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  • Everwood. The story of a man and his family, whom upon a tragic death, uproot their life in New York city and move to Everwood, Colorado.

    Treat Williams pulls off a fine display as Dr. Andrew Brown, a single father trying to restart his life after an emotional loss. Andy tries hard to fix things, be it a local marriage, the town's awareness of STDs, or his less than perfect relationship with his son, Ephram, played by Gregory Smith. Ephram, a gifted pianist, has his own troubles to deal with... notably his "new guy" status and the connection he makes with Amy Abbot, daughter of his father's medical rival and girlfriend of the local 'Mr. Popular'.

    All in all, the series plays out wonderfully. The lush setting of Everwood keeps it far from the fancy glitz often seen in today's television, and gives the show a home feel to it. The developing characters weave together a complete picture of the mountain town. A place where everyone knows one another, and community is hard to avoid.

    In my personal opinion, Everwood is one of the best shows on television today. With as much emphasis as there is being put on bright lights and big city, it is refreshing to find a down to earth realistic show that doesn't scream for attention through forced drama and scandalous plot.

    Personal rating: 10/10
  • lotr_hp_geek4305 June 2006
    I started watching Everwood at the start of the second season. I cried so hard during that first episode I watched and I knew I was hooked.

    I watched the show faithfully for the last three years and I fell in love with the little town and it's citizens. I laughed with them, cried with them, felt betrayed with them, and got through tough times with them.

    When I found out the the show was canceled I nearly cried again. I couldn't believe that they would get rid of such an awesome show.

    The series finale was a great send off for a brilliant show, and like that first episode and many others it left me in tears.

    Everwood is a great show with real characters who bring you into their homes and you can't help but let them into your hearts.
  • liliand_c17 June 2006
    One of the best series ever performed. A pity it has ended after just 4 seasons. Talented great actors, beautiful photography, a complete and amazing drama, full of sentiments, sensations, fun. It makes me smile, makes me laugh, makes me cry a lot too. But leave a great message, life is hard, could be really really hard, but friendship and love are stronger.I'll be expectant of Everwood complete series DVD's!!! A message to WB: repeated it complete at nights or weekends!, I cannot get it during working hours and i really wanted to watched it again completed, since the very first beginning chapter. Thanks for this 4 years of Everwood. Keep it alive!!!.
  • This is a great show. Superb acting, good story-line and characters that are flawed making them more than just shallow stereotypes.

    Great writing and it brings on topics that affects all of us, no matter where in the world one might be. OK, it does get a little too "cute" and "sappy" at times, but that's alright because every other episode I watch actually makes me care! And that has to count for something.

    It's got laughs, cries, anger, resentment, jealousy.. All of which are trades of being human. I love these kinds of shows. MAKES ME FEEL ALIVE! YEAH!

    A great treat (pun intended).
  • I have been watching this show since they aired the pilot episode in 2002. And I have been a fan ever since. However don't expect this to be a sugarcoated "fan commentary". If I have to get real, then i will.

    I enjoy Everwood because I am a big fan of drama, which Everwood is usually full of. There were eps advertised and you'd think it'd be a 7th Heaven-esque type of episode, but every ep has a point or a twist. Gregory as Ephram is very funny, in his own sarcastic way, very melodramatic. And he's cute to boot. The storyline is fantastic, and the characters continue to develop. I'll admit that sometimes the drama is a little over the top and unrealistic, but that's why we watch TV right? I also enjoy the characters Dr. Andy Brown, Amy, and Amy's father Dr.Abbott. Dr. Brown, for his eccentricity. I look at him as a lost soul, sort of. He seems torn between many things, which makes him interesting. It also gives his character the ability to develop. Amy for her realness. She's in the spotlight, with her father the town's family doctor and her mom the mayor(or something to that effect) of Everwood. However, she's not a goody-goody Lucy Camden. Neither is she the rebellious Mary. She's real. Period. Dr. Abbott for his sarcastic remarks, like Ephram. He hides his true feelings, fears, and beliefs behind a wall of tough love, and somber, yet funny, jokes. That's saying a lot considering I'm 17. The rest of the cast rounds out the show very well. And temporary characters, such as Colin Hart and Madison make for good plot. Overall, the show is entertainment well done, and that's very rare.

