Sara Novak: [walks to the camera in the corner of the room... suddenly Vern appears behind her... ] Curran...

Vern: This is the part of the design, Sara...

Jeff Novak: [to Sara] It's good to look for answers, but sometimes you look too hard, you lose the ones you have.

Jeff Novak: [to Emily Gray] I hate to tell you this, lady, but there's no Design! YOU'RE CRAZY!

Dennis Reveni: [to Sara] We kill because there's no reason not to.

[first lines]

Jeff Novak: [entering interrogation room] Hi Emily. Didn't need to be like this, did it?

Jeff Novak: "Emily Gray. First class artist, high school. Graduated Vancouver." Everything seems to have gone along swimmingly until 1995. Then, 1996 comes along, and wow. You tried to drown a little boy in a lake, out of the blue. You served 5 years on that, you're out for only one, and then this mess. You want to tell me what's going on? I mean you do right? I mean that's why you confessed. I'm all ears, Emily? If you've got something to say, let's hear it. What - the hell - happened?

Emily Gray: What if I told you that I knew the meaning of life?

Vern: Look around. Life? Just an accident, man. Random collision of particles in space. Any meaning it has is only the one we've given it ourselves. Just like a riddle. What do the poor have that the rich want and God fears? Like death, or love, or God... And the answer all depends on how you look at things.

Dennis Reveni: [pondering]

Vern: What do the poor have that the rich want and God fears? Simple.

Dennis Reveni: [flips card around] "Nothing". That is so for real. It's just like everything is just one big a puzzle in your mind.

Vern: Hmm. Every mind is different...

Sara Novak: Hey Curran, have you ever stopped to wonder why none of the little games you play ever work, or do you just figure it's hygiene problem.

Professor: The curse of human consciousness is that it longs to know only that which is unknowable.

Vern: Sara, it's just a game, it's not real.

Sara Novak: What is a game, Vern? Something where you have to give the pieces back once the time's done. Well guess what, that means it's all a game. Life, everything, one big game.

Jeff Novak: You're crazy!

Emily Gray: Am I? Because I drowned a boy? Because I killed this student? Is that so wrong? Is an earthquake wrong when it kills? Or a car? Or a flight of stairs... Why don't you just admit it, you don't understand why anything happens. And you never will...

Jeff Novak: If we knew all of the answers, we wouldn't be human. Maybe not knowing the answer makes us go on living. That's what life's all about.

[last lines]

Vern: It's all part of the design, Sara.