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  • Final Examination is a murder mystery film and not what the front cover suggests. No supernatural element here, just a good old fashioned who done it.

    Starring Kari "Sliders" Wuhrer we see a girl killed off during a hawaiian sorority reunion and a new cop transferred in from the big city is on the case. Teamed up with Wuhrer who is a terrible actress but on better than usual form here, it plods along like a standard made for television movie and provides no surprises.

    For what it is it's not terrible, it looks solid, it sounds solid and the writing is competent.

    What let's it down is just the overwhelming unoriginality and just how predictible the whole thing is.

    If by the halfway point you haven't worked things out then I would find that all kinds of concerning.

    For fans of murder mysterys this is lackluster, for every else.........worse.

    The Good:

    All made competently enough

    The Bad:


    Very by the numbers

    Things I Learnt From This Movie:

    When a killer is loose within a resort it makes perfect sense to go off night

    Hugh Janus is a realistic name to use in a serious movie
  • infoed24 February 2004
    Artisan really cheats with this movie by labelling it as a thriller/horror. As many have stated, it's just soft-soft core. The acting is abysmal, the story goes nowhere, the deaths are clumsily choreographed and well, all in all, it's a big pile of nothing. From the car chase scenes in the opening, it's apparent that this film had some sort of budget but it's never properly used. The women who are supposed to be the hot ones are rather nasty about the face, they are completely made of plastic and couldn't act their way out of a paper bag. Neither can the two leads, Huff and Wuhrer. Huff has a wooden delivery and doesn't even seem to want to kiss the women he has scenes with (and who would want to? He could get plastic poisoning) and Wuhrer's voice is almost completely shot. She can't even pronounce some words as they are out of her range. (Listen for her phone conversation when she can't say the word "suicide.")

    This is a terrible movie. It has no redeeming values and deserves to gather dust on a shelf. If you want a great sorority girls thriller, rent Black Christmas instead.
  • A hard-nosed cop gets punished by being sent to a Hawaii police department. While there, a group of sorority sisters start being killed one by one, with the killer leaving what looks to be a term paper marked "Failed Examination" with the victim's name on it near the body. This seemed like a cool concept at first, until they dropped it after the second death. In a way, it reminded me of Identity where they were all being left the room keys in order of their death, which made it unique, but I guess the writers on this one couldn't find an interesting way to go with this, which is a shame.

    Overall, not too bad a movie. Seemed like it borrowed from Scream a little bit. The T & A was nice, mostly quality, which many people look for in a film of this caliber. Amy Lindsay and Debbie Rochon were my favorite actresses in this movie. I give it a 6 of 10.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    Sometimes when you're watching a movie, you see or hear something - a badly-said line, a stupid joke, a predictable plot "twist" - and think to yourself, "Now is time to consider hitting 'stop'/walking out". Three flags in the first few minutes of this movie that will tell you all you need to hear about Final Examination.

    1) "Hugh Janus." The main plot of the movie is a cop (Brent Huff) being transferred to Hawaii as punishment (huh?) for reckless work. In the scene where he's being chewed out by his boss and informed of his transfer, a phone rings. His boss, Hugh Janus, picks it up and answers with his name. Only at this moment to I realize that, as an incredibly sophomoric and pointlessly tasteless jab at humor, he pronounces it 'huge a*us'. Flag 1 goes up.

    2) The shower scene.

    Meanwhile in Hawaii, a sorority is holding its 5-year reunion at a lovely, extra-expensive-looking hotel (complete with hula girls lounging idly as part of the scenery... I wonder if they get paid to do that...). The movie focuses on several of the girls, whom we meet as they arrive in clumps. Either we never learn their names or they are so forgettable that this is impossible.

    So after following a young couple around for a few minutes, during which they strike the viewer as depressingly irritating, we cut to a shower room with a lady about to take a shower. Now, I'm not a hoity toity person at all. I don't mind nudity in movies at all. But let me be frank here: this woman was supposed to be 22 in the movie, but from the gross sagging bags (and I don't mean under her eyes) and the lines on her face, I would place her at 35 or 40, at the YOUNGEST.

    So now let's have a shower scene with her rubbing herself in the shower as the camera pans up and down her, er, luscious frame. At first I'm tolerant, just waiting for it to end. By the third straight minute I'm getting uncomfortable. I wind up fast-forwarding, and estimate the whole scene was 10-14 minutes long.

