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  • I saw this on a aeroplane at midnight and my laughs probably woke up all of the other passengers. I'd heard of the show but never watched it on TV. I didn't even know it was actually be a comedy. But almost as soon as it started I knew that it was definitely a comedy and a bloody funny one at that. Now that I've seen just one episode I deeply regret not watching it sooner it's witty, satirical and brilliant laugh out loud moments, hilarious. It will definitely make you laugh (unless you happen to be the prime minister). The other characters, luckily, are not based on Tony Blairs actual family so all of the actors brings their own funny way about them, and for any young boys who might watch this show, his daughter's hot!
  • Warning: Spoilers
    Written by Ian Hislop and Nick Newman, My Dad's the Prime Minister is a look at what life could be like if... well your life is as the title of the production says! Initially based around the life of Dillon Phillips in the first series, later expanded in the second series to focus more on the prime minister, the show is a look at Dillon's life and how much of a embarrassment it can be to have the PM drop in on Sports Day - via helicopter, en route to the Dalai Lama and while having a sports day race fixed by your spin doctor. Amongst other things, of course.

    Many references to common political topics that crop up regardless of which government is in power, but there's no references here to specific parties, however the show is an interesting introduction if nothing else to the basic concepts of living inside Number 10 with a tax-evading mother, a PM father, a sister with an attitude problem and an imagination that puts you in the Newsnight studio.

    The main role of Dillian is played by Joe Prospero, previously seen in My Uncle Silas and Finding Neverland, as well as a seemingly compulsory (until it was axed) one-off role for any aspiring actor, as a speaking part in The Bill. Prospero not only fits the role perfectly but slides with ease into Newsnight as well. The prime minister is played by Robert Bathurst, most recently seen in Downton Abbey. The mother is played by Carla Mendonça, probably going to be best known by now as Sophie v2 in My Parents are Aliens.

    While available to rent on DVD, general availability of Series 1 appears to have dried up (Series 2 was never released) at reasonable prices, but if you can get to see it, please do. A very well recommended piece of satire, something for everybody.
  • This is a largely forgotten BBC sitcom, and quite rightly so.

    It doesn't seem to know whether it's a CBBC sitcom, an adult one, or a satire of the Blair government, which basically means it ends up being none of them.

    There's a reason this isn't repeated.