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  • Warning: Spoilers
    I thought it was OK. It could have been better but then again he always was better with a script than without. Did anyone notice how a lot of the things he said in his act about Africa was ripped from Richard Pryor's Live On The Sunset Strip? I know Jamie went to Africa to film Ali and everything but some of his Africa routine seemed like a copy of what Richard did originally (about the lions, the stink, etc). The jokes weren't all funny. Some were though. He definitely used his art of imitating celebs and voices to help out this show. Some of the stuff like the celebs he was making fun of was exaggerations but it worked for some of the jokes. It could have used more IMO. I thought he overdid the whole Talibam-Taliwhacker, etc thing though. You could tell his act was not quite as over as other comedians like Rock, Chappelle, etc. Then again that's their forte and they're good at it. This just wasn't Jamie's. I guess he was just trying to do a little too much with his talents. He should stick to acting. That's his thing. Hey, he did win an Oscar and rightfully so.
  • This special appears on cable from time to time and I really wonder when standup's became story teller's? There is not one joke on this special. Not one one-liner would have appeared on Letterman or Leno or ... Not one thing he says is poetic, like one reviewer previously mentioned, and if his performance were to be transcribed, it would be in no way, shape or form, be legible. Luckily, Foxx is enthusiastic, the reason acting gigs keep popping up. He finds his material funny and his smiles translate to audience smiles. His amicability hides many of his shortcomings in regards to old jokes or no jokes at all. Still, it's only shown late at night and if you enjoy falling asleep to a Foxx talking about Africa, this might be for you.
  • bbonacci-116 December 2012
    I must be a constipated moron according to a previous poster. I didn't find this very funny. I am no stranger to this type of humor and I am a HUGE fan of Jamie Foxx when he was on In Living Color. My rules of humor are this. No Rules! I was not offended by anything he said, I just think it wasn't all that funny. I watched this long before Whitney Houston's death and I really don't give a crap about her and didn't like her music, so what I am about to say has nothing to do with being offended for Whitney. That "crackish" thing was lame the first time he said it and then when he got the audience to start repeating it, I cringed. I give it 3 stars.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    *Does contain some small spoilers* Overall an 8.5 IMO. With the exception of the drawn-out bit about LL.Cool.J and a couple other jokes, the routine was pure fire from start to finish. I really think most people didn't understand Jamie's humor or missed a lot of the subtleties & nuances. Even his presence on the stage and his sheer talent from hilarious impersonations to playing the piano & singing make him a great entertainer. Granted his jokes are raw and definitely non-PC. If you're a conservative suburbanite in his/her 50's, you probably won't understand or enjoy this. Otherwise this is Jamie Foxx at his best. His style is naturally funny, his impersonations are on target and the jokes he comes up with are creative/crazy as hell!

