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  • The program focuses on a deaf cop who solves crimes in a FBI task force. The show is a crime drama but the show also deals with the disability the main character has and how she deals with it each day. This appraoch is unusual in broadcast tv and makes for the unusual appeal of this program. SUE THOMAS is a good show; it's a good crime drama and drama period.
  • This programme is fantastic i love it! It teaches everyone that despite physical set backs you can do anything you set your mind to. Sue Thomas is an amazing woman, that many people should look to as a role model, particularly if they themselves have a disability. Its a truly inspirational story, that is well written and well acted, especially by Deanne Bray a deaf actress who is also an amazing role model for people with a disability by overcoming her limitations and becoming a fantastic actress and a science/maths teacher for deaf students. Sue Thomas:FBEye is warmly received and enjoyed by all genders and ages. watch it if you haven't already!
  • We met Sue Thomas in the early 1990's and for years, that encounter affected our lives. Sue was an inspiration to us and we thought of her often. When we first heard of this series, we were not sure what to expect, but quickly the beauty of the cast and writing captured our hearts.

    The actors are PERFECTLY cast, the writing is impeccable, and the story lines are fabulous. We never have seen a show with such consistent high quality writing. Deanne Bray captures Sue's qualities beautifully.

    This show is one of the all time classic shows that never should have been canceled. I only wish that more people would have seen it before it was unfairly canceled. We all cried at the last episode of this series (including my husband, who just does not get that involved with TV). We had felt like we were saying good bye to family members. This series was one of a kind.
  • You know of her through the TV series `Sue Thomas: F.B.Eye.' Now here is the rest you didn't know, and her story is sure to capture a place in your heart. When only 18 months, Sue suffered a total loss of hearing. Her parents determined to help her become part of the `hearing world,' so they enrolled her in a special school where she learned to speak and read lips. At age seven, Sue became the youngest ever Ohio State Champion free-style skater. Later she took up trumpet and piano and became an accomplished classical pianist. Sue's parents taught her that with God's help, she could accomplish anything.

    After college and graduate school, Sue was hired by the FBI. Her outstanding ability to read lips led to work in undercover surveillance as dramatized in the popular television series , `Sue Thomas: F.B.Eye.' Sue's role is played by Deanne Bray, who is also a deaf woman.

    Despite her success with the FBI, Sue felt something still was missing. Following further graduate studies, she had a burning desire to proclaim the love and forgiveness of God, which she does as a speaker nationally before civic, professional and church groups. She is interviewed regularly on television and radio. She has also authored her best selling autobiography, `Silent Night.' When not on the road speaking, Sue lives in Ohio with her golden retriever.

    But Sue's amazing story does not end there. She has been diagnosed with the debilitating illness Multiple Sclerosis that affects her mobility and vision. Yet she meets this challenge head-on as she has every other obstacle. In this program, Sue tells how God helped her overcome daunting obstacles to share her message of hope and inspiration with others.
  • I love this show and I think it is way better than any of the CSI shows. I think that it has better stories and the characters have more depth and there is more meaning in the character's relationships with each other. Sue is a genuinely kind character and it shows in her work and in her encounters with people. I am, however, getting frustrated because it's so obvious that her and Jack like each other so I wish that they would just hook up. I also like the fact that there is a good balance between the seriousness of their line of work and comedy relief in their need to be human and laugh. I also have to say that Sue's dog is so cute!!!!!!!!!!
  • Warning: Spoilers it's time to reflect on what the series has meant to its fans. This show truly has something for everyone. For the deaf, Sue Thomas has been someone to identify with--and about ten percent of the episodes have dealt squarely with Sue's deafness, how she works around it in her dealings with "the hearing world," and how she can work effectively with deaf witnesses and even a deaf suspect. (The episode in which Sue takes her hearing roommate to a deaf club is one of my favorites, and I'm a hearing man!) For all you dog lovers out there, Levi has warmed a lot of hearts, I'm sure--like the time that Levi, under the influence of the wrong medicine, first used SA Leland's leg as a lamppost (ROFL!) and then got lost in the city. And for people interested in good crime drama--or hard-hitting treatment of controversial subjects like international terrorism--the show had that, too.

