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  • Yes, Fox execs are stupid. Yes they are tasteless. Yes, all they care about is saving money and shocking people with talentless personalities (kind of an oxymoron, huh?). This had to be one of the best shows put on television in a long time. It was part "Moonlighting", part "Threes Company", with funny dialogue, incredible photography direction, and with a bunch of likable (lovable) characters played with wit, charm and intelligence by its actors. But I'm not surprised it's gone. I'm just surprised lame Fox didn't pull it after just one episode. Should we give them credit for that? I miss Eddie and Pip.
  • KEEN EDDIE is a delightful series, filled with excellent writing, tongue

    in cheek editing, brisk directing and, most of all, terric characters

    all excellently played.

    In this one Mark Valley is a disgraced New York cop who is reassigned to

    London. Valley is a wonderful, naturalistic actor who should be a much

    bigger name than he is. Here he plays the part of a tough guy cop with a

    humanistic twinkle giving the series, populated with eccentic British

    characters, its center. It's a terrifuc star turn, one I wish had been

    seen more and appreciated.

    KEEN EDDIE, originally cancelled by FOX after only a few episodes, (but

    what do you expect from them-they also cancelled BOSTON PUBLIC!), has

    been picked up by Bravo. Try to catch this terrific underrated show

    before it disappears altogther. Believe me, if you see it, you will

    always remember it fo
  • Last summer I lucked into a new show that was a true rarity; funny, sharp, cleverly written, with engaging characters that were well cast and played off one another perfectly. It took me almost no time at all to get hooked on Keen Eddie, and it only took them seven weeks to yank it off the air. Now, there have been a lot of bad decisions made in the history of television, many, many good shows struck down before their time only so we could suffer through crap like The O.C. and the Swan. But after viewing the Keen Eddie boxed set, I'm convinced of two things: one, that never has anyone showed such poor judgment in canceling a show before, and two, whomever decided to release the series in a boxed set deserves sainthood right now.

    Keen Eddie follows the story of Eddie Arlett (Mark Valley), a detective on the NYPD who botches a case and is sent to London to follow it up. There he is teamed up with the slightly neurotic but highly intelligent Inspector Monty Pippin (Julian Rhind-Tutt), and, under the direction of Superintendent Nathaniel Johnson (the always excellent Colin Salmon), he is turned loose on the greater London area, where his fish-out-of-water status actually becomes a strength. His home life is equally complicated; he is renting a flat from a woman whose daughter Fiona (Sienna Miller) is supposed to be at college but isn't; she and Eddie get on like oil and water.

    But Keen Eddie is far from just another cop show; the humor is as important as the suspense, and both are executed flawlessly. Eddie's American ways sometimes cause friction with the English, but they also lead to his having excellent chemistry with each of the other people in his life. He and Pippin are opposites who work together flawlessly; he constantly irritates his boss, but also pleases the man because he's good at getting results; and he and Fiona verge on all-out roommate war, but you know underneath it they are simply made for one another.

    The plots are heinously clever; Ediie must break up a fight-club type ring with the help of a well meaning but dim-witted young boxer and his white trash clan; Eddie must help the son of a famous pick-pocket stay out of much deeper trouble than his old man ever got in; he must enlist the aid of a former child prodigy who has fallen on hard times to help him nab a skilled safecracker; and so on. All of the plots have unexpected twists and turns, and all of them make deft use of humor. There are even tiny little devices in each show for the sharp-eyed; in one, Fiona and a co-worker square off, and at the party at the end of the show, Fiona wears a halo and her enemy a set of devil's horns as part of the celebration. In the episode with the child prodigy, who used to be on TV, every time he does something good, we hear a faint ripple of applause from a studio audience, and every time he does something bad, there is the faint hint of booing. One of the series best running gags involves Eddie and the Superintendent's secretary, Carol (Rachel Buckley); each time he greets her, she says something salacious to him that only he hears, and it throws him for a loop every time. Since no one else ever hears it, Eddie can't be sure if he's imagining it or not.

