Fiona: Get out.

Eddie: Out of the kitchen?

Fiona: Out of the kitchen, out of the flat, out of London, out of the world. It's full. Get out.

Eddie: I can't get out of the world. I didn't pull the kind of math grades you need to qualify for the space program.

Eddie: Why can't you just say "good morning?"

Fiona: Why can't you just say "I've found my own flat." Five simple words to brighten up a rainy day. It's not hard. I've. Found. My. Own. Flat.

Eddie: Really? When are you moving out?

Eddie: [to Fiona] Why don't you do something really funny? You know, like push a handicapped kid down the stairs in his wheelchair?

Pippin: You have to be careful though, mate. I can't handle these intense inter-personal things like that, you know? I'm English. I need to try and keep it down, keep it locked, inside, like we do. I mean, how else are you going to develop cancer?

Eddie: Good morning.

Fiona: Oh, is it? Has your visa expired?

Carol Ross: Excuse me, sir, but the gentleman out here...

Eddie: ...who is of no importance whatsoever, Miss Hornypenny... uh... Moneypenny.

[Eddie to Fiona]

Eddie: Ya know what I like best about Nigel? His personality.

Eddie: You know what I like about you?

Fiona: What?

Eddie: Nothing.

Fiona: Well we're in trouble then aren't we?

Eddie: We certainly are, especially if you think that top goes with those pants.