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  • Uncle Nino was great! We took our whole family and it was a joy to watch. As a second generation American of Italian descent myself, I was so drawn to Uncle Nino's character. He is my grandfather! The garden in the front yard! Music! Home-made Wine! Tradition! And family values! What a great family movie! Too many American families have lost site of traditional family values. This is a great movie for someone who has lost site of what is important. It's not the job, or the money it's all about the time with family. Too often we make our lives too busy to stop and just simply enjoy each other. This is a great movie to remind you of what you may be missing!

    Bravisimo!!! We need more movies like this!
  • This is a very sweet movie with a wonderful message about getting your priorities straight. The Uncle Nino character was very well conceived and implemented. All three teen age characters are great. I especially enjoyed Duke Doyle as the "Bones" character. Anne Archer and Joe Mantagne are well cast. It was fun to see the father figure out that it was he that needed the attitude adjustment. The Italy scenes are beautiful and authentic as are the scenes from Glenview, Illinois. I had many laugh out loud moments as well as a couple teary moments. Uncle Nino helps the father character get back to his joy of gardening and I connected with this part of the movie. After I saw the show, I planted sunflower seeds and hope to plant them along my backyard fence. This is definitely a movie that I felt good when I left and I think you will too!
  • The MOST AMAZING THING is happening here in Grand Rapids, MI! A tiny, shoestring- budgeted, independently produced film has absolutely CAPTURED the mind and soul of all who are packing the theaters in which it is being shown in very limited release. The movie is "Uncle Nino", written and directed by Robert Shallcross. Movie patrons are raving that it is the kind of movie that Disney used to make, that you can take you whole family (from your kids to your parents!) to see and not begrudge the $6 each and popcorn. The amazing part is that word of mouth alone is selling the tickets - there is no advertising, no studio support or hype, no money at all behind its success. The only thing at work here is pure enjoyment of a story about something with which we are all familiar - the importance of love and family. Even though one knows from the first frame how it all will end, getting the message in such a sweet and endearing package, without sex or off color language, is a pleasure that one doesn't often get in today's entertainment market. Fine performances by stars Joe Mantegna and Ann Archer deliver the story with wit, humor and insight. But it is Pierrino Mascarino who infuses it with its heart. As Uncle Nino, Mascarino, as the long forgotten relative who pays the family an unexpected and life altering visit, creates a character who, though flawed, irascible and naïve, is able to bring a family in silent crisis back to their center simply by demonstrating the power and importance of love. It is sad that neither my family in Lansing nor my family in Seattle can see and enjoy `Uncle Nino', because it may never reach theaters near them. But families Grand Rapids can still see it and bring their families, and even meet `Uncle Nino' in person!! Do it now before it is too late!!
  • This is one of the better films I have seen in recent years and the message that is brought out from watching it is much different than most movies. You feel great walking out of this one and it grabs you with its rare story seen in movies today. What is that story you may ask? Family is the answer. There are not a lot of films that come along and truthfully depict family life like this one did. It involves a family that is struggling to stay together when there uncle shows up almost out of nowhere. He teaches the family to interact and brings them together to become a unit once again. I enjoyed every minute of this fantastic movie and think that everyone should get a chance to see it. It is very truthful in its story and the family life that is simulated is very realistic to a modern family today. This is a movie for the whole family and can engage an audience of any age. There is one last thing that was rare about this movie no profane language is used, no sex, drugs, alcohol or anything of that matter. The film got a standing ovation when it finished by everyone in the audience and deserved even more. Everyone should see Uncle Nino.
  • languages-alive9 February 2004
    It has been too long in coming but am pleased to see that the travails of family life can be examined in a way not using crude language, that a husband-wife relationship can be examined without sex and that there need not be violence to portray a heart-rending story of an uncle's visit to the USA. This film is not old-fashioned in the least although it contains some of the old-fashioned values that used to be espoused on film but of late have taken a back seat. Thank you so much for this wonderful experience.
  • Uncle Nino was such a cute storyline and just a warm, fun, family movie.

    When they played their first premiere, in Grand Rapids, MI, I went to the movie and the dinner/meet the cast afterwords, and they were all so nice! It was so much fun to sit down and talk to the actors. Oh, and Trevor Morgan is absolutely beautiful as well..

