• 75
    Chicago Tribune
    The action is brilliant, the combat sharp and rattling, and the film follows the historical record more closely than most Hollywood films.
  • 63
    James Berardinelli ReelViews
    The rousing success of the final 45 minutes cannot entirely counterbalance the stumbling uncertainty of the first 90 minutes.
  • 50
    Sheri Linden The Hollywood Reporter
    The film brings a spectacular but little-known chapter of World War II to the big screen with meticulous attention to period detail -- and almost none to compelling narrative.
  • 50
    Nathan Rabin The A.V. Club
    A lumbering, disappointingly bland war movie.
  • 50
    Luke Y. Thompson Dallas Observer
    When it comes to World War II movies, you may never have seen one like this before -- if only because it's like three different movies at the same time.
  • 50
    Scott Foundas L.A. Weekly
    The Great Raid cries out for the kind of B-movie industriousness that Dahl brought to his early, low-budget films noirs (Kill Me Again, Red Rock West and The Last Seduction), but instead it has dreams of sugarplum Oscars dancing in its head, and never stops mistaking spectacle for the truly spectacular.
  • 50
    Desson Thomson Washington Post
    This is a movie for people more interested in the subject matter than its dramatic presentation.
  • 40
    Robert Koehler Variety
    This overlong march will bore all but the most nobly patriotic.
  • 40
    Mark Holcomb Village Voice
    The Great Raid is ultimately scotched by History Channel–worthy nostalgia.
  • 33
    Scott Brown Entertainment Weekly
    The main problem? Raid lacks a center. It's an exhausted sprawl with multiple story foci, none of them terribly compelling.