    Unfortunately, the show will now fall victim to one of the hallmarks of its own success, which is the diversity of its fan base. From my personal observation, the fans of the show now seem unable to lay aside some of the differences that divide them--often bitterly, especially that old divide between the deaf and the hearing--long enough to develop a coherent strategy to save their show from the near-oblivion of syndication in obscure markets and even more obscure time slots. If that is what will happen to this show, I, for one, will deeply mourn its passing--and I will also mourn the loss of a common point-of-reference that, while it was on, allowed the deaf and the hearing to have a reason to talk with one another. (To reply to one persistent sore point with the deaf fans of this show, maybe the producers emphasized a little too much the inter-office romance between the title character and SA Jack Hudson. We all know that the real Sue Thomas did not have any such entanglement, and indeed did not stay in the FBI long enough for any such thing to develop. And maybe the show could have had more episodes in which the title character's deafness was central to the plot--and not just shows in which she uses her special skills during surveillance, interviews a deaf witness or suspect, etc. That said, any show with a team of regulars needs to focus occasionally on various members of the team, not just the title character. Furthermore, any show needs a diverse pool of script ideas, or it will die very quickly.)

    I understand that Gary and Dave Alan Johnson, the producers, are trying hard to find another venue to allow them to continue to produce new episodes. I wish them every success. But if they fail, I would hope that they could try again. They are two of the finest producers that this industry has known at least since Desi Arnaz--and probably since Marconi first built his original prototype television receiver, before the Depression delayed the introduction of television to the mass market. More importantly, I would hope that new friendships that might have developed between the deaf and the hearing because of this show, do not dissolve when the show is no more.

    PS: I can understand the hostility that the deaf often feel toward the hearing. Of all the handicaps that a child might get teased about, deafness is second only to dyslexia in the unmerciful quality of such hazing. If the Johnson Brothers do manage to get another lease on this show, then they ought to do more scripts showing Sue Thomas reaching out to deaf people who have had their feelings hurt just this way--and not necessarily as part of FBI "business," either. I'm sure the real Sue Thomas would definitely approve.
  • Sue Thomas F.B.Eye is a great show. I watch Sue Thomas all the time and I can't get enough of it and I love it! There a great story line and the relationship between Jack Hudson and Sue Thomas makes the show more interesting and I can't forget about the cute GoldenRetiver "Levi" who is a great aspect to the show. The cases are great and the way Sue can read lips is a very cool talent. I hope they keep on making more episodes and that Jack and Sue end up together because you know it was meant to be. It seems that the F.B.I agents get along great and they seem to have a good connection because on the show, when one agent is down the other agents have that persons back. The cast they picked for the show is great I don't think you can have a better group of actors working together.
  • mum-611 November 2002
    I like this show because it teaches watchers lessons about those people who are handicapped. This teaches them that, even if you're handicapped, you can do anything that you put your mind to. Deanne Bray acts out the part of Sue Thomas. Deanne Bray is a deaf actress, and I like her acting. Because she is deaf she helps the image of Sue Thomas. And this makes the show really good. All the other actors and actresses act really well also. They are very convincing just like Deanne Bray is. This is indeed a very good show!
  • I have only started watching this show in the last month, but, now place it among my top five favorite shows of all-time. The reasons are:1) that it's based on facts, as are the story lines used in the show. 2) The main character is played by a deaf person, which makes the show believable. 3) Each show has a good message for all to see. 4) all the actors do a good job, and the chemistry of the cast works well.

    I would recommend "Sue Thomas F.B. Eye to anybody. I wish Hollywierd (oops Hollywood) would get a clue, that people actually want to watch shows that have a good message and that are about the overall good of at least some people. It is a shame that Hollywood continues to promote ideals that do not line up with what the majority of people feel and think.
  • Sue Thomas FBEye is a fascinating show for several reasons: It's FBI drama. (That's always fascinating.) It's got a team setting with often humorous character interaction. It's got a female lead character with special abilities based neither in science fiction nor plastic surgery. ASL is an awesome and complex language. To be able to effectively use it on TV so that hearing viewers can relate to what's going on is a great achievement. Based on real life stories, the female lead seems like a nice lady who'd make a great friend to anybody. There's a hearing-ear dog! (I'm no Lassie fan, but I like Levi.) Great show! Can't wait for the DVD!
  • Sue Thomas FB eye is probably the most political correct show that I ever watched. It's about a deaf woman ( Deanna Bray ) trying to stand ground in a position within the FBI. But luckily for her, her co-workers are all sympathetic and heartwarming people. Even ''einzelganger'' Myles Leland the third ( Ted Atherton ) is someone who she can rely on if something really bad happens to her.

