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  • cindyaa20717 October 2015
    Dr. Phil is the most deplorable person on television. He exploits people's mental illnesses, addictions and problems for the entertainment of his millions of viewers. He occasionally offers real outside counseling to some of his guests, but not others. I recently watched the show (for the last time) and he had a very troubled woman on as his guest. He did nothing more for her than make sarcastic comments while looking into the camera and trying to elicit laughter from the audience. This woman was clearly emotionally, mentally and intellectually challenged and he had her on for nothing more than a freak show. He is a charlatan and a bottom feeder. What he does every day on his show is at best unethical, but most certainly immoral.
  • I abhor Dr. Phil. I find absolutely no redeeming quality in his show or in the man himself. He has supporters or he would not be on TV, but those who sing his praises have not been flagrantly displayed and humiliated on his show. I feel terrible for those poor people who somehow were duped into thinking he was going to help them, only to be harangued and abused by the "Doctor". It is painful to watch. No one with an ounce of compassion or decency would do what he does to those who are seeking help.

    I have caught his show on the fly many times in the years that it has been on. Certain pitiful participants tug at my heart and I wish that I had the money to get them some real, professional help. Unfortunately, Dr. Phil ruins the entire episode with his loud, aggressive tactics and his smarmy, high-handed manner. He is not helping these people! He is using and abusing them.

    As far as his "Texas charm" is concerned- I am from Texas, too, and I wouldn't treat my worst enemy the way this man treats his "guests". He gives Texans an even blacker eye than we already have. He is an embarrassment. This is not down home humor and good, plain speaking. This is bullying in its crassest form and I cannot, will not, tolerate it.

    As for the gentleman reviewer who thinks that Dr. Phil is biased for women... Really? You think that? Well, I don't. Dr. Phil is a sexist pig. He is not for women or men... or children, for that matter. He is only interested in furthering himself and his annoying family. Read between the lines, people! Can't you see it? Don't just slip into a TV coma, nodding your head like the rest of the sheeple, bleating the PC drivel that Dr. Phil regurgitates on a regular basis.

    If I happen to get "caught" while flipping through channels, I am always able to make the break to freedom the minute his homely mug takes the screen hostage. He makes it easy to zap the channel, since I am nauseated by the very sight of him... without fail.
  • I use to really like this show and make time out of my day to watch it, but they lost me over a year ago.

    It just became too repetitive and predictable. 45 minutes laying out a dysfunction, a minute satisfying the audience with a few words undermining the nemesis and then a free trip to a fix-it farm.

    On and on it goes to where all the problems bleed into one repetitive array of voyeurism about lives that are too negative to be of interest or true business of my own.

    Beauty products and makeup sales along with the latest must have book tuck neatly into time slots to satisfy the entranced fan.

    Phil has value, just a very tired and worn out format and show.
  • How many times can one milk a subject. It has been done over and over again. Enough already ! It is now all about the money, nothing is serious enough to support this anymore. Get on with your lives and let it rest. It is on repeat. There's no new topics and he agrees with the majority all the time. No surprise there !! Get a life !
  • coldenlamb30 March 2020
    This man is screwed in the head to be broadcasting and exploit people who some clearly have mental illness and problems. It's sickening people think this a good show. Don't recommend this show to anyone
  • Dr. Phil gets 2 stars. 1 for actually taking up important issues and creating awareness and 1 for being entertaining - sometimes.

    This is not the show to watch if you want a serious "(self) help" show. Dr. Phil is in your face and confrontational, which is sometimes funny, but you never doubt just whose side he is on in any given case - and you never doubt that the other part in the case is a horrible and guilty person. There are no shades of gray on Dr. Phil's show - which is strange, as the man has an education in psychology.

