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  • Though IMDb was going strong, there is surprisingly little review coverage from the users for the thousands of storyline porn features made 10 to 20 years back, before gonzo took over in force. Here's another worthy, if ordinary, title I'm catching up on, though it is an impossibility to fill in all the blanks in such a voluminous XXX universe.

    Stephanie plays a sort of Walter Mitty character named Wendy Titty, whose daydreams are illustrated by director Jonathan Morgan (who takes only a JM credit for some reason) in a series of fun vignettes. Opening scene is 1947 film noir inspired, shown in black & white, with tough-guy narration. SS is dressed in mannish '40s gangster garb. Stylized sex scene including anal sex, with condoms worn reflecting when this was shot, is very well done.

    A phone call brings SS back to reality, but the next tale is rather far out, a lesbian threesome with Shanna McCullough involving dildos and weird breast plates a la Valkyries.

    Writer George Kaplan plays her boss and SS is assigned to train Kaylynn as a new hire, showing her how one edits at the big publishing house where Swift works. Her fantasy turns into a third-rate lampoon of "The Silence of the Lambs", as Morgan the auteur falters in going after some cheap laughs, including an inside joke at the expense of Celine Dion of all people.

    After that misfired segment blows over, Morgan shows up in person as a co- worker with a crush on Steph. But a mail room guy is humping Kaylynn and the actress is great at remaining in character and establishing solid eye contact during sex.

    Next day at work it turns out Kaylynn didn't need training, she got her job via nepotism. SS fantasizes about dominatrix, guest star Jennifer Drake, and her henchwomen, with a sexy threesome involving anal sex resulting. In the real world corporate takeover issues arise and SS saves the day and everybody's jobs.