    The sappy sentimentalism starts with the rather corny title sequence with a happy song about friendship. And the story lines aren't any different. It's all filled with sappy subjects in which Sue Thomas discovers the true meaning of friendship. Even when her dog is lying in the hospital, her friends are there to give some support to her. Aw, isn't that cute!

    I'm a cold cynical bastard, but for some reason I could enjoy this show. I accepted its sappy atmosphere and actually enjoyed the heartwarming interaction between Sue Thomas and her co-workers. Maybe it's because these kind of shows are becoming very rare amongst the aggressive and sexually tensed shows as CSI, Law and Order and Cold Case.
  • sambo211021 August 2005
    I like this show but wouldn't say it is better than CSI. It has good plots that are realistic in that the FBI actually does foil terrorist plots, solve murders etc. Deanne Bray actually appeared in CSI and i thought she was good in it. the dog Levi is beautiful. We all want to know when will Jack and Sue get together. they make such a cute couple. she has a genuine, kind nature about her that makes her good with people. It is also good to know that even though it has a serious side. They do have a sense of humour. Otherwise people in that line of work seem to have a breakdown because of all the stuff they see. These people have a hard job so it is also good to see what they do inside the FBI.
  • Kirpianuscus27 October 2017
    a crime series. different. for the special lead character. but, in same measure, for the cast. because the humor is mixed with a realistic perspective about vulnerabilities and courage and expectations and status of a lady in a circle of men. and, sure, the memories about a cowboy series who gives good name to Yannick Bisson is another good point. so, a nice series, more precise, real nice. not only for fans of crime genre.
  • Vincentiu22 August 2014
    it is a different series. for the inspired connection between story and acting. for humor and the cases. for something who can be defined as its aura. same ingredients : FBI agents, personal dramas and victories of good guys, interesting performance, a smart dog and a special lady. and that is the basis. for a real great team who has as star Deanna Bray. the root - a true story but that fact represents only a detail. maybe because the presence of Ted Atherton and Yannick Bisson reminds Nothing too good for a cowboy. or for the soft atmosphere who gives a special note to story. for the rare science to do a realistic story about people and not only about a job. and for the title - an I could be always more than part from a respected institution initials.
  • cal112hmb16 October 2009
    First off, let me just say that comparing this to other police/FBI dramas is not the right thing to do, although at first glance they appear to be in the same category as Sue Thomas: F.B.Eye. While this does deal with the true story of Sue Thomas and her admission into the FBI, the show takes time to shine the spotlight on Sue's difficulties adjusting to her new life and co-workers as much as it does following them on cases.

    As far as a crime drama, this show is about average. However, you should really look at it as a biography of her life and dealing with her disability first. Since they do deal with that topic a lot, there are certain episodes where the writers tend to spell everything out for you in one scene rather than showing us what is going on so they can fit everything in that they want to. Unfortunately when they do that, the story suffers because of it and makes it seem like they are catering to grade school children rather than adults. However, the pacing is okay in most episodes, and it is rarely a big deal.

    The actors are pretty top notch, especially Deanne Bray, whom I first discovered while watching Heroes. She shows her emotions better than most, probably because she has had to deal with a lot of roles that had little to no dialog. In this role, she actually has a TON of dialog, and I am always impressed by how well she can read lips and return conversation while hearing almost nothing. That must have taken years to get good at, and is pretty inspiring to say the least (much like the real Sue Thomas). The supporting cast, including her best friend and love interest, have great on-screen chemistry together. This is a bit surprising since I normally only see that with the main characters, but everybody on this show looks like they could be friends in real life.