    However, Dr. Phil may actually prove harmful sometimes. As it often is with media, he simply holds too much sway over people - he gives an opinion and millions of viewers cry out in agreement without the hassle of researching the subject. Not only harmful to the individuals, that Dr. Phil targets, it seems to also help undermine people's trust in actual authority, like the law (which, by no means is perfect or anywhere near that, but it is still a harmful influence that really doesn't help as it is often without real substance, just full of emotions).

    Watch it if you like sob stories going no where, villains and judgment, or if you, like me, are a psychology student who is very interested in seeing the "acclaimed" Dr. Phil's verdicts and in making your own.

    Funny note: Try to notice how many times Dr. Phil gives out-right professional advice as in "You have to do this/ you should do this...". None. Why? Because he's not a licensed psychologist any more, meaning that he CAN'T do it - it's against the law. All he can do is offer "good ideas" or layman's advice.
  • Sometimes Dr. Phil finds a subject that was never up for discussion. Well if you are looking for a needle in a haystack. And he is absolutely good at his "one-liners" in his shows. Sometimes it feels like a rerun, but then one notice that the stage is different and the people saying their lines different. It is "troubled teens", People getting ripped off by fake people. I think a show called "Catfish" has that on the show. Gullible old people. I think it is time to find a new topic. Or is that just NOT POSSIBLE ! What is not possible is to rate Dr Phil Show more than "2" (two). Promotes his own books and his wife's project a.s.o. It has become a commercial promotion program for products. And it is the same ones all the time. Time to close shop, OK !?

    Saw some shows that triggered me to raise my rating from 1 to 2.
  • bdbj7713 February 2020
    A dry story with cosmetic ads. I don't think he can offer real psychological advice since he doesn't have a license to practice.
  • For a long time, I was actually a defender of Dr. Phil. I thought he focused on solid issues and always made sure his guests received quality follow up support.

    But he's now obsessed with this Dr. Frank Lawless, whose PNP Center consistently gets low reviews on Yelp, with people complaining they spent ten grand for literally nothing, and they go there based upon Dr Phil recommendation. It's BS science.

    And what's with the shameless self-plugging of his wife's cosmetics (under the guise of fighting domestic violence...ugh), his son's publishing company, or of his books (now published by son, 'natch).

    The final straw was Phil's appearance on Fox News on the Laura Ingraham show giving opinions about Covid before he educated himself about the virus. Not only were his facts dead wrong, but his apology later was half assed, of the "I'm sorry if you didn't like what I said" variety. Not exactly a meal culpa, which at least Dr. Drew gave.

    Also, what is Phil thinking appearing on such a divisive network, and with a host who is the fringe of right wing? Pretty sure his right wing fans wouldn't want to see him on an MSNBC pundit's show. Phil has always been great at keeping his politics private, but I guess that's over. Laura Ingraham Phil? You do realize you may have lost half your viewers with that.

    I'm not looking for arguments about Ingraham. I'm pointing out that this was a careless act when your viewers are from both sides AND his facts were grotesquely in error.

    The ads were already turning my stomach. Revealing his politics has turned nausea into vomit.
  • kfizer20 September 2016
    I watched 2 days of Burke's interview plus those with the father. They were treated with kid gloves, no harsh questions. Also watched the experts reconstruct and go over every piece of evidence concerning the murder along with the interviews with a young Burke. Dr. Phil saw no problems with those interviews, even though he is trained in forensics. The experts saw many problems with those interviews and after many tests and reconstructions came up with Burke being angry with her for eating his pineapple and hitting her in the head with a flashlight, then poking her with train tracks which left no blood because she was already dead. Then the parents obviously covered the whole thing up. Burke was heard on the 911 call and they all denied it. He was resentful of his sister and the time mom spent with her as evidenced by his tantrums. The smiling on his interview which Dr. Phil says is anxiety, really? Maybe because he got away with murder. He was under the age of 10 so couldn't be charged anyway in that state. I will never watch Dr. Phil again. I have no respect for him.
  • It's frightening to think someone may take the 'advice' that this quack dispenses seriously ~ and its positively shameful how he exploits individuals strictly for ratings.

