Ulises: [Ulises invites Renata into his home] Come in. Watch the tire.

Renata: Yes.

Ulises: This is my parent's room.

Renata: Wow.

Ulises: All these things are my mom's. These are the clothes we sell at the market.

[They walk over to a table]

Ulises: I draw on this table.

Ulises: You wanna see my drawings?

[the scene changes and they sit down on a bed, Ulises is explaining the story behind the drawings]

Ulises: Ffior rescues Miria from Turok to go on with the human race's unification.

Renata: It's cool! Am I Miria?

[Ulises and Renata kiss]

Ulises: Back to your planet.

Renata: Come.

[Renata shows Ulises a shirt]

Renata: Cool, isn't it? Let's see.

[She holds it up to him to see if it fits]

Renata: It fits you.

Ulises: Me? Hey, no.

Renata: Let me give it to you.

Ulises: No.

Renata: It's my fault yours got paint on it.

Renata: [Renata and Ulises are sitting in a boat on a ocean] Cool, isn't it?

Ulises: Yes, it is. What album is it?

Renata: It's MP3. I downloaded it from Internet.

Ulises: Oh...

Renata: I can burn the song for you.

Ulises: Why burn it?

Renata: I mean, I can copy it in a CD.

Ulises: Yes, I know. I was joking.

Renata: I never come here.

Ulises: You've never been on a boat?

Renata: Yes, but in the ocean.

Ulises: I've never been to the ocean. I imagine the ocean in your eyes, even though I've never been there. It must be like that: beautiful.

[Renata and Ulises kiss]

Renata: You wanna get wet?

[Renata gets up in the boat and starts moving back and forth, the boat starts shaking]

Ulises: Don't do that.

[Renata giggles]

Renata: Why not?

Ulises: This'll get wet.

[Ulises holds up Renata's MP3 player]

Renata: I don't care. Whoo!

[Renata giggles]

Ulises: Well, I can't swim.

[Renata stops shaking the boat]

Renata: I'm sorry.

Ulises: Don't worry.

Francisco: It was a joke! What's wrong? You've been moody all day long.

Renata: It's nothing.

Francisco: Then why do you act like this?

Mariana: Since she's got a new boyfriend.

Francisco: What? A boyfriend?

Renata: No.

Mariana: Of course. What about the trash that you went out with? The one that Francisco had a fight in Sante Fe.

Renata: Shut up!

Francisco: What is Mariana talking about?

[Mariana leaves the car]

Renata: I'm outta here.

[Renata turns to get out of the car but Francisco gently grabs her arm]

Francisco: How can you go out with such a guy?

[Renata rolls her eyes at him]

Francisco: Answer me, damn it! Say something!

Renata: I don't wanna go out with you.

Francisco: And you do with that ass?

Renata: I'm not going out with him, or you, or anyone.

[Renata gets out of the car]

Francisco: I truly don't get it, Renata! I don't get it!

Renata: Hi!

[Francisco and Renata kiss]

Francisco: So, what? See you in the evening?

[Rerata kisses him, then she squeezes his butt]

Renata: Bye. Ciao.

Francisco: Bye bye.