• WARNING: Spoilers

    Of the Halley family, Mrs. Halley comprises about nine-tenths. Her henpecked husband comprises the other tenth. In Husky Hector, pampered son of the Justice of the Peace, Mrs. Halley sees her ideal man. She slips off to keep a clandestine appointment with him. Hubby discovers it, and, in pleading with his wifie not to leave him, is thrown into the lake. His wife thinks he has been drowned, but Hubby, crawling out of the lake, meets a friend who takes him to go on a hunting trip. Mrs. Halley, believing herself a widow, has no scruples about accepting the attentions of several suitors. One, a rival of Hector's, is the Mayor of the town. Bad blood develops between the rivals, with the Justice taking the part of his son, Hector. Hubby's insurance money is paid to the lonesome widow, and Hector at once offers his hand and heart, which Mrs. Halley accepts. In the mountains, whither they have gone, Hubby and his friend find themselves deserted by their burro. They start to walk back to town. Much changed in both mind and body, Hubby arrives at home. Like Enoch Arden of old, he looks in the window. There is his wife - his widow, as she thinks - dressed in bridal finery, and there at her feet kneels Hector. Shall he leave them alone? Ah, no! Revenge! Revenge! The footsteps of the parson approaching interrupt Mr. Halley's vengeful thought and quicken his resolve. Slipping in the back way he enters the sitting-room, and slips in back of the life-sized portrait of himself, which is the principal adornment of the fond widow's parlor. Taking out his jackknife, he deftly cuts out the face of the portrait and inserts his own as the bridal party lines up in front of the portrait. The widow's eyes turn to the portrait of her late husband. Instead of meeting the usual meek and submissive look of Halley, her eyes find the same features, but twisted into an expression of fiendish hatred. The wedding busts up in a hurry, and Mrs. Halley makes the best of her husband's return. But hubby is strangely changed in temperament. Instead of being one-tenth of the family combination he is nine-tenths, and orders Mrs. Halley back into the kitchen, and Mrs. Halley weakly obeys.

    Moving Picture World, August 18, 1917