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  • Warning: Spoilers
    OK, normally I go into a paragraph of introduction on how I came across this film and a little bit about the film or film trivia, well not this time, I'm going to let you judge for yourself on just what I'm going to tell you with this "story".

    The movie starts off with the ending... ??? Yeah, the ship sinks, sorry to spoil this movie for you already. But anyways we have a man and a woman rowing in a lifeboat, rowing, rowing, rowing as we hear people screaming for their lives on the sinking ship. We pan into the woman's eye into a flashback, a la Titanic(1997), and right before the same woman, Angelica, boards the Titanic, we see she is actually a servant to her evil step mother and her two evil step sisters, a la Disney's Cinderella. She has a blue colored locket necklace, a la Titanic(1997), inside there is a picture of her mother, oh what happened to her mother? Of course the evil step family taunts her pain and that she'll never find her mother.

    Just about everyone and I do mean EVERYONE, including animals(when did this become Noah's Ark?) board the Titanic with happy joy. We even have two thieves, a la 101 Dalmations/Home Alone, with their evil woman thief, a la 101 Dalmations. There is a detective on their tails, a la Sherlock Holmes, who's a moron and couldn't catch a cold. We then meet a man named Geston, a la Beauty and the Beast, who takes Angelica's locket and gives it to the busty hot singer of the ship, a la Celine Dion/Titanic, to impress her.

    We cut to a mouse with his family, a la An American Tail, where he's about to get eaten by a cat that randomly pops up out of nowhere, he's saved by a dog... now, brace yourself, it's not just any dog, it's a dog that... can... rap! Yes, I'm sure James Cameron really regrets now cutting out of his Titanic his rapping dog, after all a music genre that wasn't invented till decades later is perfect for children and history. So yeah, a rapping dog, dare we move on? Yeah, let's keep going.

    So we meet William, a pretty oh so British rich man with a nanny who happened to loose her daughter years earlier. William then meets Angelica in the hall after washing her evil fat step sister's clothes, but the connection is unstoppable as William touches her hand and she runs away while he makes goofy faces saying how he must see her again! He eventually does see her again and asks if she'll be at the dinner reception, but she has nothing to wear! So, a la Titanic(1997), one of the other maids has an old dress that she used to wear and it magically fits Angelica perfectly. Not only that, a la Cinderella, the mice feel bad that Angelica's necklace is gone so they steal it back for her.

    Dinner comes and William takes his lady saying how happy he is to have her... THEN learns her name ???? Hmm, yeah. He defends her in front of her evil step family and takes her to her room; everything is just dandy, so dandy, let's have Mexican mice do a salsa song? Uh huh, OK mind you I just had to have a few shots of Jack Daniels to get this far. But let's not forget this is Titanic, the iceberg comes! FINALLY, the iceberg hits the ship and what better solution? The men grab buckets and start filling them up with the water in the ship and throwing it back out at the ocean *slaps forehead in shame* OK, I have to keep going, William of course panics and goes to save his lady love and of course being lower class she is trapped behind a metal gate that the other passengers break down like it's cheese. William tells her to go with the women and children and they'll meet again soon, swoon.

    As the ship sinks, on the same lifeboat, the two thieves and their lady leader are still trying to steal stuff? Good timing, not to mention how funny they are while the ship is sinking and people are dying. This is where Angelica meets her mother!!! She's not at all angry, in fact her mother says she wanted to keep her daughter, yet she didn't, and her and Angelica hug in happiness. As the Titanic goes down, the Dalmatians, a la 101 Dalmations, start crying? William goes down with the ship but of course not without saving a child! So the lifeboat with Angelica finds a body in the water and it's... ah, great, it's just the detective, well that was a waste of human space on the boat. However they do find William and somehow he's very much alive and both him and the detective act happy and are soon on their feet dancing and William kisses his love in slow motion. We think it's the end, but instead a creepy child tells us how the step sisters married the two thieves and are unhappy and Angelica and William got married, adopted children and puppies and lived happily ever after.

    Yeah, that's right, Titanic gets a happy ending. The writer is working on the sequel September 11th, 200FUN! Don't show this movie to anyone, I have to go to the hospital now from alcohol poisoning.

