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  • cohuman25 May 2019
    Mohan is a national level running champion. He and Urvasi are college mates in Chennai . A few duets later they fall for each other but Urvasi says she was just teasing him as she is already engaged else where . She goes to Bombay with her family . Disillusioned Mohan finishes his further studies and gets a job as a professor in a Bombay college . His student is Urvasi's younger sister . He meets Urvasi again . She has become a recluse due to her face being burnt in an accident . Also her fiance refuses to marry her now because of that . Depressed she stays in her room whole day . slowly Mohan draws her out . Her sister thinks he loves her due to some mis understandings . In the end , when Mohan is in Delhi for final championships , Urvasi runs to clear all problems and both are united again .