The Best by Private 19: Private Backstage (2000)

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Antonio Adamo , Francois Clousot , Tanya Hyde , John Millerman , Frank Thring , Pierre Woodman


Barbara Brown

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22 September 2011 | dpfacialfan
| In this movie we get to go backstage...
This is a porno movie that is put together by scenes from other porno movies, just like every other title in "The Best by Private" series. This movie is made up from 7 different scenes were they first take the viewer backstage and then show a porn scene from the same movie. It's nice to see a little of the life behind the camera on a porn stage, and it looks like the guys get to have a lot of fun with these girls behind the camera as well. The bad thing is that it takes away from the time that we get to enjoy the sex scenes. Also you get to see some of the hot scenes being shot and when you see the sex scene that fallows the backstage segment, you get disappointed because they don't show the scene you would've wanted to see.

That was the case with the first scene with Laura Angel and Katja Love. This scene just gives me the creeps and the reason for that is Katja Love and her bald head. In the scene we see Laura suck off a guy while Katja has sex with two guys at the same time. A woman with a bald head has no place in a porno movie. Seeing the two guys have sex with this bald bitch was probably some of the most disturbing stuff I've seen in porn. Especially the double penetration gave me a creepy feeling. Seeing a hot woman getting double penetrated gives me a massive boner every time, but this "shit" totally took away the boner I got from Laura Angel. They should've showed us a scene with just Laura Angel in it, or just have Katja step aside so Laura could've taken on all three guys at once in a gang bang. The second scene was much better. In that scene we see Agnes take on two guys on the beach. The thing that bothered me in the scene was that Agnes hadn't shaved her beaver before doing the scene. Well the guys pound all her holes and naturally they also DP her. I must say that Agnes looks really happy after the cumshots, and why wouldn't she after this kind of treatment? In the third scene we see the two hottest chicks in the movie, Silvia Saint and Wanda Curtis, take on a guy in zero gravity. That's right I said zero gravity. I don't know if the entire scene was shot in zero gravity but at least the cumshot was. This scene kind of let me down a bit. The camera angles weren't the best and the entire scene was shot too close to the action, so you couldn't get a good look at Silvia's and Wanda's perfect bodies. The fourth scene is also a threesome with two women and one guy. This time it's Monique Covet and Melissa Hill taking on the same guy simultaneously. This scene doesn't do much for me and it's definitively the second worst scene in the movie behind the opening scene.

In the fifth scene we see the lovely Cassandra Wilde. This time she and Stephani Steel are performing as nuns and they take on two guys together. It would have been so nice to see Cassandra or Stephani DP:ed in a nun outfit. Come to think of it I have never seen a porn star get DP:ed while wearing a nun outfit, despite seeing hundreds and hundreds of scenes with women getting DP:ed.

The best scene in the movie is definitively the scene with Judith Grant. The great thing about this scene is that it isn't a part of some porno movie, it's just Judith having sex in her private hotel room during some time off from "work". You can tell that this isn't part of a movie because Judith isn't wearing the usual porn makeup. She actually performs without makeup on and she therefore doesn't look as good as she does in normal scenes, but she still looks good. In this scene Judith has sex with two guys at once and the scene begins with the camera man walking in with the scene already in progress. When he walks in the guys are actually giving Judith a double vaginal penetration and she is loving every second of it. You can see that they have gone at it a while because Judith is already a little sweaty and she is so into the hot action that she doesn't even notice the camera at first. This girl seems to really enjoy having two big cocks going in and out of her wet pussy at the same time. This scene is just a girl enjoying the fact that she gets to "fuck" two guys at once and not having to give a "fuck" about how it looks on camera. In the last scene we see Gabriella Scream ( Cathleen Raymond) have sex with two guys simultaneously. Gabriella seems like a girl who really enjoys to have sex and that's always a nice thing. Gabriella has a really nice body and it's a shame we don't get to see more of it when she's being DP:ed. But all in all it's a nice little short scene to finish things off. All in all a 7 out of 10 from me.

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November 2000



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