    A beautiful girl for one or two minutes? I can deal with that. Heck, I can enjoy it. But an ugly old lady for fifteen minutes? If you're into that sort of thing, check out this movie. Flag number two went up about the time I started fast-forwarding.

    3) I yawn three times in the same minute.

    So we cut to a boring sex scene with the irritating couple I mentioned earlier. I didn't count this as a flag since it would be redundant after flag 2. Now to her credit, the girl in this scene has nicer breasts than the one in the previous one. But then the scene stretches on. And on. And on. And on. I fast forwarded here, too, and my estimate is also 14-20 minutes. Guy goes to get post-coital bottled water, girl lounges in the pool. Girl is killed. At this point I was so irritated with this girl and this movie that I cheered.

    Enter cop from the beginning, with a partner. A few conversations between the cops and the boyfriend, the owner of the hotel, and other girls in the sorority. The 'conversations' are actually hollow droning of insipid lines written by the same hack who had the brilliant idea to have these two 'detectives' wander around the hotel aimlessly, playing boring-cop/boring-cop with sorority girls, rather than split up to cover more ground.

    Right about the time I realize this, I also realize I just yawned three times in the same minute. Flag numero tres goes up, and I hit 'stop'. Well, so much for that.

    If you want a good movie out of Artisan Entertainment... you're out of luck, as it seems their only skill is promoting the worst directors on the market. If you must watch something from them, see "House of the Dead", directed by Uwe Boll. It's on my top ten list of "funny movies that were actually MEANT to be horror", along with "Jeepers Creepers". This one might have made that list, if it hadn't bored me to tears before I could get through the first twenty minutes.
  • Warning: Spoilers

    So a bunch of sorority girls head to Hawaii for a reunion. There is a killer hunting them down. It all sounds good doesn't it? So why is this flick so dull and monotonous? Perhaps it's because they didn't have any idea as to what kind of movie they wanted to make. "Final Examination" starts off with a prolonged sex sequence in a hot tub. OK. So. It's a softcore flick. Works for me! Then the killer strikes and its back to slasher movie land. Softcore sex and slashers? Great! My kind of movie. Then Kari Wuhrer shows up as a cop and ruins the movie as "Final Examination" segues into a tedious cop movie. Kari and her partner hunt for clues as the viewer yawns and rewinds the movie to see that hot tub sex scene again.

    The one good thing about this one is the abundant nudity. The sorority chicks like to get it on. Plenty of sorority girl's bras fly off. So that's good. Debbie Rochon shows up near the end and lets the Rochons come out to play. So that's real good. The Rochons save the movie from total destruction. Well, at least for me it did.
  • This is definitely no masterpiece, but it is halfway decent. Considering the fact that it looks like something you'd see on Showtime late at night, it is fairly well done. And the car chases are good for a film of its budget. The acting, on the other hand, is atrocious. The very pretty Kari Wuhrer is a good actress, but the rest of the cast seem to be delivering their lines in their sleep. Brent Huff, who plays the lead, is especially horrible. He's so stonefaced that he makes Vin Diesel look like a Shakesperean actor. Other than Kari, the women aren't terribly attractive, but they have nice bodies. It's basically softcore porn. Not all these types of actresses are beauty queens. As long as their bra sizes are at least C-cups, they qualify. But unlike most of these softcore movies, there is a storyline and it is semi-interesting. And that's what makes this film adequate entertainment. Plus, as a side note, there is a Jim Wynorski in-joke that should amuse B-movie fans.

    My score: 5 (out of 10)
  • CobaltBlueEmo13 December 2003
    This movie, had to be one of the worst I've seen in a while. The plot to it was ridiculous, the 'twist' at the end was terrible and kind of confusing to follow. I was very disappointed from the time the movie started to the time it was over. The movie could have been good, if it wasn't a watered down porn, there was way too much sex and boobs (silicone being the leader there) and water scenes like the shower scene or the hot tub scene, not to give anything away, but who gets naked in a hot tub at a resort in the middle of the day? Even the music in the movie made it worse. It was more fitting for a porno or a movie based on hip hop in the ghetto rather than horror or suspense. I'm sorry that I wasted the $4 on renting a movie as unrealistic as Final Examination.
  • This god-awful turkey is one of those flaccid b-movies which is half b-thriller and half soft-core pornography. Fans of neither will be satisfied. The thriller material seems like filler quickly thrown together to pad out the time between the skin scenes and those scenes seem like filler put in fill time in between the thriller movie scenes. The porn bits I can't imagine would be particularly satisfying to even the most undiscerning watcher of soft-core material. Basically, lots of plastic bimbos and dudes grinding away in a mechanical and decidedly un-erotic fashion at irregular intervals. Actually, pretty much the entire film seems like filler material in terms of execution and development.

