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  • The day after his stag night the groom wakes up to find himself in bed with one of his friends. He realises that they have had sex together. The frostiness between the two is evident as they avoid talking about it. Guy opens up with long-time friend Sammy that he is the only relationship he has had and tries to salvage something out of their night.

    Screened as part of the BBC2 compilation of shorts entitled `Ways to leave your lover'. This short opens in such a way to give you the impression that it will be a clichéd comedy about strippers or `the morning after', the usual things films do around stag nights. In a way it is about the morning after but in a way that I didn't expect. The film quickly reveals the gay sex that had been had and the two men feel very awkward about it. However the film makes their love a sort of platonic thing that is strong enough for them to ignore the fact that they are both straight.

    It isn't perfect but it is surprisingly touching and I was actually quite moved by the scene where Guy opens up with Sammi totally. Laing delivered his role well - not a gay character but a character in love (with a man). Ganatra plays it well too, too much would have had him repulsed by what happened but he keeps it controlled and just under the surface.

    Overall this is not perfect but it is surprisingly delicate and careful. Much better than I expected when I sat to watch a short film based around a stag night.