    If you're missing this show, you're missing out on a good piece of meat. When everyone else is serving appetizers, this shows serves up the entire meal.

    I might be saying this just because I'm hungry, lol.

    Watch the show if you haven't. And continue to support it if you have. EVERWOOD ROX!
  • I think Everwood is my favorite new show of the season. The only thing they have in common is that they are both on the WB. A better comparison would be "Everwood" and "Gilmore Girls", but I enjoy this so much better because the acting is better, the characters are better, the scenery is better and the dialogue is better and they don't have that "fast talking Comedic formula" punchline that the Gilmore Girls use about 1,000 times an episode. Don't get me wrong, "Gilmore Girls" is a pretty good show, but this show is better. This show is DEFINATELY worth your time, so don't miss it. The characters of Ephram and Amy have great chemistry and Treat Williams does a fantastic job as Dr. Brown.

    A great show. A
  • As the second season of "Everwood" has gotten underway, I have moved this show up in my ranking-it has now become my second favorite show of all time behind "Once and Again". Although "Once and Again" was a superb, one of a kind show, "Everwood" possesses many stylistic and thematic similarities to the prior show. It also boasts excellent acting from its adult as well as teenage cast. "Everwood"'s two core families-the Browns and the Abbotts-are written as real people with strengths and weaknesses, and played by talented actors who bring these characters to life. Greg Berlanti has proven with this show that he has the ability to make a contemporary family drama that can be popular as well as real. "Everwood" is definitely my second favorite show of all time.
  • WrathChld16 November 2003
    I tend to get caught up in these "teen" dramas. I didn't want to start watching another "teen" drama like I did with 90210 and Dawson's Creek, but one day a few episodes into the first season I caught an episode. It was good. Figures. The thing different about this, than Dawson's Creek, was a larger focus on the adults of the show. Other shows would have adults and sometimes they would be a big focus, but they weren't every day characters. I like how "Everwood" is like that. I didn't get into this show for a while because I was still watching the creek. Finally after an "Everwood" marathon, I said forget it I am going to watch this. I caught up on missed episodes and watched this season fresh.

    The show is about a family (The Browns) who move to Everwood, CO from New York after the death of their mother. The father was a brain surgeon and one of the best in the country. He didn't spend much time with his family, so after the move there was allot of rebuilding. There were many fights between Andy Brown (father) and Ephram Brown (son). There is also Delia Brown (little sister). Andy starts a free clinic and competes (so to speak) with the only doctor in town, Harold Abbott. There is Ephram's odd relationship with Amy Abbott. I am not going to go into it all because there is really allot, but I wanted to give a basic idea.

    This show does a good job of exploring both the teen and parent lives. It has high quality episodes that are good for all ages and tackles important topics, like all "teen" dramas do. I would recommend this as a good show for all people to watch. Just because it is a "teen" drama doesn't mean you have to be a teen to enjoy or understand it.
  • Quite possibly the best currently running TV show you can find. I watch the show faithfully every Monday and didn't miss a single episode. Treat Williams is radiant as Dr. Andy Brown, who struggles to be the father he wasn't back in New York, when his wife was alive and his neurological career got ahead of his kids. But tragedy struck and it's him as his two kids in the small town of Everwood, a quaint place surrounded by the Rocky Mountains. The townspeople are quirky and even a bit odd, and it's a useful touch of humor to underlie the serious episodes. Andy does his best to get along with his teenage son Ephram (Gregory Smith), his jealous fellow doctor Harold Abbott (a sometimes annoying character but played by the talented Tom Aamandes), and dealing with tough scenarios. The picturesque backdrop is beautiful. The character development is quite amazing. The scripts are great. And the narration by John Beasley (Irv) is another great factor. You feel at home with this show. It's quite a special TV program that can teach us ALL a lesson or two.

    My only complaint is that in the second season, things have gotten quite soap-opera-ry. Things are too caught up in relationships and Ephram and Amy are just annoying when things don't go their way. Their lives are much easier than they make them out to be, and just about every character will get on your nerves from time to time (but that's what makes it interesting!) - from Delia's big mouth to Harold's crabiness, the only normal character is Andy. He's a voice of reason and a man of patience and medical talent.

