[first lines]

Bundy: [yelling from a distance] Chep! Chep! Out in front!

[loud claps]

Bundy: Chepo! Come on, let's go, move it! We haven't got time for hide-n-seek today!

Detective Phil Barbara: How do you spell that - Chep?

Hamish: With a "C".

Detective Phil Barbara: ..."h"?

Hamish: I would go with a "C".

Movie Actress: [as his nurse, way over acted] I love *you* Dick. You *and* your special disease. I'd do anything for you. Just as you would do anything for me.

Hamish: Women calling for Chep. What's next?

Chep: I hate you.

Animated Creature: Then you hate yourself.

Fran: [to animated creature] You truly are a doll.