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  • camachoborracho17 April 2004
    I have to say I was quite impressed with the directing, music, makeup and especially the introductory credits since they really set the mood.

    The stuff that I thought hurt the film was the poor acting from all of the cast, and I couldn't believe them which is why I didn't give this a 10 which it could have earned. Also, I read the story years ago but still remember it pretty clearly - this is a kinda sorta adaptation since the King story is included, but it's a story within the story (his was not all that good to begin with) and it is pretty much covered, but it's too bad it's a passing reference and not better connected to the story since it's supposed to show how they don't care/go mad with "Captain Trips" virus all around them...I'm aware people who haven't read it won't notice but those of us who have will. Nevertheless, the story was watchable and extremely good for a low budget film. Watch out for this director and cinematographer, they will be going places.

    Final verdict: On par with the story, so check out both.

    Overall: 7/10