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  • aquilum10 September 2002
    eh... this is just bad. BAD. awful actors, all of them, the writing doesn't exactly draw outside the lines of the "how to write your own crappy soap" coloring book, the cameraman seems to be searching his pockets for something while at the same time operating the camera and the directing... err... is there even a director? blah blah blah... it just sucks.
  • vipsy26 October 2005
    at first i liked this show, thought that if i gave it a few programs it would turn out fine but no no no this show is as previous writer stated so bad. acting is extremely bad, shots are even worse ... it screams low budget. how this could get on the air is an outrage. bad bad bad bad bad bad bad . the actors are crap they don't know their lines and they cant act. the director must have been sleeping or very drunk and the writer .. well you get the point.. save yourselves from this crap and watch something better. this is not good TV or entertainment. that this show is now on the air again and showing in other countries .. oh my!
  • Everything was awful with this piece of drama: acting, directing, manuscript and I think this was the worst drama I've ever seen. It was promising because the Swedish actors are not bad in a more decent surrounding but here? How many cuts did we see around the lockers in the HIgh school? How many talked to themselves? I think this must be the bottom of it all and I suppose one season was enough because we all lost faith in it and stopped seeing it. Will these actors ever get another job because this must be bad for them? Are they or the director awful? I suppose we could say both and that is a fatal combination. All these strange smiles, expressions to pretend evil or whatever? Well, it was an experience because I was able to see something really bad and learn the full content of the word AWFUL!!
  • juanita_canuck27 August 2009
    I am a bit surprised at some of the hate that is here on this page. The show being honest was obviously not a great piece of drama or a timeless story or anything I agree with that, but it is better than a 1 out of 10 and is definitely not the worst show ever put on television! The plot was pretty cheesy.

    But after having that being said I think the actors did a good job filling the parts of their characters. I doubt this show will ever get put out on DVD or anything because it sure doesn't seem like it was very popular or whatever but it was a decent enough way to spend an hour sitting in front of the TV.