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  • If you like being the violent policeman, you'll like this game.I love this game, too, specially because I'm fan of Star Wars and Jango Fett too. The game's history acts between EpisodeI and EpisodeII.Jango Fett is hired by Darth Tyrannus(Count Dooku, if you prefer) to locate and kill a revolting Sith.Then, Jango would earn 10 MILLION credits. But the Rogue Sith isn't the only person you have to hunt.The game has 6 chapters( Each one in a different planet ).In each chapter Jango hunts a different person.But you can hunt more people, too.You can use your scanner and see if the person is wanted.Then, mark you will hunt that person and when you get it you will get more money! This is my favorite Star Wars game in Nintendo Gamecube.My scor for this game is 10/10.
  • Cute for about 10 minutes before it becomes a mindless laserfest. No map so its easy to get lost. The "Bounty Tracking" system is poorly laid out. Which results in getting shot a lot. The money you get from bounties really serves no purpose.

    Overall a disappointment. Something that could have been very cool, such as a Manhunt with better controls a star wars theme became a mindless shoot 'em up. Rather indictative of most of Lucas's work. Lots of flash, very little substance.

    You want a good star wars game? go play X-Wing, TIE fighter, Dark Forces or Knights of the Old Republic

  • cfisler-222 May 2010
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  • I personally feel that this game hasn't gotten the respect it deserves, maybe because in this day and age it's the first-person shooters that get the respect. This game has elements that a strategist and a lover of blasting things to death would enjoy. The fact that there is no map makes the game much more realistic than many other games, and has the better effect of making you feel like you are in Fett's shoes. You have almost every weapon that Jango possesses at your command, including his trade mark dual blasters as can be seen in Attack of the Clones, flamethrower, whipcord, missiles, zam wessel's sniper rifle, as well as the "mysterious" toxic darts (though not the kaminoan kind). You also don't have to go very far before you meet enemies that give you a run for your money, which makes the game all the more fun. On top of that, it explains in a clear way the background of how Jango was selected to be the host of the clone army. All that's missing now is a game for Jango's son. My score, 10/10.