    The fact lead actress Kari Wuhrer is in the position of the actress considered respectable enough to not have at least one gratuitous boob shot is indicative of the quality of the film given her oeuvre and work ethic. Pretty much everything about this movie is bad and every scene incompetently staged in terms of script, direction, acting and editing. It would take more time than it's worth to list and describe every inadequacy present in Final Examination. Obviously this isn't a subgenre that sets high standards, really only existing to provide a few cheap thrills and some T&A but this movie, and most others like it are just painful to watch, failing to provide any real entertainment on any level, even in providing those simple elements. The only bits that work on a so bad it's almost entertaining level are the car chases, which are quite obviously mostly footage from another far higher budget movie clumsily spliced with shots of characters from the movie we're watching. What makes these particular scenes even dumber is how little they have to do with the rest of the movie- both chases are possibly even more gratuitous than the numerous sex scenes. The tone and amount of in jokiness is indicative that the movie is not meant to be taken seriously and only meant to be a bit of fun but the problem is that it isn't. The inclusion of character called 'Hugh Janus' and the way the movie clumsily brings attention to this lame and rather childish joke is indicative of the level of script there is here. Avoid this movie.
  • My all-time favorite Scream Queen, Debbie Rochon delivers the goods here, although that is the only reason to watch this stinker. Rochonoholics need to watch American Nightmare, and not this, as she wasn't used to her full potential.

    The plot, which revolves around a group of sorority sisters getting murdered at a Hawaii resort, constantly becomes sidetracked by numerous sexual encounters, which is basically the main draw for this film.

    Although my loyalty to Debbie Rochon and Kari Wuhrer feels the impulse not to write this, I found very little value to this film. Granted Kari has a very steamy swimming pool scene, in a barely there bikini, and Debbie unveils her assets, this film was aimless and sophomoric. The other actresses, with the exception of the tasty Kim Maddox, weren't anything to brag about.
  • Well, what can you say. At first I thought it was going to be an amazing thriller. Boy, was I wrong. After ten minutes the first pair of boobs pops out. Which stays on screen for about 5 minutes during a shower scen, which i personally thinks could have been edited out. It provide absolutely nothing to the plot or movie whatsoever (The 10-votes are probably a result of these scenes). Practically every female actress in this movie show her boobs or butt. Everything about this movie is bad, except maybe Brent Huff, who does a average performance by managing to look relaxed throughout the whole movie. And I've seen at least two sequences in this B-flick that is directly taken from "Get Carter" with Stallone... My advice is: Don't see this movie unless you're really desperate for lousy porn!
  • Scarecrow-8821 February 2009
    Warning: Spoilers
    Part slasher, but mostly a detective thriller with some rather tame soft-core sex, from director Fred Olen Ray(..under the pseudonym Ed Raymond)regarding a serial killer hunting down models who were all part of a Sorority 5 years ago when a girl supposedly committed suicide driving off a curb near a bridge. The "suicide", which for a while seems unrelated to the rest of the film, is linked to the murders as transfered LA detective Shane Newman(Brent Huff)and his Hawaii partner Julie Seska(Kari Wuhrer)seek the find who is behind the homicides at a posh resort. Could the culprit be Derek Simmons(Winton Nicholson), the millionaire publisher of Cavalier magazine for which these girls were invited to the Hawaii resort for a shoot? Could it be mysterious photographer Taylor Cameron(Debbie Rochon)who is to shoot the girls? While on the case, Shane has altercations with the resort's manager, Miss Pratt(Kathy Cullis)who wants them to investigate quietly without announcing a serial killer on the loose possibly hurting tourism. To insure this, Pratt enlists Sam's superior to threaten his job is if he doesn't cooperate. Meanwhile, we also follow the exploits of the girls, Kristen Neal(Amy Lindsey), Megan(Belinda Gavin), and Amanda(Kalau Iwaoka)who become nervous about being targets. The first victim's boyfriend, Charlie(Michael Lloyd), who found his girlfriend murdered in a jacuzzi after leaving to fetch some water, might just know a possible clue that could help the detectives..which could put him in danger as well. The film alternates between Hawaii and Los Angeles, as Sam gets some much needed assistance from his former co-workers back home who themselves discover some interesting evidence regarding the suicide victim, Rachel Kincaid(Jen Nikolaisen), a pregnancy, and a college Professor in hot water, Andrews(Robert Donavan).