  • This movie is garbage lower than I can possibly imagine. The animation sucks, the dialogue sucks, the acting sucks, the dubbing sucks, the characters suck, the romance sucks, and there is no form of respect to the people who died on the Titanic. Well lets begin this rant by talking about how lazy the animation is. This film has animation that fails to impress at all. The film constantly shows stock footage from the movie. There really is some of the laziest uses of stock footage I have ever seen in this film. Then there is the terrible dialogue. Simply put it sucks. Then we have the terrible acting. Nobody at all does a good job, and the bad acting is made worse by awful dubbing. There are moments in the film where people are talking, and different recordings of a line will play to finish out the line they were speaking. Yes, these people are so bad they couldn't even finish a line in some cases. Then there is the scene were the singer is singing, and when she supposed to close her mouth for a change in a word she keeps her mouth open. Then we got the stupid romance. Some people say the romance in James Cameron's film was unrealistic. If you don't have the same opinion just show them this movie. The romance is way more unrealistic. At least with James Cameron's film they start to form a friendship before they fall in love. Here they really go by the saying love at first site. Just a few sentences talking to each other, and they start dancing. That is very stupid. Then we have the worst of the worst. This in no way at all give two sh*ts about the people who died on the Titanic. Lets count all the things that show no respect to this tragedy.

    1.Talking Animals

    2.A Rapping Dog

    3.3 Mexican Mice

    4.2 Slapstick Robbers Ripped Out Of "Home Alone"

    5.The 3 Mexican Mice's Song

    6.A Lifeboat Goes Back To Get People When That Never Happened In Real Life

    7.The Animals Save The Chef

    8.The Two Robbers Making A Silly Face At A Kid While Ship Is Sinking

    9.Dolphins Save The Animals

    10.The Most Sugar-coated Ending Epilogue Ever Where They Talk About All The Characters, And Their Happy Ending. During This They Don't At All Mention How The Titanic Was A Tragic Event That Killed Over A Thousand People.

    This just has no respect. The film also rips-off every last film you can imagine. Titanic, Lady and the Tramp, Home Alone, Cinderella, An American Tale, Beauty and the Beast, The Rescuers, etc. This film is so unoriginal. Overall this movie is inhuman. This poorly made, unserious, sugar-coated mess I can't believe was actually made. Screw this no good piece of crap.

    0 stars out of 4
  • This movie is by far the worst I have ever seen. Its baffling as to how this actually got released.

    The animation is terrible and halfcocked. Half the time peoples mouths don't move at all and the other half they only flap up and down. The external shots of the boat are all done in 3d CGI and look terrible, even for 2000, while the rest is traditionally animated (which i can appreciate, at least)

    The Voice cast is terrible, although I don't know how much can be blamed on them when the script is this bad. None of them have any sense of emotion behind them and they only seem to there for a paycheck.

    I just can't recommend this movie to anyone, not even purveyors of shlock or terrible films.
  • I honestly can't figure out why a bunch of old Italian exploitation regulars like Camillo Teti (who produced EXTERMINATORS OF THE YEAR 3000) and a zany cast including former a few former porn stars (David Brandon - CALIGULA: THE UNTOLD STORY) and Gregory Snegoff (who did the English language voice dubbing in a number of Anime cartoons, etc.) got together and just suddenly decided to make a Disney/Don Bluth-style animated film. To my knowledge, this is the first internationally released animated movie to come out of Italy, and after viewing it twice, I realize that it's probably for a very good reason.

    The animation is actually surprisingly good in places considering the circumstances and the fact that this film was made really, really on the cheap. However, as I said, it is really cheapo, with lots of the same shots being used over and over again. Also a lot of the time the frame rate seems to be really slow, like 5-6 frames per second where most Disney movies are 24. Therefore the movement looks a lot less fluid, almost slideshow-like.

    As for the plot and concept of the film itself, it fits well with the lack of technical razzle-dazzle by providing equally an underwhelming story. Basically, there's several stories going on at once, but the film is so short that nothing comes out of any of the stories. There's the typical boy-meets-girl love story, itself a thinly disguised CINDERELLA, plus a subplot involving a Cruella Deville-type crooked lady and her two bumbling henchmen, a story of a detective hunting down some diamond thieves, an aspiring Celine Dion-esque Diva, and several mice resembling the cast of AN AMERICAN TALE. None of these stories have any sort of plot arc and exist only as filler before the ship finally hits the iceberg and many of the annoying characters are unfortunately rescued. As for the not-so-lucky ones, the film just glosses right over that sordid chapter of the Titanic disaster, which historically was not all the fun-and-games that this movie depicts it to be.

