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  • THE YOUNG ONE 09, reissued on DVD as "Sarah Young Limited Edition Vol. 9" is a keeper thanks to its opening segment, a half-hour edition of the classic scene where a drowsy Sean Michaels dreams of Sarah Young, and she materializes.

    This arousing material has been anthologized several times, notably on one of the essential THE GODDESS OF LOVE DVDs, but this edition is a longer version and presented entirely without music. Instead we have only ambient sound, proving very effective as the lip-smacking sounds of love come off as natural and not the typical "water buffalos in heat" approach of so much porn. Kudos to pornographer Sascha Alexander for this erotic summit meeting for the ages, that I would hold up as a perfect example of the difference between mere porn and true eroticism.

    The other three segments include a couple of troilism sex scenes, one of which pitting a lucky femme to the wet effusions of Peter North and Nick East. Finale is worth waiting for, as a lovely Tabatha Cash, speaking (only briefly) in French in one of her first screen appearances, has a superior anal sex scene.