Cher: Do you have "Bambi"?

Shelley Winters: [as Shelley] Dear, you're not the type. I don't have that in stock, but I've got a rifle from "Winchester 73".

Andy Kaufman: [as Adam] But why do I need an Eve. What can she do? Can she play ball?

Cher: [as the Snake] Does Eddie Haskell love the Beaver?

Cher: [as Eve] Hey Adam! They told me you look like Redford, dance like Travolta, and swing like King Kong.

Lucille Ball: [as the Cleaning Lady] By the way don't bother catching a lizard because you don't need a footman these days. It's gauche. Very gauche.

Cher: [to camera] I wish I was the crying type. I'd be a lot happier right now.

Cher: I don't know what to believe anymore.

Lucille Ball: [as the Sign Painter] Faith can move mountains!

Lucille Ball: [as the Cleaning Lady] But can it open doors?

Cher: [after wishing herself home] Nothing happened! You're no wizard!

Elliott Gould: [as the Sign Painter] And you're no Judy Garland!