt: I don't agree with you.

Luther Stickell: Well then I'm smarter than you.

Declan: I agree with Luther; we can't have real relationships, but you see, I love that

[Ethan rolls his eyes]

Declan: Now that you've pissed off every Italian in Rome, go do what you've got to do.

Ethan Hunt: Don't forget the smoke.

[Declan turns on the smoke and continues yelling at the Italians as Ethan walks off]

Ethan Hunt: Phoenix, I have eye on the prize. Do you copy?

Declan: [starting the helicopter] Copy. Of course I copy. Please, when do I not copy? All I do is copy.

Ethan Hunt: I'll die unless you kill me!

Luther Stickell: Well if it isn't Mr. 'those who can't do, teach'!

Benji Dunn: I'm assuming it's like a codename for something he's about to sell to an unspecified buyer, for $850 million by the way, or maybe it's not a codeword, maybe it's just a really, really expensive bunny appendage.

[first lines]

Owen Davian: [to Ethan] We put an explosive charge in your head. Does that sound familiar?

Ethan Hunt: [after climbing a wall, as a signal] Humpty Dumpty sat on a wall.

Owen Davian: The Rabbit's Foot, where is it?

Ethan Hunt: I, gave it to you...?

Owen Davian: Ethan, where's the Rabbit's Foot?

Ethan Hunt: Is our truck in place?

Ethan Hunt: Weapons good to go?

Luther Stickell: Yeah. You?

Ethan Hunt: Yeah.

Luther Stickell: You know I got your six.

Ethan Hunt: Hey, man. That's your job.

Brassel: You think this op was worth the risk, Mr. Hunt. What do you know about Owen Davian? He was the one who brought gas centrifuge technology to Korea from Pakistan.

[Brassel throws file on the table]

Brassel: He was also the man who sold Toxin 5 to the Armahad Republic Jihad.

[Brassel throws file on the table]

Brassel: He is a man who provides,

[throws file on the table]

Brassel: provides,

[throws file on the table]

Brassel: provides

[throws file on the table]

Brassel: . And he remains invisible. He's a goddamn invisible man.

Owen Davian: [referring to Lindsey Farris] What I did to your friend was... fun. It was fun.

[from trailer]

Luther Stickell: Welcome back, brother.

Benji Dunn: I'll probably lose my citizenship for this.

Ethan Hunt: [to Julia] I need you to trust me.

Brassel: I don't care if your daddy plays golf with the President. This is Intelligence. So far, I haven't seen any.

Owen Davian: What I'm selling and who I'm selling it to should be the last thing you're concerned about... Ethan.

[last lines]

Ethan Hunt: I'll send you a postcard.

Brassel: Fair enough.

Ethan Hunt: I need... I need to ask you for something incredible.

Ethan Hunt: Getting Davian is good, but getting his buyers is even better.

Declan: I don't understand what you're saying. No matter how we grab Davian, his clients are gonna know he's been taken

Ethan Hunt: No, they won't. Access point is here. It's a one way street adjacent to the Vatican wall. We'll need thirty second and I'll need a truck.

Ethan Hunt: I don't have a signal! I don't have a signal!

Declan: I'm on it! I'm on it! I'm on it!

Declan: [Ethan draws a sketch of the buildings on the window] Wait, so you're gonna swing... no, no, no, no! You could bounce right off the roof

Ethan Hunt: I could

Zhen: Even if you do make it you can't just walk out the lobby. What's your exit?

Ethan Hunt: Base jump off the top.

Zhen: Even at 162 you're pushing base jumping limits.

Declan: What are you gonna do? Land in the middle of Shanghai and hope no one notices?

Ethan Hunt: [muttering to himself] That's good...

Brassel: [to Ethan] Who's drawing these conclusions? Is it you?

John Musgrave: I am, sir, based upon...

Brassel: I'm not on you yet!

[back to Ethan]

Brassel: You allowed Farris to board your chopper without a scan. That explosive device could have taken you all out. There is one reason that you are sitting here before me today, and that is luck. Because your operation was poorly conceived and executed worse.

John Musgrave: Two laptops were recovered...

Brassel: I'm aware of that. We've talked to Tech Services. They doubt if they can reconstitute the drives. "Crispy," I believe,is what they called them. Worthless.

John Musgrave: Mr Brassel, as Operation Manager of this office, I have the authority...

Brassel: Excuse me, did you just throw a title at me, Mr. Musgrave?

Ethan Hunt: I have the Rabbit's Foot, but I can't make it to the roof!

Declan: What the hell d'you mean you can't make it to the roof - where are you?

Ethan Hunt: Look up! Look up! Look up!

Owen Davian: ...Three...

Ethan Hunt: Please... I can get you the rabbit's foot... please... don't do it, don't fuckin' do it!

Owen Davian: Four...

[From trailer]

Owen Davian: What else ya got?

Zhen: It's just a little prayer that I used to say to get my cat to come home.

Declan: Can you teach it to me?


Ethan Hunt: I have a charge in my head, I'm gonna die unless you kill me.

Julia: What?

[from trailer]

Ethan Hunt: [shouting] You will never get what you want!

Owen Davian: [shouting] You don't think I'll do it?

[Disguised as Owen Davian, Ethan appears behind Davian in the bathroom. He grabs Davian by the head, pushes him down to the ground, and puts a gun against his head]

Ethan Hunt: Quiet! Read this. Slowly.

[holding a card with text and tiny wireless microphone in front of Davian's face]

Ethan Hunt: Read it.

Owen Davian: [reading aloud from the card] The pleasure of Busby's company is what I most enjoy. He put a tack on Miss Yancy's chair, when she called him a horrible boy. At the end of the month, he was flinging two kittens across the width of the room. I count on his schemes to reveal th...

[stops reading]

Owen Davian: What the hell is this?

Ethan Hunt: Finish!

Zhen: [to Ethan, through intercom] Alpha, you're about to have a visitor.

Ethan Hunt: [to Davian] Finish!

Owen Davian: [resumes reading] - the way to escape my gloom.

Luther Stickell: [through intercom] Got it.

[Ethan shoots a dart into Davian's neck, tranquilizing him]