    The second season was good but the third will be hopefully better.
  • "Everwood" is far and away the best show ever to have been on the WB, and is probably the best show currently on television. It deserved a slew of Emmy nominations this year that it didn't receive because the Academy has an anti-WB bias. It's a shame,because if the Academy were to pay the show some mind, they would find it's the most tender, touching, and achingly real family drama since "Once and Again". Amy's depression and the way it slowly started to tear apart the Abbott family was one of the most powerful story lines I have ever seen on any show, thanks in large part to Tom Amandes, Merrilyn Gann, Emily Van Camp, and Chris Pratt, who play the Abbotts with such passion and energy. It's a shame this show doesn't get the attention and recognition it deserves. It's a real treasure.
  • One year after CW turned down Everwood for it's new schedule I checked the TV ratings for 2007. The show that stole Everwood's place on the CW schedule averaged little over 3 million viewers per week. This is below what Everwood used to average. The top rated CW show was at #112 out of 142. CW overall rounded out the bottom of the list, including the 10 bottom rated shows. Good going CW. Hope you have a very short life. Rumor is Everwood will again be on the fall schedule for ABC family. I encourage everyone to watch and see what a high quality, family drama should look like. You can also see the former stars of this great show on other quality networks and in movies such as American Pastime.
  • Monday nights are good for three reasons: 1. WB's '7th Heaven', 2. CBS's incredibly terrific 'C.S.I. Miami', and 3. WB's excellent show 'Everwood'.

    I had seen the promotional advertisements months back leading up to the series premiere for 'Everwood' and they looked really good. For some reason when it actually came to premiere night, I ended up not sticking around to see it. (I've seen every episode since then.)

    Okay, 'Everwood' is good. It's really good. The cast is great, they really come together, the writing is different; good different, and it's just a nice little show that will no doubt end up getting canceled as have many remarkable television shows in the past few years in particular have.together really well. While I like Williams, I am absolutely crazy

    Treat Williams is terrific. He's a terrific actor, he fits into the role of single parent Andrew Brown very nicely, and holds the show about Gregory Smith. I'm not entirely thrilled about his dark and miserable personality that is shown each and every week, however he does do a good job and I'm glad he got the role. Emily VanCamp is a very good actress. She seems as if she were born for the role. Well, that may be a little dramatic, but she's entertaining nonetheless. Tom Amandes is good too even though he's a tad on the irritating side. Debra Mooney, Vivien Cardone, Chris Pratt, and John Beasley round out the cast of good actors.

    The writing is downright good. 'Everwood' is a mellow show. It's not fast-paced which is good to see at times. The writing is clever although I would like to see just a pinch of comedy here and there. I realize that it is a drama, but come on, you've got to have some laughs.

    So, I really like this show. I don't watch any other WB shows except for the slow but still enjoyable '7th Heaven'. 'Heaven' and 'Everwood' make for a good night of television. (C.S.I. Miami too if you get a chance to watch it!) 'Everwood' is great; I try not to miss it. Something tells me that the network will make a huge mistake and take it off the air before it really finds a solid ground. Don't mark my words on that, but it's just a feeling I have. Final words: watch it just once and you'll more than likely want to see it again.
  • Well, after having seen some episodes I couldn't help thinking that I had seen most of it already in other TV-series and thus soon dropped it. It simply doesn't work for me! There are too many clichés and too many pathetic phrases in it to be regarded as good as series as Grey's Anatomy or Desperate Housewives, for instance.

    Furthermore I found the acting not that brilliant and sometimes everything just seemed too exerted. The script lacks word joke although I have the impression that the producers believe it to be good.

    Nevertheless some might find it quite entertaining and I have to admit that I've seen worse. But according to the quality of other series this one just can't keep up!
  • I have watched Everwood since the pilot. I can honestly say that this is the best family show I have seen IS the best family show I have ever seen. I was SHOCKED and appalled when I found out it was canceled so abruptly...without any warning...just done. I was even MORE shocked when I realized why Everwood was dumped...because CW is bring back the highly publicized 7th Heaven after their 10th and FINAL season. This was such heart-breaking news.