    Every episode except one is very well done; the only less than exemplary one involves Eddie inheriting a Bentley, because it never really comes together. But the thirteen episode set is very impressive, and I found myself unable to stop watching them (I purchased the set two weeks ago and forced myself to watch one a day so I wouldn't cycle through them too quickly). Though it's hard to judge a show's overall impact on just thirteen episodes, I'd say that we really lost something by not having two or three seasons of Keen Eddie. It's possible that the high level of creativity would have been lost after a certain period of time, and all shows eventually run out of steam; but Keen Eddie had so much going on and was so cleverly done that it seems almost criminal that it was cut short so early in its run. At least we have the boxed set, which is a lot better than relying on third-generation VHS, but watching this show and seeing how artfully it was done, and then thinking about all the crap that's on TV now, it's hard not to feel cheated that we have only thirteen episodes instead of sixty or a hundred. Once in a great while a show comes along that's a little bit different, very clever, and almost flawlessly executed. So naturally it has to get cancelled early. But don't take my word for it; rent Keen Eddie, if you can, and see what you very likely missed the first time around.
  • When I flip through the channels and see nothing but crap, I wonder what's so wrong with people that makes them ignore such great shows like Fox's "Keen Eddie". When it first aired, I was happy to discover that maybe TV could actually become intelligent again. The acting was well done, the plot clever, and altogether the show was very enjoyable. However, 90% percent of America chose to ignore Eddie and his crew because they were either too dumb or too lazy to deal with thinking and laying on the couch at the same time. OH GOD! NOT THAT! So, of course, they smothered the bright light of Keen Eddie and replaced it with awful shows like "Stupid Behavior Caught on Tape" (quite funny, really - it showed a day in the lives of Fox executives). Bravo mercifully picked it up, but didn't continue with a second season. It's a shame that a funny, smart, original (kiss my a**, o retard who called it a copycat show) program like this ended up so badly off. At least we've got the DVDs to look forward to - but until then, don't expect anything more. We've just been let down too many times.
  • =G=30 November 2004
    "Keen Eddie" is a thoroughly enjoyable sitcom cops & capers TV series about a square jawed NYC detective who is sent/banished to London to fight crime where he wrestles with his beautiful flat mate in a love/hate relationship and busts crooks with his sexaholic male partner while announcing..."Hi, I'm Eddie. How do you like me so far?". A fun, fresh, fast paced comedy cop romp with ample talent on both sides of the lens and punched up with Guy Ritchiesque A/V effects, this all too short lived TV series should make for an enjoyable DVD watch for anyone old enough for a little risqué humor and young enough to not be annoyed by the constant kinetics. (B+)
  • Everything from the writing to the actors performances was great. Eddie's fencing with Fiona, his special way of looking at and hearing Carol, the misunderstandings, and the way things went to hell in funny ways but turned out OK in the end, I loved it all. It's too bad the show had the misfortune to air on FOX, the place that cancelled Strange Luck, Brimstone, The Tick, Firefly, John Doe, and now, Keen Eddie.

  • I agree that Keen Eddie was amazing. The sophistication, Eddie's ability or lack to coalesce with this coworkers. He just keeps irritating people in a most amiable way. His relationship with Fiona was too funny. The hate/hate/love/hate relationship between then along with the occasional sexual tension and never to be realized unrequited love aspect was quite amusing.

    FOX has to cancel anything that they don't have the hutzpah to promote. Keen Eddie would have been a blockbuster on nearly any other network. Though I must admit, I felt like I was the only one watching at times. Keen Eddie was full of so many things that I enjoy watching in the American blockhead on the English soil.
  • ielle3 February 2004
    Thank God for the Bravo, which has just picked up Keen Eddie. I had seen previews for it when it was on Fox, but never got around to watching it. Now that it's on Bravo, I've had the chance, and I'm glad I did. It's funny, and clever. (Also, Moneypenny is a very cute bit character. Makes me think of Bond, of course.)
  • This program is the best on Television.. It's Guy Ritchie meets Damon Runyon.. I have waited a very long time for something this good.. It's inspiring and always leaves you wanting more. The ensemble cast is profound.. The writing is genius! If Bravo chooses not to film NEW episodes of Keen Eddie, Shame on them!! Watch it and spread the word! We do not want to lose this gem!! "So how are you liking me so far"? I am liking you just fine, Eddie..
  • KEEN EDDIE, as initially mounted on Fox network, was a recipe for disaster. Flip, sophisticated writing and polished international acting on a network known for trash. A series pushing the boundaries of tightly plotted modern mysteries with intriguingly interlocking characters - with nearly every episode directed by a different hand and the "creator" handing off the majority of the writing during the first season to six OTHER hands as if he couldn't be bothered with his creation (oh, for an Aaron Sorkin when one needs one - though the near perfect SPORTS NIGHT, dumped so he could concentrate on the perfect WEST WING, might not agree).

