Christian Grey: Elisa! Are you all right?

Elisa di Rivombrosa: Yes.

Christian Grey: I guess this is yours.

Elisa di Rivombrosa: You always arrive just at the right moment to save me!

Christian Grey: My love, if something bad happened to you, I don't know what I would have done! I love you!

Elisa di Rivombrosa: I love you too! I love you too!

Christian Grey: I never had time for love.

Christian Grey: Sometimes being an aristocrat brings a destiny in which one remains prisoner for all his life.

Christian Grey: You don't know anything! You say you know sorrow but you don't know me. You don't know my life! The truth, dear Countess, is that you can stop violence only using violence. The world is like this and it is not my fault!

Christian Grey: You are like this. Strong and sensitive at the same time. You are a special woman, Elisa.

Elisa di Rivombrosa: Go to hell, Christian Grey!

Christian Grey: I'm already in hell! You are still in time.

Christian Grey: Maybe I made a mistake about you. We are different. You just want to avoid your enemies. I don't. Perhaps under false pretences but I look my enemies in the eye

Christian Grey: Do you want to know who I am, Elisa? I am a man who took an oath but unfortunately I am also the man who met you

Elisa di Rivombrosa: Sometimes, Christian, you scare me

Christian Grey: No, I don't believe it. You never get scared

Elisa di Rivombrosa: It's pointless. You don't understand

Christian Grey: Trust me, Elisa! Trust the part of yourself that has helped me until now! Trust what we felt on the ship that night!

Christian Grey: Elisa, I lied to you, it's true. I'm not proud of what I'm doing but my reasons are much more noble and you will know why

Christian Grey: I don't believe in heaven

Christian Grey: Take the Baron's money, go back to Rivombrosa, whatever you want! But let me do what I've come to do!

Christian Grey: In the middle of that sea and under that starry sky I told you that I believed I could change. And yet I'm still here in the end, forced to remain always the same

Christian Grey: There are the stars like when we spoke for the first time. Elisa, one day you will tell me why you are scared of looking at the stars. Or maybe not. I don't want to know it. I guess it could hurt me. Instead when I look at you every sorrow vanishes, and every thought is forgiven

Christian Grey: Elisa, you are very precious to me. I could not say it in other words, I'm afraid. Come what may, wherever our lives will lead us, I will find you

Nicola di Conegliano: What do you really want from me?

Christian Grey: To kill you!

Christian Grey: I am not the one who should ask forgiveness

Elisa di Rivombrosa: What do you mean?

Christian Grey: You don't understand! You can't understand!

Elisa di Rivombrosa: Then explain it to me!

Christian Grey: I can't

Elisa di Rivombrosa: Why not?

Christian Grey: Elisa, I just want to protect you. Believe me.

Elisa di Rivombrosa: I need to know. I need something true to hold on to so that I can keep defending you. I don't even know if Christian is your real name!

Christian Grey: Look at me now. Everything you see in my eyes, Elisa, is true. My real name is Cristiano.

Christian Grey: Elisa, I wasn't delirious last night when I told you that I love you

Elisa di Rivombrosa: I know. You wouldn't say such a thing by mistake. Gaetano told me that you'll stay here until things will calm down.

Christian Grey: Yes.

Elisa di Rivombrosa: And then?

Christian Grey: The truth is I don't want to think about it now. It's strange, but I didn't believe that it would be like this.

Elisa di Rivombrosa: What?

Christian Grey: To be in love.

Christian Grey: It's for the important things that we take risks, that we make our choices! If all of this has happened and you're still in Naples, there is a reason.

Elisa di Rivombrosa: Yes, there's a reason, but I'm afraid that it will bring me too far from Rivombrosa.

Christian Grey: Elisa, I understand you, much more than you think. But if you go away I will lose you. Don't leave me!

Elisa di Rivombrosa: Amelia, I am in love.

Amelia: Oh, Lord! You see! I knew! I kew! I knew! I knew!

Elisa di Rivombrosa: I love him. I love him like I never thought I could love anymore!

Elisa di Rivombrosa: There's a ship that sails in two days.

Christian Grey: Elisa, stay, please!

Elisa di Rivombrosa: No, don't ask me! If you really love me you have to let me go away. Come with me, Cristiano. Let's leave together. It's the only way to remain together.

Christian Grey: Do you want me to come with you to Rivombrosa?

Elisa di Rivombrosa: Yes.

Christian Grey: Elisa, I can't. I still have something to do here.

Elisa di Rivombrosa: And can't you give up?