    HOWEVER, we Everwood fans are not going quietly. We demand the finest show on TV to be reinstated. The ending of Everwood is such a tragedy and deserves to live on. Everwood fans, BAND TOGETHER!!! Go to to see how we are fighting to save this show. We will do everything we can to bring Everwood back. The best thing we can do is watch the "series" finale Mon, June 5 @ 8pm (Eastern Time). It is on for 2 hours. Show how much you love Everwood. Please watch this episode. Thank you.

    My rating for this show is 10/10!!!
  • Take 1 sip every time:

    1. Treat Williams says "I think we need to talk about this." 2. Ephram sulks or whines. 3. Delia says something that is supposed to present her as "wise beyond her years" but stumbles over her lines. 4. Social issues such as teen sex, abortion, drugs, AIDS, medical marijuana, and euthanasia are lumped in to one inconsistent hodgepodge. 5. Amy looks sexy but irritated. 6. Dr. Abbott preaches conservative family values then ends up doing stuff that we would expect the liberal Andy Brown to (terminate a pregnancy, give joints to an infirmed older man). 7. Bright alternates between complete idiocy and near brilliance. 8. A long-term guest star (such as Madison or Marcia Cross) has to leave the show because of derisive fan mail. Take 2 sips whenever: 1. Sue Ellen Mishky appears in a flashback 2. Amy's virginity is openly discussed.

    Don't mean to sound negative, just had to balance out the glowing reviews here. Everwood conforms to the standard cookie cutter of WB network hour long shows: feature a cheesy fictitious location as the title (Dawson's Creek, One Tree Hill, Summerland), have plenty of teens spouting paragraphs of obscure dialogue in one breath, insert sexual and substance abuse references whenever possible, and throw about the occasional serious tragedy or death episode, counterbalanced by syrupy joyous moments.

    I preferred it when Treat was dancing on tables in Hair.
  • In a time of Reality shows that are truly made up competitions, Everwood shows the real way life works. It isn't full of "free love" or horrid language, but shows how people can change and how sometimes the hardest part of change is allowing it to happen. As the characters often found themselves longing for the past they had to realize that their lives were no longer there, and if a happier future is what they wanted they had to move on when what they were after was gone. And sadly, the network that was airing this wonderful show moved on too soon. There is a difference of moving on when the time has come and moving on when it is too early. One is making peace with the past and the other is shutting the door so that you MIGHT not get hurt. Taking chances is what life is about. Taking chances is what Everwood is about. It seems that the network that was airing it has learned nothing.
  • I already miss this outstanding TV show. Why or why do I get attached to a concept, story line, buy into the excellent cast...only to get disappointed time after time when quality shows like Everwood get the ax...and stupid reality shows reign supreme? What a shame. I hope that at least they will finish out printing the DVD collection for all the years so avid fans like myself can buy them, and show them to kids later so they can too see that quality did exist somewhere on TV. I hope this talented cast will go on to do a lot for them in future undertakings. Treat Williams of course will, but Tom Amandes, Gregory Smith and Emily VanCamp should also get some excellent roles from this venue. This show, Lois and Clark, Joan of Arcadia, and Northern Exposure...all quality, and alas.....all belly up....sigh...Lila
  • Warning: Spoilers
    When it first started I loved this show. I waited eagerly for Thursday night when it aired here in Mexico and it didn't disappoint me until Amy's boyfriend Colin died. From then on, Ephram (personally not one of my favorite characters) became gloomier than usual and even after he started dating Amy he was gloomier every show.

    Then, when he gets an older girl pregnant when he's sixteen and he doesn't find out because of his father it just became unreal. At first, this was a real mirror view of what it's like to be a teenager this days. And it was one of the only shows that doesn't have stereotypes (racism, gender, etc) as one of its major points. Now, in my opinion only, it is one of the lamest shows ever and i can't wait for it to be canceled.
  • Everwood tells the story of Ephram whose mother died and now he has to life with his dad--a doctor. For some reason the audience is supposed to feel sorry for this teenager who plays the piano, and has a lot of money--it must be so hard being a straight, white, slender, goodlooking, upperclass teenager (and you know he will attend an Ivy league school).