    All in all, it's a great family show if you are looking for a drama with little to no violence. Check it out on Animal Planet when it starts to syndicate; they picked it up because of Sue's dog Levi having a big role in the show. Levi is awesome, by the way. If you want to see a dog that can interpret sign language (and really, who DOESN'T want to see that???), then give this show a try.
  • glorioreo20 March 2018
    I just watched all three seasons and was sorry when it came to an end. I loved the actors and their characters (and the dog too) and how they all interacted with each other. The story lines were quite good with just the right amount of seriousness and humor, although there were times when I thought the writers stretched credibility just a tad. But that didn't ruin the show for me one bit. And, without giving anything away, I loved the cameo in the last episode of Season 1 and Season 3. Brilliant idea. If you like shows with heart, you should try this one. I wish there had been more seasons.
  • io_mann4 August 2008
    When watching this show you are not quite sure whether it is the story or the acting that is more annoying. First of all, the storyline of each episode is very predictable, the writers must have used every cliché possible, you can guess not only the general plot, but the arrangement of the scenes and also the lines of each character, making the show some sort of a collage of every police series out there. On the top of it all comes the "message" of the show, that the good are good and the bad are bad and that at the end of the day the good shall prevail and that we should all love each other, be better man and better citizens, all done in the most ostensible manner. The actors, as the vehicles of this message and nothing more than that, will use a limited set of acting skills: the "I am a good carrying person" smile, the concerned look and the "victory is ours" body posture, while the bad guys have the "I'm a bad one" frowning and the "you caught me" look, followed by the "I'm good for nothing and I should be removed from society" head banding (this kind of also sums up the general development of each show). True story or not, the show is garbage, yet another proof that producers don't give a s**t about viewers, that we are all thought to be idiots. Well this series makes every possible attempt to idiotize the living brains out of you.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    Although this seems to be quite an old show (2002), I watched my first ever episode last night and I have to say it has to be the worst show . . . ever.

    I am not one for placing comments but I was so shocked that a show could exist that blatantly tries to pander to, and I am only assuming that this was their target audience, children under 12 years old or people with a less than average IQ.

    The episode I was subjected to last night contained so many disjointed story lines, tried to include EVERY possible plot summary imaginable and all the while trying to preach about friendship, family, religion and politics !!!.

    Basic story that they covered in the episode: Frat House hazing gone wrong wrong with too much alcohol - Death Turns out to be Senators son who wants FBI to investigate. Death is actually murder by peanut allergy Senator thinks it could be his sworn enemy and childhood best friend who did this because Senator was taking money for his votes for legislation but eventually got a conscience and said 'no' to mean mulit millionaire. Everybody a suspect but all have the usual alibi (ex-girlfriend student shagging a married teacher so had to lie, disgruntled student who was reported by victim actually had life changing experience, Senators enemy did not pay desperate student to kill sworn enemies son, he gives money freely to lots of broke students). All the while the heroine of this dribble has her niece staying who is 'at that age' and has a crush on a boy, who she eventually gets the courage to talk to with the assistance of her aunty, but only to dump him because the 'in' girls says he is not good enough and so to keep in with them she dumps him. Don't worry, she gets back with boy after she learns the truth about life and the 'in' girls drop her, Aunty also explains that God is the only one who truly she can rely on (I was almost sick at this point).

    This 'drama' gets even better when Sue and her FBI team find out who the killer is . . . your gonna laugh at this, i sure did . . .

    It is one of the Frat boys who only a year ago found out he was adopted and that his real dad is an International terrorist and he is trying to impressive real daddy by killing boy and planting bomb at funeral . . . . . . .

    The characters are cardboard the acting is cardboard the continuity is cardboard the story is cardboard Anybody who says that they love this show has cardboard for a brain

    Why the writers of this show have tried to pack in EVERY eventuality into the one show means that they obviously have no faith in the character development or actors capability to carry off a simple plot line. Watching this show is like watching 'Last Action Hero' with Arnie killing 5'000 people with a tooth pick, except Arnie is a better actor (wow, never thought there would be a day that i would say that !!)

    In the words of the Simpsons beloved character 'comic book guy' . . . .

    WORST TV SHOW . . . . . EVER.
  • I would like to say that Sue Thomas F.B.Eye is one of the most enjoyable program's on TV, terrific actors and cant forget Levi who I fact I love the whole cast, they work so beautifully together!.

    Why did it ever have to end :( did Sue and Jack ever get married? I so hope it would turn out that way ... Is there any chance of Sue Thomas F.B.Eye returning? It's a pleasure to watch this without any fear of being offended as the story lines are well written and the story does not go over the top, but what it has going for it more then any others, are the wit and humour between everyone, yes, including Levi .