    Dazzling though most of the 13 existing episodes are, the creation is not perfect: J.H. Wyman (the credited creator) packed the series with all the stock elements a "quality" show could expect to drag in audiences - "cute" feuding leads, a "fish out of water" male, stylish "out there" sex referred to titillatingly but not really shown, an odd-ball dog with quirky idiosyncrasies that only the master understands, semi-exotic locales (London) - but had so many of them and so many writers that none of them are allowed to be developed in as much detail as a better produced show might have. It's all the more impressive that the series that resulted is among the best series we have ever seen come and go in a single season.

    Mark Valley (awful name for someone who *should* be a star - but then the writers never fully took advantage of or explained the SERIES title either) heads a brilliant cast of largely - and undeservedly - unknown actors who banter and bicker like a 21st Century version of Dashiel Hammett's Nick and Nora Charles & co. The commentator who said it was the perfect show for those old enough to appreciate the witty banter and young enough not to be put off by the kinetic editing and camera tricks was dead on.

    MTV has a lot to answer for in headache inducing perspective changes and self important, attention getting crosscuts and flashbacks. These stylistic filigrees may have driven away some first time viewers who would have otherwise loved this series which was good enough on its own merits not to need attention grabbing tricks.

    I first discovered KEEN EDDIE midway through the secondary run on the Bravo cable network (largely because the lead - Valley - looked so much like one of the miscast leads in the American version of COUPLING - Colin Ferguson, who has since found a deserved hit in U.S.A. network's EUReKA) and was totally won over in two episodes.

    Another broadcast network a decade or so ago (let's not forget that most of them have had their well written and dropped "quality" shows too from TOPPER to HE & SHE and the original STAR TREK to FOLEY SQUARE) MIGHT have developed KEEN EDDIE into a hit of MAGNUM level hit status and made a true star out of Mark Valley. Perhaps if the writing had stooped to pandering ala many a network hit and stripped Valley down to his boxer shorts occasionally (as it did co-star Julian Rhind-Tutt in the first episode - but jokes about British bodies are not totally without foundation) Bravo might have extended the run, but at least we have the delightful 13 episode initial run on a solid (if "extra" free) DVD box set which deserves to be discovered and cherished by devoted fans for years to come.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    I have no idea if this does contain spoilers or not?

    This is one of my all time favorite shows. I just love everything about it, I love the actors, the director, everything. I hate Fox, they ruin every show they deal with. Everyone who I have shown this too has loved it. I was so excited to see that it came out on DVD, because I was so sad when I found out that it was canceled. I must say the writers of this show are fantastic I love every episode. I am also excited to see Sienna Miller doing so well. I am sad that Mr. Mark Valley, is not getting such good Parts...


    but basically anyone who was associated with this I highly recommend. As a costume designer myself, I loved the whole thing. I hope that many more people can enjoy this show as much as I have.
  • I cant add much more than has been added, only get my name in among the Keen Eddie fans.

    I have never forgiven, nor have I forgotten, Fox for running Keen Eddie during the World Series. I can remember the baseball games ending and Keen Eddie would be halfway through. Of course it wasn't going to get good ratings. No one wants to watch half a show, especially if they don't know the premise of the show.

    About a year later I was at Best Buy and contemplating which King of the Hill season I wanted to get. I had season 3 in my hand, then I caught Keen Eddie out of the corner of my eye, threw down KotH, and purchased Keen Eddie without even looking at the case. I thought "hell yes, and then I'll get season 2 when I'm done with this one" only to carefully read the phrase "Complete Series" on the case. Dammit.

    I really do think that the humor in this series was past most American viewers. Not to sound like a pompous jerk, but movies this is based off, like Snatch and Lock Stock & Two Smoking Barrels, not to mention Layer Cake and Sexy Beast (just British cinema, not influencing the show) aren't nearly as popular on this side of the Atlantic.