    The slasher element is rather uninspired as the attacks are very uneventful(..a strangulation, a drowning, the aftermath of a stabbing), but Olen Ray does what he can with developing the detective crime drama portion of the script. The actors deal with some pretty dire dialogue and rather irksome attempts at humor(..a lot of exchanges between the detectives, for instance, whose attempts at wit fall flat), but the location is stunning and cinematography sophisticated and polished. There are two lengthly car chases that are well executed and exciting, but this kind of film doesn't really need them. Plenty of tits, but the sex is photographed to avoid explicit details. Kari Wuhrer is a pleasant sight, and is featured in a sizzling fantasy sequence swimming and exiting a pool in a bikini as Sam dreams about her, moving uncomfortably in his bed. But, she is given standard, tired cop lingo and the role is the average detective looking for clues. She certainly deserves better. I didn't think Huff was that bad, given the usual detective role always in trouble with his superiors who demand for him to follow the rules and operate in a controlled manner. Olen Ray vet, Jay Richardson has an amusing cameo as Sam's LA superior, Hugh Janus(..say it a few times and you'll get the joke). The film has multiple endings as characters under aliases are discovered, correlating with Rachel, the victim in the opening of the movie. Rochon, unestablished in great length at first, does get to come into her own towards the end with a memorable, if cheesy/corny, confrontation with Sam at the end. The resort is simply an ideal, breathtaking place to shoot such a murder mystery, but I sure wish the slasher aspects would've been more inspired.
  • Yes, this film nearly manages to be worst than the utterly dreadful film ' Titanic'. It has the same dreadful acting, unconvincing plot, poor filming, continuity and awful sets.

    It was better than 'Titanic' because it was much shorter. It was also, quite unintentionally, funny. I'd recommend it as a good film to watch when under the heavy influence of alcohol.

    I did like the idea that sending somebody to Hawaii was a normal form of punishment - it probably is a horrid place to be, but most people don't realise that!

    If you do watch it, look out for the bloody handprint on the lift - it is obviously supposed to be some sort of clue, but it is completely ignored by everybody.
  • UFO2 March 2004
    I thought this movie had it's moments. I'm a big Fred Olen Ray fan and will see anything he makes. I enjoyed most of all the last 15 minutes of the movie with the climax at the waterfall scene. It was fun seeing Kari in the movie too, I enjoy most of her films. I thought the scenery was beautiful, although seeing more of the tropical locale would have been nice. The male lead was OK, a little wooden. Debbie was cast well, I love seeing her play a psycho. The other women were not bad, but cheerleader types would have been better for this I think. I thought the actress in the opening scene driving the car off the bridge was beautiful. The story was thin, but that didn't bother me too much. If the script had of been better, the movie would have been better. Hard to fault the actors when the material is lacking.
  • This movie was terrible. My friend works at a video store and decided on a whim to pick this up. He didn't know anything about the movie but he assured me that it was a horror/thriller. Well he was wrong and I will never let him live it down. I can't even talk about the plot because we stopped watching it 40 minutes in. It took about a half an hour for both of us to realize that this movie was soft core porn. I think the minute long shower scene in which the girl doesn't even use soap or shampoo gave it away. I can't really say anything more because I didn't watch the entire movie. 2/10
  • This movie is one of the worst films I have seen in several years. It fails on almost every level. First and foremost the plot is tremendously weak, uninspired and uninteresting. Though this movie clocks in at only 98 minutes it seems like an eternity and nothing really happens or even tries to grab the viewers attention. Its just painful to dredge through and frequently resorts to equally uninspired soft-core pornography as a simple means of keeping viewers from switching off the video. The acting is laughably sub-par and unprofessional (even for made-for-TV standards), actors seldom convey appropriate emotion or even motivation, even in events where characters are informed of their best friends deaths. Even if you find this movie at your local megastore's bargin bin (and you likely will) its still best to keep walking.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    This is a bland comedy (not what I would call a dark comedy) without any substantial jokes or gags as with others like it (such as the "Naked Gun" movies, which are miles above it). I have no idea why it is listed as "horror" (there is no horror whatsoever) or "thriller" (there are no thrills). Apparently, people do not care what a movie actually is before pretending to review it under the wrong genre.