    Good luck to all on that amazing program .
  • I love the story, it shows good religion and has a point behind it. I think it could end different but it's happy, which is what counts. Like someone else said I REALLY hope they are making more upsides and that Jack and Sue get together even if I don't know whether or not she is or was ever married in real life (but I hope so she's to cool to be alone)I know 80% of it is real as I read in an interview with the real Sue Thomas but what I would like to know is if the relationship is real and if they got together her in real life (not telling about the show). It never said she was married but she might be keeping that in her private life (I really don't know much about her). I know I could read her biography, and I love to read. I just don't like to read long biographies a short page or two is OK but a whole book doesn't sound fun (who knows if I read it, it could be the best book I ever read). If anyone knows I would love to here about the real story and (if he exist) about her relationship with the real Jack Hudson. (I'm kinda a romanticist and like to see romantic endings with character couples I like, especially if it's true in real life for them people the character are based on). I also know that there are real "Jack Hudson"s out there even if Jack is just the name they go by (and not they're real name). There is a Professor Jack Hudson and a Air Force Officer Nickname "Jack" Hudson, but if either had anything to do with the real Sue in the F.B.I. I don't know. (Smile) the many things you find looking up pictures to see if people are real, click follow to source and read. I learn a lot about actors in my favorite shows that way (well not a lot but a good bit like and idea as to their real personality compared to that of the character they portray). If the character is good and the actor is a lot like the character or the character I think of them and the show a lot better than if my favorite character is a good Christian and a weird person nothing like the character he/she looses some face if you ask me. They also gain face if they're like the character because if I'm watching with my family I can say they're really like that in real life. (I'm a rambler when it comes to my favorite shows, sorry for such a long comment).
  • Warning: Spoilers
    I think the show is aimed for the younger group of viewers (late teens, maybe early twenties). Brains go on hold for this one.

    The premise it takes place in DC is ludicrous. Names, places, streets are mythical.

    Character are stock people and reality is left at the door. And I do not like "religion" brought into it.

    POSSIBLE SPOILER ALERT In one episode, the suspect was mentally slow and they grilled him unmercifully to get a confession, which would have been thrown out of any court since he asked for his sister and they refused. No lawyer present anywhere. They got Sue to get a confession out of him which he recanted. Had he really been the killer, he would be walking through all those errors. And Sue was kind of slow to respond to her being used for political purposes.


    But Levi steals the show. I love Goldens and the opening where he jumps in the tub is too cute for words.

    Strictly for the teenybopper set.
  • ukbambi14 April 2015
    Tacky, sentimental, overly religious cheese fest! How this managed to get the go ahead from the pilot episodes is beyond me. Even at Christmas when the TV is flooded with unheard of, awfully acted cheesy films have I have never had the misfortune of being as bored to tears as this.

    The review rules state it needs to be at least a certain number of lines long however I am struggling to think of other ways to say utterly cringeworthy!

    I am a dog lover and even levi didn't help pass the dreadful minutes! And the candy shop speech! OH PLEASE...
  • I wish that this series produces new episodes, new seasons! This series is so good, and I am really sad that it is stopped(arrested)! Many spectators like this series, and we want that she(it) continues! When we look at this series, it makes us the good(property), the love story between Jack and Sue is so evident, when we want to know absolutely the continuation(suite)! I am really disappointed that the series ends like that. I am maybe made too much hope, but I hope that the actors and the producer (s) of this series will see my message and will continue this series! I insist, even if it is not easy, many persons in the world believe in the series including in you! I wait for the answer as quickly as possible! Thank you.
  • this was one of THEE Greatest, GR888est, series of all time ...

    I never understand when a network has classy, BELIEVABLE characters and TRUE to life plots, based on a True person, played by an authentic actress ...

    WHY DO Networks, OR sponsors, OR any of the powers that be LET THIS KIND OF SHOW just go away !!!

    I miss it terribly AND very glad I have most of the episodes on DVD...

    But really would like to see One more Great episode in the form of a Case AND Jack & Sue getting married !!!!!

    I wish, I wish, But ....

    Thanks for allowing me my written words of PRAISE for Show "Sue Thomas, FBEye
  • terrycashin17 November 2006
    Rarely do we get a detective series on TV that does not follow the stale old formula; murder/car chase/punch up/tough cop wins again! Boring! Unfortunately, Hollywood, etc. churns out this drivel endlessly. Sue Thomas was different. It had characters that you cared about--even the one or two you didn't like. The story line could quite easily have become repetitive--Sue reads lips and solves the crime. Instead the writers created interesting and enthralling stories that brought us back week after week.

    I suspect that the lack of viewers had much to do with the title. "Sue Thomas" does not shout crime/detective/mystery. And the "F.B. Eye" made no sense at all. Sue was deaf! Not blind! Bottom line is that anyone searching the TV listings for a good cop show would probably pass this one by. We did! We didn't discover it until the show was cancelled!