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  • This was the first Red Ezra porn video I ever saw, made at the beginning of his career, and it showed great promise. Only available on VHS it deserves a DVD reissue to serve a wider audience.

    Starring the late, great pinup turned porn star Chloe Jones, it's a simple fantasy involving a magic fortune teller, with sexual liaisons the result, rather than the comedy that spunoff from the same starting point in Penny Marshall's hit BIG.

    The episodic format creates contrasting milieux, always boasting striking set design and costumes, as in a tribute to '50s cars and sweater girls starring the always reliable cocksman Julian.

    It's nothing deep, and closer in parallel (porn to the real entertainment industry) world context to Rod Serling's NIGHT GALLERY than his THE TWILIGHT ZONE. But Chloe is beautiful and details lift it out of the XXX routine.