Christian Grey: It's impossible. You are not the only one who has to wind up something from the past.

Elisa di Rivombrosa: Well, if it's like this, I don't want to see you anymore.

Christian Grey: All right, if this is what you really want.

Elisa di Rivombrosa: Why all these secrets? Why didn't you tell me who you were?

Christian Grey: Elisa, I'm sorry that I lied to you but there are people that will not hesitate to kill me if they knew my true identity.

Elisa di Rivombrosa: The Baron?

Christian Grey: Yes, the Baron of Conegliano.

Elisa di Rivombrosa: Now you're here and you'll take back what belongs to you.

Christian Grey: This is not the reason why I came back to Naples.

Elisa di Rivombrosa: It isn't?

Christian Grey: Not only.

Elisa di Rivombrosa: You can't punish Nicola for his father's faults! It's not fair!

Christian Grey: And was it fair to slaughter my family? Someone has to pay and because the son is no better than the father he will pay for this.

Elisa di Rivombrosa: Forget everything and leave with me to Rivombrosa.

Christian Grey: It would be wonderful Elisa, but then? How could I ever look at myself in the mirror?

Elisa di Rivombrosa: And me? If you kill Nicola how could I ever look at you?

Christian Grey: I missed you.

Elisa di Rivombrosa: I missed you too, but that doesn't mean anything. You will never persuade me that what you want to do is fair.

Christian Grey: But it is.

Elisa di Rivombrosa: Do you really believe so? I see the fire that burns inside you and it's not a fire that warms, it's a fire that destroys. But I know that this fire hasn't touched your heart yet. You're still in time. Free yourself from all the hate and start to live again!"

Christian Grey: It's too late for me.

Elisa di Rivombrosa: No, it's not! If you kill the Baron you won't get back your family, or bring the time back. You'll just keep this horrible blood chain going.

Christian Grey: Why didn't you tell me that you'll leave so soon?

Elisa di Rivombrosa: Why should I have told you?

Christian Grey: Why? Because I love you, this is why.

Elisa di Rivombrosa: A mere love if it doesn't manage to replace hate.

Christian Grey: It is hate who helped me to survive and you can't judge my love with the same superficiality that you use to suffocate yours.

Elisa di Rivombrosa: I alrealdy lost the man I loved once.

Christian Grey: Now it's different. Now you can choose.

Elisa di Rivombrosa: I've alrealdy chosen and you should have done the same.

Christian Grey: Then go away! What are you waiting for? You're not different from the others, Elisa, and all that you could ever five me, you gave it to me last night.

Christian Grey: Elisa, I'm sorry for yesterday night. I didn't think the things I told you. I decided to leave with you.

Elisa di Rivombrosa: Are you serious? Will you give up your revenge?

Christian Grey: Yesterday night you asked me to choose and I did it. I can't live anymore without you!

Elisa di Rivombrosa: I love you!

Christian Grey: I'm a prince. I'm Cristiano Caracciolo, Prince of Montesanto. This stone makes me your master, but it's not just a symbol of power, it establishes between us a bond made of respect, responsibilities and duties.

Elisa di Rivombrosa: Your words were beautiful.

Christian Grey: They came from my heart, as the love that I feel for you. I tried, Elisa. I believed our love could solve everything but I can't just wait and see, Elisa. I can't erase who I am. Forgive me.

Christian Grey: This is a goodbye, then?

Elisa di Rivombrosa: I'm afraid it is.

Amelia: Elisa, don't you come?

Elisa di Rivombrosa: No, I don't. Amelia, I can't. I don't want to give him up!

Christian Grey: Elisa! The Baron was there in front of me, ready to accept his destiny, but I didn't want to kill him anymore.

Elisa di Rivombrosa: You showed a great courage.

Christian Grey: I don't know. I only know that now I feel free.

Christian Grey: Tomorrow I will leave Naples to follow the woman I love. I also took another decision. I will give up my title and all that is due to me for right of birth. You will be free people at last!

Christian Grey: Conegliano's men! You have to run away!

Elisa di Rivombrosa: I don't want to go away without you! I'm staying with you!

Christian Grey: Elisa, if I manage to keep them back for a while you'll be able to reach the ship.

Elisa di Rivombrosa: I don't want to leave you!

Christian Grey: You have to go! You know that! Elisa, I love you! You'll see, I'll meet you in Rivombrosa.

Elisa di Rivombrosa: Promise me you will!

Christian Grey: Yes, I swear! I swear! Now go away! Go, go, my love! Run away, my love! Run!