    Thats their loss. This is one of the best series I've ever seen, in terms of cinematography (is it called that when its a TV show?), creativity, and humor. I only have 3 TV shows on DVD, and this is one of them. And if my discs get scratched I'll buy it again.

    The aforementioned creativity, humor, camera affects, replay value, and drama is what made me give this a 10/10. It isn't perfect, but it stuck with me. And when you can watch a series time after time and it doesn't get old, then its got something special.

    Keen Eddie has that something special for me. And where the series leaves off..

    Damn you Fox.
  • I would like to say that I watched the few episodes of Keen Eddie when it was on Fox and it was a wonderful show. I would also like to express my gratitude toward Bravo for putting it back on the air. I watch a lot of television and movies and I have come to realize it does not matter how good a single character is on a show but instead how all the characters interact. Eddie, Pippen, the Captain, the roommate(who's name I forget at this late hour) all work together to create a wonderful show. I am just sad to know that there are only 13 episodes and that is all Bravo will be able to show. Such wonderful shows go the way of the dinosaurs while crap like Survivor and American Idol and Surreal Life find a way to survive. In college quite a few professors talked about the dumbing down of society. I used to think they were crazy until I realized excellent shows like Keen Eddie get the axe only to be replaced by a show that involves a beautiful woman chosing between a group of butt ugly jackasses. I give Keen Eddie 10 out of 10 and I would encourage everyone to watch it on Bravo and maybe it can get a new life.
  • Absolutely one of the best written, smartest, funniest, most visually stimulating TV shows ever written. The camera work is great. The music is excellent. The laughs are constant. Yes, you do need a brain to follow the fast moving plots. The actors and acting is right on the money. You can't help but love the characters - both good and bad. The dog - is he great or what? Moneypenny, The Sticky Wicket, The Chemist -priceless. Mark Valley deserves more air time than he gets on Boston Legal. Where is Julian?! If you want intelligent laughs, Keen Eddie is for you. No wonder it didn't last. It's a treasure - not the usual TV garbage.
  • Whenever I watch Mark Valley on Boston Legal, all I can think of is "WHY DIDN'T KEEN EDDIE GET RENEWED????" As a fan of Snatch and Lock, Stock it was very reminiscent of that genre (and I'm sure it was trying to be) but the acting was terrific, the dialogue amazingly funny and the plots were well thought out.

    Keen Eddie is one of those GEMS that came and went and will wind up on the Brilliant but Canceled hit parade. From the first time that I saw it until it was prematurely canceled, I thought this was one of the best series to EVER be on television.

    I LOVE Boston Legal though it's gotten a bit too quirky/crazy for me sometimes and I think Mark VAlley is absolutely wasted in his role there. If you watch Keen Eddie you will be astounded at how good he really is when not laboring under the Shatner/Spader dynamic.

    Is it out on DVD yet? I LOVED this show!!
  • This show should never have been canceled! It had the perfect mix of British and American comedy combined! From a cinematographic point of view this show was brilliant also. The way the viewer was taken from scene to scene was brilliant.

    If I ever won a stupid amount of money on lotto, I would love to fund the remaking of this T.V. series it was that good. Many people I have shown this to will agree with me as I have since bought the series on DVD.