    To make matters worse, the salacious stories he puts on the show simply serve as an intro to him hawking something from his family every single day. Usually it's his own company 'Dr. on Demand', his wife Robin's make-up line, his son Jay's publishing company (which is 'conveniently' behind any book featured on the show), or his other son Jordan's music CD's.

    The advice Dr. Phil offers is nothing short of dangerous. On a recent episode that featured a VERY disturbed little girl, Phil advised the parents to take a different approach with her ~ where they would 'notice a big difference in a very short period of time'. However, when guest doctor Frank Lawless of the P & P Center suggested it might be a frontal lobe issue, Dr. Phil immediately cut him off and recommended his 'Dr. on Demand' app instead. Simply shameful

    This charlatan needs to be taken off the air before he really hurts somebody.
  • Black and Blue: race relations. Appalling. Irresponsible. Fed the problem.

    If you are going to have a show on this topic, give both sides voice time.

    Meanwhile, educate yourself outside of your grounded opinion. Start with reading Liberalism by Burgess Owens and Cop Under Fire by sheriff David Clark. Both authors from the black community that are actually trying to make a positive impact on race relations by telling the truth and setting the record straight!!!
  • Therapy? I don't think so. All I see is a guy who likes to yell at his guests. I sure as heck ain't gonna pay a therapist for that kind of treatment so why are the networks paying for this kind of show. I was raised to believe that when a person is yelling at you - just walk away. Dr. Phil may understand psychology but he sure don't know how to treat others well. He likes to belittle others by calling them "a loser", and "you're worthless". Maybe this is for ratings but if I'm going to buy therapy it won't be from someone who puts me down.
  • I have to add my proverbial "2-cents" to the comments here.

    I find this guy phony, overbearing, obnoxious, and "ANNOYING" -- in all caps).

    Pauly Shore, Bob Sagett, Ellen Degeneres, all rate 9-1/2 or higher on my annoying list -- but this guy is a "solid 10."

    Pretentious, arrogant, condescending, pedestrian -- he's got it all. Plus, from what one reads, in terms of actions towards female members of his staff, and overall treatment of those working on his show -- this true persona is very much at-odds with the on-screen image he strives to project.

    This is just another mediocre show which we have to bear with all the channels today, and all the airtime to fill.
  • Almost always shows women at their worst. Mostly, the shows depict women arguing with and being combative with each other after being told by producers before the show begins not to hold anything back, and "Dr." Phil mocks the women while seeming to enjoy doing it. He tears them down then attempts to build them back up as the show progresses-or more accurately regresses! Mothers write in about their sons desperate for help with them, I'm sure, but the team chooses families with daughters behaving badly and Dr Phil saying he doesn't blame anyone for the bad behavior while simultaneously chastising their mothers. It's way obvious the bias against women in this sad "talk" show. Watch and see for yourself or On second thought, DON't watch it.
  • This is just a more polite version of Jerry Springer with his wife hawking her beauty products
  • This show stirs up a lot of negative emotions within me for Dr. Phil,

    but mostly its embarrassment in general. I am embarrassed for

    adults that need to come on his show and listen to him load spout

    stuff that is already common knowledge. Embarrassed at myself

    for flipping through the channels and stopping on him for just a

    few minutes to give him the time of day. What a big mistake.

    Can't people just talk things out without having this mentally-challenged pretentious, "doctor" telling them what's ok?

    The saddest thing of all is it seems like most of his guests are

    extremely well-off, intelligent people who can work their own

    problems out through time. I sincerely wish they wouldn't waste

    their time on his show. I even feel like I'm wasting my time now,

    but I had to balance out the gushing reviews for this man.