    This is one of those made for teen dramas that seems to think that only rich heterosexual white teens are watching tv because all those other teens are too poor to own a tv or theyre out doing whatever "those people" do. Like 7th Heaven (a warped show itself), Everwood doesnt really seem to know squat about real teenagers and assumes (like Dawsons Creek) that teens are intellectually brilliant, gifted, mature adults trapped in young bodies--by the way any parent who give their kid stupid name like Ephram should be slapped in the face repeatedly. Apparently since My So Called Life failed to grab ratings and unrealistic garbage like this scores with viewer you can safely bet this wont be the last fake, annoying teen melodrama to pop up on the WB and other such networks. Its too bad no one seems to realize that there are millions of teenagers whose lives are not reflected in the media at all, but then why would poor teens or gay/lesbian/bisexual/transgendered teens find themselves on network television...................................
  • The first time I watched Everwood, I was at home, recovering after getting my tonsils removed. It was on ITV 1 in Scotland, and it was in the middle of the second season. I thought it was great, and two weeks later, bought the first season on DVD. Now I'm back at college, I can't watch it anymore, and I miss it so much. It's such a feel-good program. It's funny without being obvious and the characters in it are great - they are very wheel developed right from the beginning, and very believable. I just wish the other seasons were out on DVD, for those of us who don't have the chance to see it at any other time. I guarantee that everyone will enjoy this TV series - even my partner was sceptical at first, but now he knows all the characters names and the story lines!
  • this is the best series I've ever seen, i laughed, cried, and felt all the feeling this series represent. not only show the "teen" dramas, but also the real life and the true love btw people. i didn't saw the 1st season at TV but when i started i couldn't stop. i watched it every night, expecting for the real spark that everwood gives us. you probably find this comment as a psychotic remember about everwood, but it is what it really is. i could watch everwood over and over again and never get tired of it. every time time i watch a chapter, even if I've watched it 10 times ill feel the same because its so deep. i hope CW get it back i hope sometime there's going to be a 5th season. prey for everwood it deserves it!!! I love everwood and you should too.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    I have watched everwood in its entirety never missing an episode since its start in 2002. and not to be cheesy but this really is a great show- demonstrating character development, and the writers beautifully tackle important issues such as drugs, sex, and loss. so i am left with but one question......

    WHY CANCEL EVERWOOD! there is shallow crap showing like one tree hill were so and so hooks up with a new person every week and u never actually get to know the characters except for they're partners and the latest gossip they spread. cancelling an excellent family drama such as everwood but keeping one tree hill is definitely a bad decision.
  • live-love-laff17 June 2006
    ForEverwood! Everwood was and is one of the last true family series. It was a shame they canceled it and kept Seventh Heaven, which doesn't come close to the goodness of Everwood. The series is based on the unselfishness of a father who, upon the unexpected death of his wife, must give up his prestige and materialistic, big city attitudes and move his son and daughter to the small town of Everwood. The whole family must adapt and learn to be a family again. I highly recommend going out and buying the DVD set. The first season is out and I can't wait for the next and final three. I will be showing these movies to my children and grandchildren.
  • It seems that the rumors are true and "Everwood" hasn't been picked up in the merger of UPN and the WB. Now millions of people will never get a chance to know what it's precious few fans already know: "Everwood" is written far too well to have it lost in the cracks of time as the show continues to make us both laugh and cry in almost every episode.

    I cannot say the same for any other show on television today.

    It's had a great four year run and had it not been for the merger, I have no doubt "Everwood" would have been on the air for at least another four. But I guess we'll never know... That is unless the folks at CW change their minds and pick up "Everwood" as a mid-season replacement, but I wouldn't hold my breath.
  • I love this show, it has great stories to tell and is very entertaining. I love it and would not miss it. Please keep the show going on. And I was also wondering when the other seasons will be released on DVD? Please let me know. I love how all of the characters have been developed. They all play a different part in keeping you guessing what is going to happen next in all of the episodes. Having that many stories going keeps the shown very entertaining, and heps develop the show, to the best it can be. I appreciate all that you do. Thanks for the great entertainment! Once again Thanks! Keep up the great work! Cristy Egbert
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