JJ Pryor: Kennedy says it's time for new dreams, and new frontiers, not just the ones of our fathers.

Jack Pryor: President Kennedy who both went to college...

JJ Pryor: I know!

Jack Pryor: ...and loves football.

JJ Pryor: I know!

Jack Pryor: And you are going to...

JJ Pryor: No I'm not!

Jack Pryor: Will you let me finish a damn sentence? JJ, you have a chance to be something great. A tailback, an astronaut, or whatever the hell, but great! Now I know going to Notre Dame won't guarantee you anything, but it'll give you the best chance anyone could ask for. And I'm not going to stand by and let you piss away that chance. I just won't.

JJ Pryor: Maybe it's not up to you.

[about President Kennedy's assassination]

Will: [seriously] Beth, do you know why they shot him?

Beth Mason: [sadly] No...

Will: [sighing] Politics.

Pete Pryor: [Jack is closing the store for Christmas] If you're still looking for a gift, nothing says perfect like the new '66.

[holds up a magazine photo of a Mustang]

Jack Pryor: Yeah? Well remind me again in '76.

Beth Mason: Mom says, if Heaven's where you go if you're good while you're on Earth, then Monaco is where you go if you're good while you're in Heaven.

Chris Pierce: [to Meg] You should know... that I love you.

Chris Pierce: The only thing I'm gonna miss about Philadelphia is you. I love you, Meg.

Meg Pryor: I love you too.

[they kiss]

Patty Pryor: Remember, chickens lay eggs; people lie down.