• WARNING: Spoilers

    This movie is a very good thriller, for the most part. Just cryptic enough, most of the riddles are easy enough to figure out, though some of them hard enough you run out of time if you don't pause the movie. But the biggest mystery of all is the ending, which could be seen as a continuation of the theme of the movie, or it could be seen as a case of a writer running out of good ideas. In the end, it does mirror one of the first riddles presented, as what it delivers IS the answer to that riddle. In doing this the film comes full circle, which OUGHT TO be very satisfying. However, because of what the ending DOES you, the excellent plot doesn't matter, when the movie ends you are left with the same thing as you are in real life when you die.

    Sara Novak is a college student whose mother died in a car accident. She is haunted by her inability to understand why such random tragedies happen, and when she stumbles upon a game that promises to provide the answer, she plays along. The Nemesis Game is played by following a series of riddles left to her by anonymous people, if you solve the riddles you are led to an abandoned building, and when you solve the final riddle and write the answer on the wall, you will see the "Design"' of life and understand why bad things happen. Sara meets a group of people who are involved in the game, and eventually reaches the end of it. However, she doesn't get a chance to write HER answer on the wall. But it doesn't matter, she receives the same thing as everyone who reaches this stage i life, and she personally experiences the central metaphor of the Game; That life itself is a game, you play your part, and then you die. There IS no understanding other than that, and as most people do realize at some level "In life also there IS no understanding, life is about NOT understanding but going on living anyway". And what IS the surprise ending that is finally delivered that wraps up the otherwise excellent plot? What ARE you left with as an explanation to the twists and turns of the movie? It's the answer to the riddle "what do the poor have, the rich want, and God fears?"