    If you're in a really good mood and you feel like diminishing it,

    watch Dr. Phil. He's useless, pretentious, and boring. "Dr. Drew"

    would be a much better show.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    This show essentially takes the newspaper advice columns and bring them to live on TV. Almost every show we have the victim(s) of a terrible human drama bring their problems to Phil for answers. Then Dr. Phil puts a home spun type of forum to it and suggests how he can help.

    Harpo Productions (Oprah) is the boss we owe this too. It is talk show format, and is a laid back version of human complications being presented on a static stage with emotional out bursts. Sometimes we get a special guest during sweeps to do Star Burst and promote their egos. I fully expect Taylor Swift will get a shot at this one after the groping case gets out of court.

    Meanwhile, a synopsis of everything goes, "Help me, I just had a nightmare about my problems and somehow visited an English teacher who gave me advice in French that I love to hate and I still can't sleep at night after getting a root canal on my grammar."

    The thing is, Phil has some of the same eccentric problems as his guests so in a simple way, he can always relate to them on a basic level. His personality and that level are the reasons for this shows success. There is harm in these victims lives. Phil tries to sincerely address that harm.

    Of course perhaps the thing to watch it for is the train wrecks of life presented without Jerry Springer's Final Word, or Maury's DNA test. Yes, Phil, you are the father, and sometimes, yes, you do get the final word at the end of your show.
  • On the hit show Dr. Phil, popular with US women but disliked by men, the woman's side is always taken. The bias is unmistakable, and understandable since their target audience is predominantly feminist females. But even worse, for some reason, they always bring on stupid men rather than intelligent ones, to use as punching bags for Dr. Phil and his feminist politically correct audience. For instance, when Dr. Phil does relationship counseling for couples, he usually lectures the male partner on what he's doing wrong, who in turn is incapable of defending himself. Instead, the stupid male guinea pig can only say regarding his alleged insensitive behavior "That's just the way I am. I can't help it." which provides a perfect target for Dr. Phil's preaching to the choir about how men "just don't get it". Obviously the show is screened and rigged this way to appease its female audience. For instance, they would never bring on someone like me who might out-debate Dr. Phil and make him look bad. This all perpetuates the feminist stereotype that men are stupid and wrong, and need to be educated, while women are innocent victims who can do no wrong.
  • eightysrock10 April 2019
    He is no better than the people he interviews. He has his own dark side
  • bcrd50028 April 2013
    Dr. Phil would be a better program if the following happened:

    1. Tie up loose ends of stories. This really becomes an issue when show attempts to do two stories in one show.

    2. His constant statement that everything is done for the well-being of the children. He makes this point numerous times during most stories and viewers get his position.

    3. The show needs to have a season-ending show that updates some of the more interesting stories, of the season.

    4. Remove his wife from the audience and the show. There is no apparent reason, for her presence, except to make her happy. The few shows that she has been a small part of the show brought nothing to the story.
  • Like Oprah Winfrey has anything ever been accomplished by this show? All it amounts to is this guy saying to people `You need to do this' or `You need to do that' Anyone can tell someone else that. So what makes this guy so special? Don't waste your time on this show or on the show that spawned it `Oprah Winfrey'
  • The world would be a much better place without dr phil's phony "psychology". he bullies people on this show and exasperates their problems further, his goal is not aiding them. his goal is the spectacle. what a fraud this guy is to have such a platform for so long a time
  • Agent_Iris25 November 2020
    "Dr." Phil McGraw is the equivalent of a snake oil salesman who peddles his wares to a bunch of marks and then absconds to the next town before they realize how much of a fraud he really is.
  • Dr. Phil got his start after his run after his stint with the Purple Oprah.

    He does his work as entertainment. People with silly problems go on his show looking for help. He talks to them and they talk back. Yeah, it's boring.

    Boring problems on a boring show.

    Dr. Phil is a good host but his show and his work still bores me.

    I assume some episodes are altered for entertainment purposes (Actors, scripted the etc.) Then again Americans are known for big problems.

    Verdict: Phil bring his work to TV. Its not fun.
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