    The first gag, to reveal the low level of humor in this charade, is the name of the police chief, "Hugh Janus" (Huge Anus).

    Another gag near the end is when it is implied that all of the brothers and sisters of Rachel Kincaid, a Caucasian, have had their revenge, then, at the last moment, a male who is obviously not Caucasian, yet is supposedly another brother of Rachel's that no one had known about, shows up to shoot the professor. A lame attempt at comedy, but slightly funnier than the "Huge Anus" joke.

    The only part we actually laughed at was the police woman routine where she and Shane Newman went into the empty apartment after a very strange entrance, which was so amusing, we had to watch it four times.

    The storyline involves a few sorority girls and their deaths with nearly everyone being a lunatic. The nature of the "failed" final examination left with each victim is not really that funny either, and falls flat.

    After the actual killer is shot (after the police woman is accidentally shot around the same time by the would-be victim as the killer is doing some sort of slapstick routine while the cop is being helped by the would-be victim - what a ridiculous scene), along come more killers out of the woodwork to avenge the girl who committed suicide or had her brake lines cut, or whatever was going on since it is too ambiguous to make any sense. Ridiculous, but ridiculous in all the wrong ways for an attempted parody.
  • I gave this movie an eight because when I rented it I expected it to be terrible. It did not let me down. It was hilarious. I particularly remember one scene where a woman is showering for around two minutes. There was no point of this scene in the film as it did not advance it in any way. But that is the genius that makes "Final Examination" what it is. It is more than just pointless nudity, bad acting, and a dull plot. OK, OK, maybe it isn't. Plenty of shots of naked women saved this movie from just being another terrible B (maybe C) movie. If you are looking for a great movie to make fun of, this is it. Especially if you rent it and tell your friends it is supposed to be very good.
  • Final Examination is billed as a horror/thriller but could be best described as a very poor crime drama. The film largely follows the perspective of a recently reprimanded detective (following a badly-filmed car chase that has little relevance to the movie, a recurring problem) transferred to Hawaii who stumbles into a murder spree. Had said detective been a comical half-wit instead of just a flat-out moron, there could have been room for entertainment. However, he basically plays out like any generic stock law enforcement/expert protagonist from a cheesy Syfy Original movie. And the movie, which exploits any number of horror tropes, suffers for centering on this character and his investigation.

    The other big problem with this movie is a lack of focus. It begins with what looks to be a suicide via an insane driving stunt, followed by something that looks like a drug deal which ends up turning into a car chase and is in turn followed by an office scene leading into the transfer. Basically it eats up a good ten minutes without really ever going into the plot. In fact, the whole suicide in the beginning (which any horror fan would assume to be a central plot point to the movie) isn't even addressed until quite a ways into the movie. Frankly, the film would've been better off WITHOUT the opening scene given how it was handled and it could have been worked into the a flashback (or, if the director was competent, he would have used it as one of the detective's former cases). Instead we're given an incredibly nebulous plot that keeps working in minor characters and returning to other minor supporting irrelevant characters as the movie goes on. This sort of amateur production is completely unacceptable for a director with a number of credits under his belt. And although the acting was pretty lousy, I blame it more on the script and direction than the cast themselves.

