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  • Dieter Thomas Heck was not just a host of the 'Deutsche Hitparade, he also made it very popular for German artists to sing in German. He held them together and was the glue to what was called a large family.

    in those days, the early days, every singer sang live. The entire groups of singers often got together and there was genuine fun to which Dieter -Thomas Heck contributed a lot.

    Uwe Huebner my second favourite host. He allowed some German singers to sing unusual songs and he allowed some to sing in English, for which I am grateful as he let Oliver Simon sing ''Spring Snowman''in1991, a German singer born as Werner Gensmantel who had been a partner of Drafi Deutscher in ''Mixed Emotions'' which was exclusively made of English songs and which brought them one big hit in 1987 ''You want love, Maria Maria .

    Thank you Dieter-Thomas Heck , Thank you Uwe Huebner.

    Great artists .. Juergen Marcus Bernhard Brink , Bernd Cluever, Christtain Anders, Ireen Sheer, Lena Valaitis, Michael Holm and many many more