    The storyline is so easy to relate to. You are drawn in by the characters and feel their emotions. The casting is great as well. I went and saw in while in was in Grand Rapids over 10 times, and almost cried every time. I HIGHLY recommend it to anybody who wants a warm, happy, meaningful movie.
  • giask823 October 2005
    I believe that this movie will help revamp the film industry into a more positive world. I absolutely loved this movie! It is definitely for the whole family. I encourage all to see this movie if it is playing anywhere. It is definitely worth your while and will be enjoyed thoroughly by all. What is special about this movie is that there is no foul language, no violence, no inappropriate scenes, yet the entire family loves it. From the newborn to the teenager, your kids will most certainly enjoy seeing this film. It is very funny and entertaining! If you are an Italian, you will cherish this film even more! Although the majority of the film is in English, there are a few Italian lines here and there! So if you have the chance to see this movie, please, please, please do! Also, this is to the owner of this film or anyone associated with this film: if you could please please get this movie into theaters or at least on DVD many of us would love it! It received rave reviews from all whom saw it!There was a big ovation at the end from all who attended! No doubt there will be many people buying this if it does come out!
  • vmdipierro23 October 2005
    A wonderful movie about the importance of family! A must see for everyone! This needs to be released nationally.

    The characters are so realistic that you'll see yourself, your friends, family and neighbors in many of them.

    YOu may even relate on the relationships with the parents and children, with your own childhood. Parents just don't seem to understand and Uncle Nino offers an opportunity for this family to repair itself.

    My husband & I saw this movie through an Italian-American organization in CT but feel it would be enjoyed by many people of varying backgrounds through out the country.

    Urge your local theaters to bring this movie to you! You will love it!
  • I had the great opportunity to see this film with the friends and family of Duke Doyle last night. I really enjoyed viewing this film. It was so refreshing to see a film address the values of forgiveness and compromise in the modern American family. The film uses the universal language of music in brilliant fashion to bridge the gap between both culture and different generations. Joe Mantegna and Anne Archer are wonderful together as the heads of the Micelli family and Pierrino Mascarino will make you wish you had an "Uncle Nino".

    It was great seeing both Trevor and Daniel in person at our showing. Continued success to this group of talented young actors!

    Let's hope more of America gets to see "Uncle Nino"! BRAVO!
  • It is unfortunate that there are not more movies like Uncle Nino. It is well produced and acted, but, most importantly, it promotes the importance of family and forgiveness. I feel that this film deserves widespread distribution.
  • Wonderful family movie! Very refreshing after the Superbowl fiasco. I will highly recommend this movie to all that I know. This movie hit home to our whole family in several areas. We should all have an Uncle Nino in our lives.
  • thetwozaks14 February 2004
    Uncle Nino is the best movie we have seen in theaters in years. Top rate family entertainment. No crude humor, violence, or embarrassing content. You will chuckle and cry, what a message is being given to the USA.
  • This film is more of what we need. It is very funny and heart-touching. But at the same time should not be viewed as "Clean" or "Kiddy", because those comments sound dull and steril. "This is a vibrant wonderful film about a family in transitional dynamics. They are about to come to pieces when Uncle Nino erupts into the situation and teaches them to love each other again," said Pierrino Mascarino. I've had the opportunity to interview him for the morning video news @ my school. He was VERY nice and down to earth. He does not own the film, he only plays Uncle Nino himself. SEE THE MOOOOVVVVIIEEEE!!!!!!!
  • I attended the movie Uncle Nino with my family tonight. It was a wonderful heartfelt movie to see. It was Very inspirational and moving and good for the entire family. During a time when "family" movies are hard to come by, it was a pleasure to see. I would encourage you and the investors who are backing this movie to "share the wealth" of this movie since it strikes at the heart of what are some of our current societal ills today. It brings to mind what is really important in life. Thanks for the reminder and for the great acting that each artist performed. Sincerely, Joe Meadows Grand Rapids, MI Feb,6,2004
  • I would love to see more movies like this. Full of laughter, love and good story lines for every age. Congrats to all involved. I recommend this to any person who likes to have their heart full of joy.
  • This is by far one of the best movies I've seen lately. Normally, you walk away from a movie saying, "What was the point of that movie", or "That wasn't very encouraging". But Uncle Nino wasn't like that. This movie truly reminds us of what being a family is all about. We often get too busy and caught up in our own worlds that we lose sight of the really important things. This movie showed us how much we need to raaclimate our lives with those we care about.