    To put it bluntly, most parents will be so shocked at the mere mention of the title of the film that they'd not even consider buying it for their children. Thus, this film was bound from the conception stage to wind up as a financial disaster - and another sad reminder as to why the Italian movie industry is on the rocks.
  • Okay maybe I was being a bit too harsh when I wrote that, but the truth is that Titanic:The Animated Movie (or the Legend Goes On) is frankly awful. First things first, if you want to see a better version, the James Cameron version is great. While ambitious, it is well acted and sumptuously filmed. Even the 1996 mini-series was better than this, and that had a lot wrong with that. Personally I do think it was a bad idea making one of the most tragic moments in history into an animated film, that is condensed and rather empty. I don't know where to begin criticising this film, and it needs a lot of criticising, as there is very little good about it.

    To cut to the chase, I was very unimpressed with the animation for a start. It was dull and tacky, and where was the colour and the vibrancy? Plus some of the character movements were so forced particularly the facial expressions of the ugly stepsisters; if I were to be honest, the film looks as though it has been made on the cheap. I am not the only person who spotted this, but some of the shots were repeated over and over again, and it was distracting. And it certainly doesn't help that the editing was all over the place. Even some of the Jetlag and Golden Film productions have better animation, and they are low budget for goodness sake.

    The music wasn't that much better. The incidental music is kind of pleasant if unmemorable, but in general the songs were poor. Maybe not as bad as the mind numbingly awful songs from Secret of NIMH 2:Timmy To The Rescue, and not as badly sung either, but that is not saying much. I think I need to start with the worst one. That was "Party Time", in my opinion that is a perfect example of a song that is completely unnecessary to the story, and one that is so bad it is hilarious. From the abysmal lyrics to the awful rapping that was out of time in some places, it was horrible to listen to. As soon as the rapping dog arrived on the scene I knew we were going to be in trouble. "Mucho Gusto" fared better, but I remember for a salsa song it lacked energy, spice and pizazz. Without those three things, a salsa song sounds lifeless, and that was the problem I had with the song. The best one and for me, the only redeeming quality of the film was the song "Holding Me". This was sublimely sung, has meaningful lyrics and a nice melody. However, it deserved a much better movie.

    Another major problem was the story. Too many back stories crammed into such a short running time, the film is barely even an hour, and as a result the characters seemed underdeveloped and the situations rushed. Also the film has a tendency to be too slow. Well there's the subplot of thieves robbing cabins-sounds like something stolen from the Titanic mini-series, and a love story between Anjelica and William that was rather out of the blue I must say, and I didn't really get the sense they cared for one another until the ending. What angered me was that this film ripped off movies from my childhood. Cinderella is the most obvious one, then there's American Tail, The Secret of NIMH, Beauty and the Beast with Gaston, 101 Dalmatians, Sherlock Holmes(Conan Doyle must be turning in his grave over this one)and even the Cameron movie itself. I'm surprised this wasn't sued for plagiarism.

    Maybe I am alone in this, but the characters didn't seem very likable. Anjelica, instead of the headstrong, determined and vivacious protagonist I was hoping for, then again maybe my expectations were too high, was as dull as dish water. William is a rather clichéd love interest, and despite the fact he is optimistic just as dull as well, and the stepsisters were really annoying with high pitched voices that make you want to cover your ears. Not even the animals had any real charm.

    The script is, how do I put it, bad. There is very little humour here, and the writing is clichéd and stale. You always feel as though you have heard it all before, I certainly have. So much so, the secondary characters including the stepmother, have very little to do, and the dialogue between Angelica and William is sappy and wishy washy. If there was any comedy, it was unintentional. I am principally talking about the ending, where the writers completely obliterated the poignancy and tragedy that the ending should've had with some ridiculous ideas like the animals being saved by dolphins and then the men throwing the water over the side with buckets. Yeah, you saw right buckets, as if THAT was going to solve anything. The ending left me dissatisfied, not only because it was a happy ending but also the whole film felt rather abrupt.

    Not only were the characters lifeless and unengaging but the same applies with the voice acting. Very few of the actors have the energy to carry an already empty film. Lisa Russo tries her best with Anjelica but she is severely hampered by the material she is given. Same with Mark Thompson-Ashworth as William. Some of the actors such as Kenneth Balton as the Captain sounded as though they were reading out loud from a text book, and believe me that can be quite boring. This also happened to be Edmund Perdum's last film, and he is given so little to work with as Jeremy.

