Alternate Versions (3)

  • The R1 DVD replaced the score by Orbital and most of the licensed music that was used in the show on its broadcast run with a different composer's music. One of the few exceptions was the episode "Citizen Cecil," which still retained the Duran Duran songs used in its broadcast run, mainly because they were so integral to the plot.
  • The DVD box set features a completely different soundtrack from what was used during the TV airings: for example, "Never Squeal" from "Horse Heir" is switched over to the pilot when Eddie sees Fiona at her job.
  • Other examples of soundtrack changes include the removal of "Hayling" by FC Kahuna during the end sequence of "Eddie Loves Baseball" and "Crosstown Traffic" by Jimi Hendrix is removed during the Bentley driving scene in "Keeping Up Appearences."