    I walked away from this movie feeling refreshed, happy, and ready to face the world. I think every person in America needs to see this movie...if we had more movies like this, our children would find new "heros" to model after and this world truly would be "a better place"!
  • A wonderful movie, a real eye opener for current family living. Wish there were more movies out of this caliber. A good plot, with humor, wisdom, love and an experience I will treasure. This movie is good for all, young and old.
  • Refreshing! I think Uncle Nino has a wonderful message that the entire family will enjoy and identify with! So glad to be able to go to a film that I think is clean enough to take my children to see. I wish more companies would film and show more of these types of films.
  • colleenpierson3 February 2004
    Finally, a movie from Hollywood that encompasses humor, family values, and true entertainment quality! We went with a huge group of people and all of us absolutely loved it. Our society needs more movies like this--no cheap gimmicks, swearing, sexual innunendos, inappropriate language or crime. Just a movie with some pretty wonderful acting, well-written script, and a message that gets through loud and clear.

    I got the chance at the theater to meet the actor who portrays Uncle Nino. He is charming and brilliant. He can truly make a difference with his ideas for more cinema works of art. West Michigan is very proud of this film and I hope it is very succesful. Lets get the message out loud and clear that this is the type of movie that we want to see!
  • Great film about modern family life, or the lack of, might be a better way to put it. A little of something for everyone-laughs, tears, rock 'n' roll. What more could you want?! Uncle Nino (Pierrino Mascarino), and his friends and family, are on a personal crusade to get this film in theaters across the country. The guy is living the part and makes you feel good for having met him and experienced his film! Hopefully, this film will get national distribution, because the acting is very good, and the story is very positive. Thanks to everyone involved with this film.
  • beso725 January 2004
    This film is great!!! If you are in the Grand Rapids area you should definitely go and check it out. I am really looking forward to having this film appear Nationwide. It is a great family film so go and take your family you won't regret it.
  • The votes on this film are so out of line that they have to have been friends of the director or producer. The story line is passable and the actors are okay, but to get the kind of votes registered here suggests that any comment above a 7 should be totally disregarded. The Godfather wouldn't get the number of perfect scores on a percentage basis that this film did. I felt cheated after I went to see the film based in part on the high ratings and comments on the IMDb poll. The average score now is far lower than it was a few weeks ago, thank goodness; but I have a basic resentment that translates to this film--which is too bad because I really respect Mantegna's work. Avoid this one and go see his next film. I'm sure he didn't vote! And to think, I live in Glenview near where they actually filmed this. I wish it were better as a film; but most of all, I wish that someone didn't think they had to mislead those who use IMDb as a guide in selecting their films to watch.
  • I am not a film critic, and this is the first time I have been moved to do anything like this, but YOU HAVE GOT TO SEE THIS FILM!

    I took my "tweenage" daughter (not quite a teenager, but not a "little kid" anymore either) to see this film on Super Bowl Sunday. We both thoroughly enjoyed ourselves, and are taking our entire family (including my Mom, whose father came to the US from Italy when he was a young man) to see it again this Sunday.

    It is a great character study and critique of our society and the importance of family in these hectic times. I thought the acting was superb - how can you go wrong with Joe Montegna and Anne Archer - but Pierrino Mascarino was incredible as the title character. He captured hearts and captivated the audience with the subtleties of his performance. Two favorite moments: the way he held his hands while asking one of the characters to stop smoking; and the tears in his eyes which said what his ignorance of the language would not allow.

    This movie needs to be distributed on a national basis. It is the best movie that I have seen in a long time.

    Go see this movie. If it is not available in your town - ask for it! You will absolutely not regret it.
  • My 14 year-old son asked me to see this movie with him. We both loved it. All of us could use this movie in our society today. How REFRESHING and delightful to finally see a movie where there is no sex, violence or swearing. This movie is magnificently done. The acting is superb, the messages are inspirational. I cried and laughed--"Uncle Nino" really tugs at your heart and makes you ask yourself some very important questions about your family and family values. My son and I brought the rest of our family to the theater to see Uncle Nino the next evening, plus the kids brought a few of their friends. All of us enjoyed the movie tremendously. Thank you, Uncle Nino! Bravo!
  • sonmelter27 January 2004
    Finally, a movie with heart, without the sex, violence and foul language so common in movies these days. A wonderful family picture that actually said something - families are one of our most important assets and should be treasured! It had humor and drama rolled into a nice little package that let me leave the theater believing I'd spent my money well for once. I hope that many more movies like this will be made.
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