    A dismal soundtrack, terrible dialogue, a complete lack of focus, etc, all make Final Examination difficult to watch. The *only* upside in the entire movie might be a few nude scenes. Otherwise the film is basically bereft of any entertainment value.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    Final Examination starts as Rachel Kincaid's (Jen Nikolaisen) car taking a dive off the end of an unfinished freeway, unfortunately she was in it at the time... Jump 'Five Years Later' & Los Angeles Detective Shane Newman (Brent Huff) has just trashed half the city during a high speed car chase involving drug dealers, collapsing under the weight of all the lawsuits Lieutenant Hugh Janus (pronounced 'Huge Anus') (Jay Richardson) has had enough of the uncompromising Newman & transfers him to Hawaii, damn it's alright for some! Derek Simmons (Winton Nicholson) is a millionaire businessman who owns a mens top shelf magazine called 'The Cavalier' & decides to shoot a centrefold spread using graduates from his college five years prior. Megan Davidson (Belinda Gavin), Terri Walker (Kim Maddox), Amanda Galvin (Kalau Iwaoka) & Kristen Neal (Amy Lindsay) are the lucky chosen four to fly out to the beautiful island of Hawaii for the shoot all expenses paid, however it's not long before tragedy strikes as Terri is found dead by her boyfriend William (Jason Schnuit). Detective Newman & his new partner Detective Julie Seska (Kari Wuhrer) are on the case & quickly deduce it was murder, soon after Amanda is murdered & it becomes clear that there's a aerial killer on the prowl...

    Directed by Fred Olen Ray, on the version I saw under the pseudonym Ed Raymond, I though Final Examination was a pretty poor film. The script by Sean O'Bannon is terrible, the pacing is all over the place & after a very promising start with a really cool car chase through the streets of Los Angeles it slows down to an absolute snails pace, only three people are murdered throughout it's duration until the lame, poorly thought out, predictable & utterly stupid 'twist' climax that's as obvious as the nose on your face. To give Final Examination a bit of credit there is another excellent car chase to complement the one at the start but these two truly cool (I'm not joking either) sequences are genuinely exciting & impressive which is strange as the rest of this sorry attempt of a film is anything but exciting or impressive, it's almost as if these car chases are from a completely different film & have been randomly spliced into this one. Anyway, apart from those two char chase scenes there is nothing remotely good about Final Examination, it's boring, predictable, is full of annoying teenagers, clichéd & has one of the lowest body counts in slasher film history at a measly three. What more can I say, this is definitely one to avoid folks.

    Director Olen Ray films with surprising competence & the Hawaiian locations are truly beautiful, who knows maybe he just wanted an exotic holiday & wasn't going to let the little matter of actually trying to make a good film get in his way. Final Examination has some nudity & there is one scene in particular in which someone answers the phone topless for no reason whatsoever, after the conversation is over she puts the phone down walks off screen & the next time we see her she's fully clothed. There is no gore or violence to speak off, a couple of drownings, someone is stabbed & coughs up some blood & correct me if I'm wrong but if you are repeatedly shot you will bleed, yes? Well, why at the end when the killer is shot & falls into the swimming pool do they not bleed? I'm sorry but that pool would be red in no time & wouldn't remain PERFECTLY clear, would it?

    Technically the film is actually quite good considering it went straight to video apart from a glaring continuity error during the car chase at the start, it rains between shots! But since that's the best sequence in the entire film & is excellently done I'll cut it some slack. The acting is pretty bad from everyone involved.

    Final Examination as a slasher film is rubbish, there are so many better ones out there but it has two fantastic car chase sequences which save it from being a complete turd. I mean it's still a turd but I've seen worse.
  • I don't know the last time I even thought about Skinemax films. Oh right, when I was a teenager. No acting ability, no plot, and female nudity showcased in the lamest most exploitive way. Don't even bother.
  • The only saving grace in this movie is Debbie Rochon. Although, there were times where she wasn't that convincing. But hell, she's still one of my favorite scream queens. Anyways, back to the movie. The plot was a bit contrived and the sex scenes lousy, and the ending predictable. But I still enjoyed it. 6 out of 10.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    Before watching "Final Examination" I thought it would be a porno movie; the cinematography and cast truly looked like were taken out from a porno. But when I saw Fred Olen Ray's name, I knew I was going to have a great time.

    This movie deals with a serial killer (is it?) that is after a group of hot ex-graduates. The first victim, the hot Amy Lindsay is murdered in a jacuzzi; then her other friends are killed in different ways. Even one of the boyfriends is killed.

    So it's up for two detectives and a forensic doctor to find who is behind the murders. By the way, one of the detectives is the always beautiful and sexy Kari Wuhrer who looks really pretty.

    Well this movie has the occasional sex scenes; not very steamy or great but still deliver. The hot tub sex scene, and some bedroom sex sequences are the highlight. But don't expect a straight soft core sex movie.

    Watch this for what it is : an entertaining but cheap b-movie with beautiful women and an easy to follow plot.

    Delivers expectations.