    All in all, this was a real shipwreck. A bad idea really, and it was executed even worse. 1/10 for the song "Holding me". Bethany Cox
  • This is clearly the worst animated musical I have every seen in my life. I honestly don't know ware to begin because there so much wrong with it that I can't fit it all in to one review. So keep in mind this review is just the tip of the iceberg to how bad this movie is. My first problem with this movie is the idea of trying to take the real life tragedy of Titanic and attempting to turn it in to a goofy, happy and feel good event. Thousand of innocent men, women and children drowned or freeze to death due to the fact they were not prepared for a sinking. Yet this not only dumb down those real life horrors but flat out ignores them and attempts to make things all bright and cheery with a bunch badly drawn cartoon animals that cant sing (or rap). Yes dear reader, there a rap song in this movie (a horrible one to) that comes out of no ware from a dog. One moment he saving a mouse and then he is holding a boom box's, warring a backwards cap and jerseys in a movie about Titanic! The second major problem of this movie is that there where way to many sub plots. It's not uncommon for movie to have one sub plot or possibly two but this movie (including the main story) has at least seven plots and all them do a very poor job at being tied in to gather. I'm also surprise there was no law suits against this movie. All the character here are rip off of popular American films ( mainly children film) There Cinderella, 101 Dalmatians, American Tail, Looney Toons and whole bunch of other non original characters. In spite of the fact movie it's given a lot film time it doesn't use any of it to fully devolve any of the characters. Instead it seem to be in a constant rush from jumping from one sub plot to another. The movie would of been better off deleting half these characters and throwing away all the useless sub plots which where causing it be confusing. All it did was kept characters from having a chance to be more conplete.

    Rather then drawling us a whole scene they simply replay footage again and again. As a result it's really hard to tell what's going on in some scenes because it just a jumble mess of repeated clips. Even when you do know what's going on its still painful because the use of stock footage gets very repetitive, tiresome and just shows that there was no effort put into this. Do you really need to see the same ugly drawling doing the same thing 10 times in a row in a single shot? This lead to the next problem. The Animation is dull, plain and as lifeless as all the characters in this movie. The dubbing is bad, movement is choppy and it simply ugly looking. This movie is just as painful to look at as the song are painful to listen to. Lucky for us there's only 3 songs and they all stink! There's the out of place dog Rap, A Mexican salsa song and the love song that keeps being played over and over to pass as more then one song, now that's just cheap. The movie doesn't even try to fill in it's own plot holes. For Example there a Cat and Chihuahua who never do anything to begin with are one moment in there cabins with there owners and then the next moment there locked up in a cage in the storage room. Why? I don't know, the movie never explained it.

    Finally there the ending that's just a big spit in the face to what really happen that night. There goofy unfunny humor as the ship sinks, the animals are saved by Dolphins and everyone given a happy ending in spite of the lost of thousands of people! There nothing redeeming about this movie at all. Its ugly, confusing, and builds it self by stealing from more successful film. Plus some might find the whole idea of this film offensive. I would not recommend this movie to anyone, not to adults or Kids because watching it only cause's people to drown in the misery it in flicks on us.

    That I why I give this shipwreck a 1 out of 10.
  • I had some hope for this movie being any good but to be honest it's kind of disturbing how badly made animated films can get. For a start off the historical inaccuracy is really unforgivable, I won't bother to elaborate too much on this aspect because the list is very long. I will point out the biggest history flaw which is the rapping dog, in 1912 rap music didn't exist. The simplistic plot has no appeal to anyone at all and the love story is just like sticking masking tape over something to try and make it stick together. Nothing really fits together properly, the characters are as bland as they are drawn and clearly no thought has been put into the script. The dialogue isn't just corny because I can handle corny but just plainly unbelievable, one line in the movie is when the ship has almost sunk someone on the lifeboat says "don't worry everything is going to be fine", this is almost taking the Mick really. Over a thousand people are dying on a sinking ship and it's freezing, is that a realistic line? The best part of this film is the music just in case your wondering the piano isn't bad at all but beware of the Mexican mice and rapping dog.

