Rudolph 'Rudy' Giuliani: You spend your whole life seeing and hearing about people dying. You just never think it will happen to you.

[During a memorial service for a FDNY officer.]

Rudy Giuliani: September 11th... was the worst day in the history of this city. And it will never be the same. In the aftermath of destruction, the loss of life was almost too much to bear. And it will be, for some time.


Rudy Giuliani: I met Captain Timothy Stackpole at the Burn Unit, Cornell Medical Center, in 1998. And I remember him saying, 'My mother always warned me I should put on clean underwear, but I forgot to put them on today.' On September 11, Captain Timothy Stackpole formed a company of firefighters, and together, they raced up into the inferno that was Number 2 World Trade Center. Not one of these extraordinary men ever questioned his duty, nor did he ever question whether he might return to the embrace of those he loved and those who loved him. Nobody can take your father away from you. He is part of you. The tears will make you stronger... we have to cry, and we have to mourn.

Rudolph 'Rudy' Giuliani: We are bound together. We are going to remain bound together.

Rudolph 'Rudy' Giuliani: God I love this city.

[Taking over in the NYC US Attorney's office.]

Rudy Giuliani: My name is Rudolph Giuliani. I've wanted this job for a long time. To me, there is no greater prize than US Prosecutor for the Southern District of New York City. This office should be the crown jewel of the United States Justice Department... but it is not. And why? Because you have gotten fat. You are lazy prima donnas, spending 2 and 3 years on cases you are never gonna make. If there's anyone in this room who thinks otherwise, please speak up. Good. Now that we agree on that, let's talk about what we are going to do about it.

[Giuliani begins to circle the room as he speaks.]

Rudy Giuliani: We, gentlemen... are about to unleash the dogs of war. War. War against drug dealers, war against the Mafia - and yes, Mr. Hoover, there is a Mafia - against corrupt politicians and stockbrokers...

[Giuliani comes up behind one of the officials who is obviously asleep.]

Rudy Giuliani: Against crooked judges... and bent cops. How, you may wonder, do we end corruption... BY SCARING THE LIVING SHIT out of the criminal! And their families, if we have to.

[The sleeping man bolts upright in his chair; Giuliani addresses him directly]

Rudy Giuliani: Get up. Get up, and get out. You want to sleep on my time, do it at the Motel 6. Don't speak, get out.

[The man leaves; Giuliani resumes addressing the entire room]

Rudy Giuliani: It's not astrophysics. It's called The Law. And the law is about to become a stark, concrete reality for those who would break it. This is New York City. I love this city! This is the greatest city in the world, and I am going to make it safe for people to live in again, so help me God, and each and every one of you is going to help me. Because, gentlemen, this is not merely our job, it is our privilege. I will see you on the barricades.

[Amidst the rubble of the collapsed World Trade Center.]

Rudy Giuliani: What have these bastards done to my city?

Peter Powers: Start spreadin' the news!

Rudy Giuliani: What do you got?

Peter Powers: Lots of good ink. This city loves Rudy Giuliani. Check it out!

[tosses newspapers on Giuliani's desk]

Rudy Giuliani: What do The Times say?

Peter Powers: That you just might be a hero.

Rudy Giuliani: Might? Was that you editorializing? Doesn't matter, tomorrow it's yesterday's news anyway.

Peter Powers: Huh! You'll never be satisfied.

Rudy Giuliani: Hey, while you were out having your gourmet breakfast, guess who I was burning up the phone lines with?

[Powers picks up Giuliani's baseball and glove.]

Peter Powers: Who?

Rudy Giuliani: Our friends at the SEC.

Peter Powers: SEC? What do those boys want?

[Giuliani suddenly notices that Powers has the baseball glove in hand.]

Rudy Giuliani: Are you insane? This is a Whitey Ford-signed baseball!

Peter Powers: Oh.

Rudy Giuliani: This is a museum piece! Don't touch this!

[Giuliani puts down the glove and ball.]

Rudy Giuliani: They got this trader, who says he doesn't have a pot to piss in, meanwhile he's parking tens of millions of dollars in an account down in the Caymans.

Peter Powers: And we're going to nail him?

Rudy Giuliani: Well, we're going to do a little chumming down on Wall Street. You fish?

Peter Powers: No.

Rudy Giuliani: No, of course not. Well, what you do is, you take a little fish, you catch a bigger fish... It's kind of a food chain concept.

Peter Powers: "Chumming"?

Rudy Giuliani: Yeah. You need to get a life, OK? Bowling is not the answer.

[During a press conference, a few hours after the 9/11 attacks]

Rudy Giuliani: We've been hit. Hit hard. How hard, we don't yet know. The loss of life... is greater than any of us can possibly bear. In 1940, when London was being bombed - every night, night after night - Londoners scrawled a message on the rubble the next morning: 'We can take it,' they wrote. Well, New Yorkers are made of the same tough stuff. So can we! New York, and the United States, are stronger than any group of barbaric terrorists. The city is still here. It will be here tomorrow morning. It's going to be here forever.