    Highly recommended! I can never watch a movie or comedy routine more than once or twice and I've seen this at least 10 times!
  • progen11 February 2006
    If I were him, I'd have just gotten off the stage and run for cover after changing names. It's total crap. The audience was lovely and they were doing their best to continue laughing despite the poor jokes. Wonder who taught him to repeat the same thing again and again after it'd failed the first time. Did he think that the audience couldn't catch what he was saying? He should learn from the true greats like George Carlin or even Chris Rock. His fake accents were lousy too. Really tiring to watch and even more tiring to just listen to. Sure sounded like a talk show at times because the laughter was so sparse. Everyone was quiet and I guess the only reason they laughed was because it was someone famous on stage. This is one show you shouldn't waste your time on unless you're really really really into Jamie Foxx.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    Despite other user comments here, I cannot deny that JAMIE FOXX: I MIGHT NEED SECURITY was one of the funniest stand-up specials I have ever seen on HBO. I was rolling on the floor for the majority of this film and have found that after dozens of viewings, it still makes me laugh out loud. The stories he related regarding Al Pacino and LL Cool J on the set of ANY GIVEN Sunday were hysterical as well as his dissing of Jennifer Lopez and Mike Tyson. And I couldn't help but crack up when he explained that Whitney Houston wasn't a crackhead, just "crack-ish." Not to mention referring to Bobby Brown as the "King of Rocks and Blunts". His African Adventure and his story about Prince were also fall-on-the-floor funny. I don't care what other posters say, if you like stand-up comedy that doesn't pull any punches, this is one of the best.
  • skull_leaderf4i1 October 2002
    a riot
    First things first, this stand up act only applies to certain people, white people don't tend to get these kind of jokes/ humor. I'm not a big Jamie Foxx fan, but I found his stand up far more pleasing than his acting. The opening was a riot with the whole Whitney Houston, J-HO/ P.Diddy, and Michael Jackson bit. but I have to admit it did die down a little when he started to talk about Africa (it's like who cares about africa). But then he picked things up and closed it off well. One of the best parts was in the extra scenes (DVD) where he invited people to come up and sing with him. This wasn't the best stand up I've ever seen, but it was pretty good.
  • You could even see it in the faces of the audience. The faces whose expressions lied somewhere between a pitiful halfhearted grin and a yawn. The laughs are so few and far between its ridiculous. There can be no basis to defend this performance. I loved Jamie Foxx in Living Color and he's turning out to be a pretty fine actor and getting some good roles, but come on. Shamelessly plugging and basing jokes on all of his previous movies?? and making fun of the other actors in them, telling stories about their quirks? Showing off about supposedly 'making it' into the Hollywood inner circle? Supplanting the word f*ck, for every punchline? Whats worse is the handful of jokes that could have really been funny were drawn out way too long when they could have ended sooner. And naturally there's the ubiquitous obsession with smoking weed, for which no standup routine would be complete without. Some of the impressions were funny and he probably should played more of them for laughs, but overall Jamie does way better in situation comedies when he's not being 'himself'.
  • veestar61422 September 2002
    Jamie Foxx has forever presented himself as an unfunny comedian from his token turn in The Truth about Cats and Dogs to his now defunct sitcom, but with this HBO special, he has sunken to new lows. Starting off with terribly premature Taliban joke, (he constantly refers to the Taliban as Tenenbaum and other unneccesary things,)Foxx stands up to an audience that must have been regretting ever buying a ticket. This was the tip of the ice burg. Continuing with the stupid unnecessary jokes, Foxx goes on to explain his encounters with Jennifer Lopez's behind, his escapades at the Playboy Mansion, and a terrible bit about going to Africa, where he became aroused by a giraffe. His act is also quite homophobic, explaining that one only becomes gay after looking into Prince's eyes, cause he's so pretty. It would have been funnier to me if he had got up there and said, "I hate the Taliban, gays, and i love Jennifer Lopez's booty.", it would have made more sense.
  • zzoli13 January 2006
    Well today i had a "stand-up comedy" watching day, i've seen a couple, like 5 or 6, and this one was the worst one, I must say i'm a huge Eddie Izzard fan, i think he's the best stand up comedian (by far), but because i seen all of his shows, like a 100 times, now i'm checking out for other ones. I seen a few Jamie Foxx movies so i thought he's talented, so he must be good in stand up comedy as well, but i need to say i'm really disappointed, he's not only too "American" (in a bad way), but he's jokes are primitive, and too simple, and mainly just cursing, anyway if you like "tipical" American sense of humor, maybe you'll like this one as well, i would not recommend it anyway, try out Eddie Izzard, Lee Evans, or Robin Williams (but he has that "american side effect" in his jokes as well...but he's better)

    anyway 5/10 (being in good mood)
  • HILARIOUS!!! He's by far my favorite he's not getting' an extra star tho, because too much cursing. Not that it bothers me but he won't be getting anywhere with this. But I do love the way he uses them in the Punchlines. They're Essential. And Player can surely sing! Toared it Up!!! To all haters,I don't need to remind you'all about COLLATERAL, RAY, Miami VICE... Common men, one of the funniest sitcoms, certified & several times nominated best actor, and the singing with the Piano... Mastered to a high level!!! (I'm a vocal coach so I What I'm talking about) STOP THE HATE, APPRECIATE...... STOP THE HATE, APPRECIATE...... STOP THE HATE, APPRECIATE!!!
  • I bought the DVD without having seen any bits or shows of Jamie Foxx, and I was really surprised. After seeing Collateral and Any Given Sunday, I couldn't imagine this guy was a comedian. As it turns out, I was wrong.

