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  • lor_20 December 2018
    This crummy Skeeter Kerkove video was reissued 8 years later as part of a "Trilogy" collection by hard-up distributor Metro.

    It's notable merely for the claim that three of the actresses humping away were making their hardcore porn debuts: Ashley Blue, Simone Claire (from England) and Estelle Lawrence (from France). In the case of Estelle, Skeeter is fibbing or merely unaware of her previous Euro porn credits.

    Big-name Aurora Snow is the draw, and host Skeeter makes a big deal laboriously listing her recent industry awards (phony as always). I enjoyed seeing Flick Shagwell in front of the cameras for a change (she has endless makeup credits to her name), and was pleasantly given the coincidence of seeing her immediately thereafter in the BTS after watching the Vivid release "Grudge", as she kidded around with star Kurt Lockwood in her assignment as make-up artist.

    Otherwise, it's merely generic footage of anal-sex and gaping.