Maxie: If it hadn't been for you I would now be in someone else's digestion.

Fritz: You know there's something you should know, so I'm gonna tell you so, don't sweat it, forget it, enjoy the show!

[begins rapping]

William: [finding Angelica on the deck] I knew you existed!

Angelica: I would have thought you'd be upstairs, listening to that wonderful singer.

William: I was too busy looking for someone. Someone with unforgettable eyes. And now that I've found her, I'm not going to let her get away from me.

[He and Angelica begin to dance]

Angelica: Please don't make fun of me. I don't belong in your world. I could never compete with the young ladies that surround you.

William: What are you saying? I'm dead serious. The most wonderful thing about this trip to America was meeting you.

Angelica: I don't know whether to believe you or not. Please don't be cruel. Don't hurt me. I've had so much disappointment, and I've always managed to see the positive side.

William: I don't even know your name. I'm William. Will, for short.

Angelica: It's Angelica.

William: Angelica. Stay, one minute longer! Will I see you at the reception tonight?

[Angelica waves goodbye and leaves]

Sam: Special Detective Sam Bradbury, Sam to my friends, threat to my enemies!

Molly: Now I know who stole my locket! It was that girl!

Gaston: No, no, I don't think it was her.

Officer: Perhaps the locket is back with its rightful owner.

Molly: What does he mean by that?

Gaston: Nothing, nothing at all!

[Molly slaps Gaston]

Angelica's Mother: Is that locket yours?

Angelica: Yes, it's always been mine.

Angelica's Mother: Do you still have a picture in it?

Angelica: [opening the locket] Yes, ever since my mother put it around my neck as a baby. And then left me...

Angelica's Mother: And then left you because she was forced to. Gertrude seemed so nice, told us we could get you whenever we wanted. But then she vanished. Left no address, all your father had was an account number to pay your support money into.

Angelica: Mother? Mummy! Oh Mummy!

[they hug]

Angelica's Mother: Baby! My baby! I mean, I hope you understand that neither I nor your father wanted to give you up. But we had to. And Gertrude seemed so nice. She told us we could get you whenever we wanted to.

Angelica: I never thought you'd abandon me! And the hope that one day I'd find you kept me going like a burning light. You and my father were always there, always in my heart.

[Angelica and Sam pull Will into a lifeboat after the Titanic has sunk]

2nd Officer: We're turning over! Throw him back in the water! Let him go I said! Let him go!

Sam: Ah, shut up! Try to keep the boat on course for a change.

[Bernice discovers a hole in her dress]

Bernice: Look at it! Mummy! What am I going to do? This is Angelica's fault! Mummy! Look at it! Call her Mummy, call her at once!

Hortense: And make her put our...

HortenseBernice: clothes in order!

Angelica: You know nothing about me.

William: Nothing you can tell me could prevent me from loving you.

Maxie's Mother: [as Maxie drags a heavy bag while they board the Titanic] Why you let him bring all his toys is a big puzzle.

Maxie's Father: Quit kvetchin', Gretchen. He promised to carry them himself.

Angelica: Victoria, where's William? Do you think he's safe?

Victoria: I'm sure he is. Don't worry, everything will turn out fine. You'll see.

Fritz: [Approaching a male and female Dalmation] Pst! I'd like your help with the food and drinks for the party.

Male Dalmation: [nuzzling the female Dalmation] I'm at your disposal, old friend. I'm afraid Kate here is out of the picture though. She's about to present me with some heirs.

Fritz: Congradulations! Thanks, old chum. Oh, by the way, watch out for a couple of weirdos, a kind of crazy red-haired cat and someone I hesitate to call one of us. More like a bat than a dog.

Gertrude: You didn't pack our clothes properly, you clumsy girl. Bernice's dress even has a rip in it.

[Bernice picks up a teacup and deliberately drops it on the floor where it breaks]

Gertrude: Pick up those bits of broken china at once. And mend and iron our clothes, so we can attend the reception to welcome us aboard. In any case, you can't come... you can't come. You have nothing to wear... nothing to wear... to wear... and no one's going to lend you anything!

[Angelica sadly kneels down to pick up the china pieces]

Hortense & Bernice: Nothing to wear, and no one's going to lend you anything!