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  • lamegabyte4 February 2014
    I think i have first discovered Dita with this flick but it was rather her friend Anita Blonde who leads me to it. Then, i stumbled on her again via a web forum about Fetish. But she didn't do a lot of stuff as she becomes quickly till this day the queen of strip (for wealthy audience, as if money equals taste !!!).

    This « pin-ups 2 » belongs to the bad Andrew Blake's movies. With this director, it's simple : either it's good and hot, either it's awful and not erotic. Usually, it's rather awful because it's all for visual, with no story, no dialogues and an annoying ethereal music. So, this one is from the latter : the wardrobe, hairs, sets are awful, too much like a doll house. The action is as flat as the horizon and the constant editing of having two scenes at the same time just give headaches after a few minutes. Worst, even Anita isn't hot : just two scenes are average (the bondage trio and the last one).
  • Warning: Spoilers
    Andrew Blake, a trademarked brand for porn marketing rather than a single director, had a vogue 2 decades back - I recall going to video stores where a whole section was just named Andrew Blake, rather than Dwarfs, Lactating Mamas, or Big Dicks. Looking at these videos now is sleep-inducing, as "Pin-Ups 2" proves to be.

    I watched it to see the trumpeted Dita in action, later to become a pop culture icon, Anita Blond, the Euro great one this time actually having blonde hair and especially Irina Vachs, an all-time great actress in Adult Cinema. All failed to impress, because this "Andrew Blake" who directed treats them as just models -lots of makeup, fancy styling of hair, and elaborate fetish costuming (when not naked) going through the motions of sex. It's an MOS shoot with dreary music and the trademark editing that ruins any potential involvement with the women on display. Rarely has the dichotomy between stills (traditional porn for masturbation consumed by looking at a magazine) vs. motion pictures been so obvious than in a Blake spoiler -cutting away whenever a shot is interesting or attractive.

    Vachs was hired to provide actual XXX intercourse action, humping a distressingly de-personalized male whose face is hidden from camera view. That alone separates this video from much of Blake's strictly all-girl work, the latter attuned to his particular audience's rejection of traditional cock-centric porn. With or without dicks on display, the results are boring. The presumed artistry is absent, as the prettiness is strictly due to the models' beauty, not what has been done with them for a buck.

    Deadliest factor of all is Repetition -Blake's stock in trade. His entire oeuvre is based on repetition - the same tableaux, same stylings, same female masturbation tropes, same fake-lesbian couplings presented over and over again, ad infinitum. Binging is all the rage these days in videoland, but with zero content/narrative I daresay watching 30 or 40 Blake videos back to back would drive anyone insane.