As of 2017, this is the only film directed by Michael Haneke to have been screened in the official selection of the Cannes Film Festival without playing in the main competition. This is because that year's jury president, Patrice Chéreau, was part of the cast.

In nearly every Michael Haneke film, the main female character is called Anne Laurent or some variation. Isabelle Huppert made three films with Haneke (this, The Piano Teacher (2001), and Amour (2012)). This Is the only film in which she is named Anne Laurent.

The only film by Michael Haneke in the 2.35:1 aspect ratio.

There's no music througout the entire film.

Béatrice Dalle got top billing even though she's only in it for a couple of scenes.

Michael Haneke and Isabelle Huppert planned to make this film before "The Piano Teacher" but couldn't secure the financing. After the other film proved to be a major success, the immediately made this one.

Michael Haneke: [character name] Isabelle Huppert's character is named Anne Laurent.

Michael Haneke: [character name] Daniel Duval's character is named Georges Laurent.