    To all reading this, and are thinking about watching this show. Be prepared to laugh your socks off! It's a shame it wasn't advertised properly. The promo team should have been shot for letting this little gem get away!
  • Of course this show is being taken off the air. I am not one who got into the reality shows, or shows such as ER or police dramas. I admit I was an Ally watcher for a short moment, but now that I find a show I absolutely adore they are going to take it off air. I am addicted to this show and now i can't watch it and that ticks me off as viewer to turn on the tv and see a stupid show such as paradise hotel on when my favorite show is moved and nothing was said about it. I will refuse to watch fox if they can't see a good show when it is here. The programming they have on right now is horrific and getting old. Come on there is only so many american idols you can watch without throwing up. I am horrified about the fact that they didn't give this show a chance. I told all my friends about it and my mom, and the only reason they hadn't watched it yet is because of the horrible time it was on before. This is a decent show and it really shows a new and unique way of cinematography that draws you in and keeps you there even through the commercials because you don't want to miss a minute of it.So poo on you fox and don't expect me to watch you , I have over 299 channels with cable and I don't have to now and to be honest I don't want to.
  • Some of the best fun I've had watching T.V in years. I have enjoyed following Eddie through his misadventures, He's very human, Sometimes he's bungling, Sometimes he's kind, but always manages to stay on top of the game, and come out a winner. I think the romantic hide and seek with Fionna in the show is top notch. I recently watched the western movie with Mark Valley in it, He brought the same fun and honesty to his character,Jericho as he does in Keen Eddie, Mark has a natural way of acting that can't be beat. Hope to see a lot more of him in the future. I was very upset to find out that Keen Eddie was canceled even before we got to see it. What's fair about that? I am personally sick of todays reality T.V. shows. What do you say we can one of those and keep Keen Eddie!!
  • I love this show! The one where the Opera star is being stalked - fabulous! A perfect villian. And, the show with the kidnapped (subsequently dead) horse - hmmmm - the bad girl was perfectly cast. Great camera work - visually memorable, good production values, the acting is a bit over played at times, but - great for people who need broadly drawn characters. I look forward to every show! A real gem on TV!! Cool.
  • I'm British and am somewhat starved here in the US of decent comedy but this one totally tickled my funny bone. Very reminiscent as someone else said of Guy Ritchie in style (Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels or Snatch spring right to mind). Definitely worth watching, especially during the slow summer months. I hope it catches on like Monk did. Maybe Fox will consider moving it to FX rather than canning it altogether if it comes to that. 9 stars, it's close to perfect.
  • It was FOX network's most stupid decision ever. I hate it that they keep producing all these silly reality shows and cancel good shows. Eddie had a great plot, a nice setting, well-defined characters, and quality actors. It was a show that had a future. In a scale of 1-10, Keen Eddie was an 11!
  • I love Keen Eddie for the simple fact that I am an Anglophile. I went to London and I think it is a most fascinating city. So, upon hearing the show took place in London, I watched and it turned out to be good! It has a little bit of everything: danger, excitement, comedy, drama, and attractive people. This is even better because it takes place in London! The show is clever and amusing and leaves the watcher wanting more. The Yankee Cop from NYC, Eddie, is getting along fine in London, fending for himself with his witty remarks and NYC "tough guy" attitude. A must see!
  • A very interesting show that combines a great mix of Action, Drama & Laughs! It's cool to see an American detective doing battle overseas in England. Kind of a U.S. James Bond to the small screen. Mark Valley as Eddie Arlette is real funny along with his dog, which brings back memories of Budweiser's Spuds McKenzie. Look for Ralph, played by Alexei Sayle of "The Young Ones" fame.
  • I'm glad this show wasn't a waste and that other's enjoyed it, but honestly, I didn't care for it. I tried to enjoy it as a comedy, satire, mystery, even as a second-rate show to make fun of, but it didn't capture my interest. It just got more irritating.

    I got through about 40 minutes of the pilot and had to turn it off. Usually I give shows/movies more time before judging it. After watching for 20 minutes, I wanted to turn the show off but didn't to see if it got any better; so watching it for 40 minutes was a stretch.

    The lead character had little charisma and made stupid decisions (but not in a clever way). The plot was predictable. I found the culture clash to be offensive and not funny. The lead character's animosity towards his dog was annoying.

    Sorry, I wanted to like it but it didn't do it for me. I don't think the show "went over my head." I got the jokes, It just didn't make me laugh. Eddie's cockiness and stupidity just wore on my nerves after awhile.
  • Back in 1985 there was a show called "Dempsey and Makepeace", which starred Michael Brandon as a NYPD detective who screwed up a drug sting, and was given a choice to go to London and work with Scotland Yard, or be investigated/censured by NYPD. His partner in London: a beautiful blonde female detective played by Glynnis Barber. In Keen Eddie a disgraced NYPD detective is shipped off to London, and while is partner is not a gorgeous blonde female, his apartment mate is, and kind of reminds me of Glynnis Barber! K.E. is an OK show, but its certainly not an original idea. Dempsey and Makepeace was by far better written, acted, and directed, but unfortunately only lasted 36 episodes. K.E. while funny, seems to be just on the edge of being too fowl in its language and acting. That being said I guess I could say I like it!
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