    Jamie Foxx uses a lot of the standard issues (relationships, black people vs. white people, drugs, etc) in his show, but he also uses his previous films. He's gonna tell you about his "fight" with LL Cool J during 'Any Given Sunday', and he'll tell you stories about his trip to Africa during the filming of 'Ali'. I've seen quite some recent stand-up shows, and in all of them Michael Jackson is a huge topic. I was so relieved that Jamie Foxx only used his name in one sentence. Instead of going after Michael, he went after Prince for a change.

    The show is a must-see for fans of Richard Pryor, Eddie Murphy and Chris Rock. Just don't expect the same high quality you get from those guys.
  • toneyee19 July 2004
    I have read some negative comments about this film but must emphasize that I was rolling on the ground while watching it. I've never laughed so hard at stand-up comedy. From his jokes about LL Cool J to Whitney, to Mike Tyson (Where your exit, playa?), the club hit, to ecstasy, and of course the bit about Africa (giraffes, lions, and more). His impressions are amazing, the best is Shaq, but he also does Puffy, J.Lo (Hey, ho), Al Pacino, and Michael Jackson. Afterwards, he dazzles the audience with his musical talent. He has a beautiful voice. Such a multi-talented guy! I recommend it. Two thumbs up. I can't wait until he comes out with another one. Jamie Foxx, you da man!
  • sh***t.... this last comment was almost as bad as the first. White people usually don't get this type of humor??? are you kidding, that's just as close minded as thinking Jamie Foxx is nothing but a racist homophobe. To return to the case at point, I consider his stand-up routine pure genius. Jamie Foxx shows himself as a true entertainer, I would even go as far as to call him an Artist...with a capital A. Underneath his funny-man exterior is an individual who is passionatley aware of his surroundings and able, much like a poet, to convey meaning with the simplest gesture. From start to finish this video left me in hysterics, from his dead on point impersonation of Shaq, his puffy and J Lo routine (take that take that take that), his unflinching candor when it comes to LL Cool J (he's a hardcore rapper but he's glossy...F*CK that!) to the riotous prince sketch. I could go on and on, truth is that this is Jamie Foxx at the top of his game. The more you watch it, the more meaning and humor you will find in it. Much like the satrical newspaper "the onion", when you take the content of Jamie's performance to the end of the line, you realize that it is grounded in the deepest understanding of the subject material. Being able to find and express the comedy within life itself is just as important, if not more important, than the artist who is able to find beauty and express it through art.
  • Foxx's admittedly funny bit on going to Africa is lifted almost verbatim from a Richard Pryor bit -- but Foxx's performance as a whole is strong here.

    The highlight, for me, is Foxx's assertion that Bill Clinton could have quelled Islamic fundamentalism by introducing Osama bin Laden to the American staples of whores, pot and booze.

    I was never a fan of Foxx's TV work, but this is worth a look.
  • I think Jamie Foxx is hilarious and this special really brought out his talent...that last person who commented on it was way too serious about it. It's called comedy for a reason, you uptight jackass. enough said.
  • I think it was hilarious...the last guy/girl who commented is just way too serious. Maybe you need to watch some dry humor. I have watched many comedians..some made me laugh and some didn't. But everyone isn't trying to make an Oscar performance. It was just a silly stand-up act that came on cable. What more do you want?
  • Yes, I'll admit I'm a fan of highbrow comedy. I think Dennis Miller's intellectual wit was one of the best things to happen to Monday Night Football (however short lived). I'm not saying Jamie Foxx comes off as Winston Churchill when he talks about world events, but he knows his material. His accents and impersonations are impeccable. His honesty and realistic views are to be championed. Oh, don't let me forget, I nearly peed myself. The only people I would not recommend this to are those recovering from abdominal surgery. You just might REALLY bust a gut.