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  • This film is about some hidden jewels and a group of mobsters who would do anything to find out where they were in order to steal them. While lots of people were killed in this struggle, you had the idea that the master-spy hero would somehow come out unscathed.

    I had really mixed feelings about this movie as I watched it. On one hand, I loved how the film had a wonderful 60s style and I liked the idea of a Japanese spy film. But, on the other, I found the film to be a bit confusing (figuring out who were the good guys and the bad guys) and the film seemed a bit too dull in spots. There were too many moments where the hero literally dodged bullets (like he was magic) and too many moments when large groups of people were just shooting each other---and bored me.

    Also, an interesting note. If you are a woman in this film, it's practically guaranteed you'd be beaten, raped and/or murdered. I doubt if NOW would appreciate this and I felt a tad uncomfortable seeing all these ladies being smacked about throughout the movie.
  • I did find this movie quite entertaining especially considered the time it was made. There is the goverment agent "hero" that seems to have his doubt about the mission. Two well armed gangs trying to get their hands on the diamonds. And as a wild card a former agent. None of the parties are picky about killing enemies.

    There is no real black and white in this movie. But mostly unpleasant gangsters that are not shy to kill and maim anyone. It is not a mindblowing or deep movie but I did enjoy watching it. but of course it does not have lots of explosions and so on as modern action movies.