    Animation, now when watching a cartoon you expect the frame-rate to stay consistent throughout but for Titanic the legend goes with slow frame-rates really antagonises audiences from slowing down frame-rates in random places. The character animations are the most sloppiest I've seen in a long while and also colouring in some scenes makes the continuity bad. I noticed in the credits the many people who worked on animation and final checking, there were about ten "final checkers", did they actually watch the movie through and it get's worse next for editing.

    Editing. I have never seen scenes repeated over and over to this extent in a movie before except in some cheap comedy sketch. There were five editors and the best they could have come up with was to repeat the same scenes just to make it up to full length. It's just plain lazy, all those people working on this movie and they have to repeat scenes. It makes the film flow just confusing and at one point it looks as if the ship has almost sunk and then suddenly they switch to another angle and the ship hasn't hardly sunk. Slowing down scenes, repeating scenes all this I think was done to try and get the movie to be full length which the movie still isn't.

    Until they added the longest credits ever known in history, these credits basically showed names every two minutes while repeating the whole movie over, it's laughable. This movie is hard for any child, adult or any alike to enjoy this at all. In conclusion if your looking for the worst animated film ever and want a good laugh I recommend it, that's why it got two stars from me. But anyone who wants to watch a truly decent animated film that isn't a real waste, your going to have to look somewhere else. Those seeking a Titanic film which is fine for children to watch I recommend "A Night to Remember".

    Plot = 1/10 Animation = 3/10 Voice acting = 2/10 Music = 5/10 Entertainment value = 1/10 (For a laugh 9/10) Overall = 2/10
  • NOTE: This review is based on the UNCUT version, not the choppy American version.

    Before I begin, I just want to say one thing: This movie IS a horrible piece of film and animation.

    The characters are possibly the most unoriginal I've ever seen. How unoriginal? They blatantly steal characters from other movies! Our characters include a young girl who is forced into slavery by her evil stepmother and two selfish stepsisters, a la Cinderella, two bumbling Cockney-accented thugs are bossed into thievery by a white-haired lady in a fur coat, a la 101 Dalmations, and a family of vaguely Russian-accented mice that travel to America with the youngest one constantly getting into trouble a la America Tail. There are a few other characters in this movie that might also be rip-offs(a granny, a nanny, a French singer, etc.), and they all share the same blandness and one-dimensional movement throughout the movie.

    The story is absolutely silly. It's basically Titanic with a lot more subplots that go nowhere. Our leads Angelica and William(switched from rich girl/poor boy to rich boy/poor girl) board the ship, fall in love at first sight, and somehow end up married by movie's end. In addition, we have subplots about Angelica's lost necklace and mother, a cat and a dog who terrorize the other animal passengers, a con artist who's trying to seduce a banker she thinks is rich, a Sherlock Holmes knockoff trying to track down thieves, and quite a few more that, to the film's credit, do get resolved, albeit rather sloppily. It's like the movie had 5 different writers writing different things and the Editor just copy/pasted everything into one script with no changes. The result is a mish-mash of stories that, although not as bad as Monster a Go-Go, still leads to a confusing mess.

    Let's talk about the technical aspects, aka the sound, animation, and editing. It's all some of the worst I've ever seen. The animation is incredibly inconsistent, with some scenes almost looking three-dimensional and others looking like a three-frame Flash file! In addition, there's an assortment of animated goofs to keep an eye out for(a guy growing in size as he runs, two women walking in place, disappearing clothing, and, my favorite, one of the characters walking through a table!) The sound and dubbing is really bad as well, with none of the actors sounding interested in the least. Also, some scenes apparently didn't have dialog recorded as they simply REPEAT EXACTLY WHAT THEY SAID A MINUTE AGO! Conversations, reassurances, screams, etc. are all repeated several times in the movie by the main characters! Why didn't they just cut the scenes out? Because the editing is AWFUL! A lot of scenes are repeated over and over to fill in time and some scenes take place immediately after or on top of other scenes that have nothing to do with the context! My favorite is where they play the same scene of the Second Officer THREE TIMES in 10 seconds, with only slight and painfully obvious differences in the dialog! The writers don't care, the animators don't care, and the editor doesn't care. Sounds like a great movie to me...

