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  • Roughly translated the title means "The Martin Government". It's one of the six final "exam films" to come out of the 2002-class at the Norwegian Film School at Lillehammer. I had the pleasure of seeing them all at a formal screening in Oslo today. Now amazingly they were ALL good, and wisely they finished the three hour short-film-marathon with "Regjeringen Martin", the mother to top them all!

    Directed by Roar Uthaug this is a fantastic mix between first-rate cinematic style, great comedy, impressive scenery, brilliant writing by Thomas Torjussen, and to top it all of: a group of actors in great form. Especially Kjærand Moe as the Home Secretary, Stig Henrik Hoff as the Foreign Secretary and last but not least an over-the-top Per Egil Aske as the Defense Minister. Something tells me this film will do great on the international short film-circuit. Amazingly it wasn't found good enough to compete at the Norwegian Short Film Festival in Grimstad!!!! But that says a whole lot more about that festival than it does about the brilliant "Regjeringen Martin"!

    Who knows, maybe it will even be up for an Academy Award Nomination?! One could hope :)

    If you get the chance, see "Regjeringen Martin" no matter what. You will NEVER regret it!