General Kreuger: Henry, I'll be honest with you. This mission appeals more to my heart than to my head.

Lt. Colonel Mucci: I'm here to tell you men the latrine rumors are true. We finally got a mission worthy of Rangers. We're going to push through our frontlines right into the Japs' backyard and rescue 500 hundred American prisoners of war. Goin' to be a rough son of a bitch- a textbook-style raid that can only succeed through speed, surprise, and overwhelming firepower. Before you start congratulating yourselves, remember you haven't achieved a damn thing yet. You're the best-trained, least-proven battalion in this whole army. This is your one chance to do something about it, and I mean ONE chance. How you acquit yourselves over the next 48 hours will determine how you are judged for the rest of your lives- men worthy of serving in this army... or... an embarrassment that history and time will eventually forget. It's up to you. Now, I happen to think it's the former. That's why I'm accompanying you on this raid. There's not another group of men in this or any other army I'd sooner trust my life with. You're the finest, best-prepared soldiers this country has ever sent to war, and I expect you to PROVE it... IS THAT CLEAR?

6th Ranger Battalion: YES, SIR!

Lt. Colonel Mucci: General, this is the man who led the raid... Captain Prince.

General Kreuger: Congratulations, soldier. I'm very sorry for your losses, but I want to let you know you men have done a great service to your country.

Captain Prince: Thank you, sir.

[Japanese have just fired mortar shells at the escaping troops and POW's]

Captain Prince: Get a base of fire on the *Son of a bitch*!

[last lines]

Captain Prince: Never in our history have such a large group of men endured so much and complained so little. Many couldn't shake the fact that their country had abandoned them, left them to die in a foreign land. It was said to be of no significance to the war effort, but for me, it meant everything. It's true, they had been left behind, but never forgotten.

1st Sgt. Sid "Top" Wojo: Sir, it's your shot.

Captain Prince: Somethings you just have to take on faith.

Lt. Colonel Mucci: Captain Prince, how did we do?

Captain Prince: Got 'em all sir.

Cpl. Aliteri: [about a piece of paper with the Virgin Mary on it] Six bucks.

Cpl. Guttierez: Told you I can't sell it.

Cpl. Aliteri: Ten bucks?

Cpl. Guttierez: I can't do it. It's the only one I got.

Cpl. Aliteri: What do you mean it's the only one you got? You said you had plenty to spare.

Cpl. Guttierez: Lied to you. My mom gave this to me.

Cpl. Guttierez: [Kisses it]

Cpl. Aliteri: Well how does your mom feel about ten bucks?

Cpl. Guttierez: [Almost punches him] Wonder how your mom feels about ten bucks?

Cpl. Aliteri: Hey!

Lt. Colonel Mucci: How you feelin?

Captain Prince: Alright.

Lt. Colonel Mucci: I'm proud of you.

Captain Prince: Thank-you Sir.

[They salute each other and walk off]

Captain Prince: They won't let you down

Lt. Colonel Mucci: It's not a question of letting me down. We worked hard to raise a fine unit. They deserve their shot at glory

Captain Prince: I don't suppose many of us are in this for the glory, sir.

Lt. Colonel Mucci: I'm not talking about the publicity Bob. I'm talking about the kind of glory you carry inside of you the rest of your life knowing you've done something worth remembering, something that made a difference. The only recommendation that I want is from those boys in that camp.

Guerilla Leader Juan Pajota: Sir, you may be forced to delay.

Lt. Colonel Mucci: [doesn't want to delay] And why is that, captain?

Guerilla Leader Juan Pajota: There is a Japanese convoy traveling North. Division-strength. They will pass directly in front of the camp tonight.

Lt. Colonel Mucci: And how is it you came by this information, Captain Pajota?

Guerilla Leader Juan Pajota: From our spies in Cabanatuan city.

Lt. Colonel Mucci: Are we talking hard facts or the bamboo telegraph?

Guerilla Leader Juan Pajota: It was the bamboo telegraph that told me you and your men are coming here today, sir.

Major Lapham: I've been thinking for the last three years of all the things I want to say to her.