    As for the music, a lot of the soundtrack sounds like violins played in reverse all throughout the movie. It's not horrible, I guess, but strange. There are also a few songs(mostly generic tunes thrown in at the last minute), but there are two that REALLY stand out. First, there's the "You're In My Blood" song, which is probably the worst love song ever sung, even worse than most of the terrible modern pop songs you hear on the radio. Sample Lyrics: "You're in my blood, you're in my blood, you're in my blood, my bloooooooooOOOOOOOOooooaaad/So let's start this rite of love/WiiiiiiiiIIIIIIiiith love." Second, and this is the only reason most of you have heard of this movie, a RAPPING DOG! YES! A dog dressed in a Jersey, holding a boom box, dancing in front of a New York backdrop, singing a genre of music that won't be invented for 60 years! Why? What purpose does it have? Does it affect anything? Never explained. Comes out of nowhere, fades into the same nowhere, and is never brought up again! ...Well, that's one way to make a movie stand out...

    Now, with all that in mind, this movie... is really fun to watch.

    It does everything so wrong, cares so little, and insults so much intelligence, that it's actually a fascinating movie. You actually want to keep watching to see what bit of insanity occurs next! At the very least, you won't be bored by how strangely this movie was put together.

    In addition, there are some good things about it as well. The design of the characters, for the most part, is rather good. Angelica almost looks like a Disney Princess. A lot of the shading, movement, and even some of the slapstick is well done and well timed, so it looks like at least some effort went into this. Finally, this movie does something better than Cameron's version: It explores the ship and passengers. While Cameron tried to focus solely on the cartoonish romance of Rose and Jack, with the other characters just shoved in, the movie does give time to show the stories of each passenger, even if they are sloppy. So, in a way, this movie did something better than Cameron. And yes, give it credit, this movie also understands that the sinking was a tragedy that took the lives of many. ...Barely.

    In conclusion, this movie is a fun little train-wreck that is impossible to take seriously. If you're curious as to how badly an animation can be made without it being outright horrible or insulting, I'd recommend it. Just don't use it as a history lesson...
  • I have spent in excess of 35 minutes searching the internet for this film's budget. I even taught myself how to read Italian in order to read this film's original Wikipedia entry, which yielded no significant results. If anyone has any information, please let me know. I am aware that perhaps this website does not exactly allow for this type of communication, but you could call me on the phone if you would like to tell me this film's budget.

    I mean, I can't be the only curious one. This film is absolute doo doo butter and I would be really impressed if M. Teti made this film on a budget of 35 cents, but if he were given a budget of 3 million dollars, I would be quite substantially less impressed.
  • You know there's something you should know so I'm gonna tell ya so! Don't sweat it, Forget it, Enjoy the show! Working all day now it's time to unwind kick back, Relax take a load off your mind!

    Party Time!!! It's Party Time!!! Everybody's Getting High Cause It's Party Time!!!!! Party Time!!! It's Party Time!!! Everybody's Getting High Cause It's Party Time!!!!! Party Time!!! It's Party Time!!! Everybody's Getting High Cause It's Party Time!!!!! Party Time!!! It's Party Time!!! Everybody's Getting High Cause It's Party Time!!!!! Party Time!!! It's Party Time!!! Everybody's Getting High Cause It's Party Time!!!!!

    I take it back this movie is a perfect 10. Can't beat a rapping dog with lyrics like this! Just look up the rapping dog on Youtube it will likely make your day as it did mine! :)
  • Warning: Spoilers
    I watched the Portuguese/Brazilian dub of this on YouTube since I couldn't find the full-length English version, so I had to watch it on mute whilst trying to guess what the characters were saying from what I remembered in the trailer, the Nostalgia Critic review and the standalone clips of the songs featured on YouTube.

    This film has its fair share of highs and lows, starting with the lows. The animation quality is inconsistent. While it is at a normal pace most of the time, it was slow in some parts (especially the kissing scenes between Angelica and William) and fast/jittery/shaky in others (for example, the ugly stepsisters being afraid of Maxie the mouse). Also certain shots were repeated - this was particularly noticeable at the beginning, during the songs and during the sinking. The lip-sync is sometimes out of place such as the scene where Molly sings 'Holding Me.' The most historically inaccurate part of this film is undoubtedly the rapping dog because, as I already mentioned in my review on the Nostalgia Critic, rap music didn't exist at the time of the Titanic's sinking.

    The film's highs include the decent dialogue (in English) and the fact that the iceberg is already lying in the Titanic's path rather than having been thrown by a giant octopus in the other version (which, in my opinion, is worse than this one).

    Overall, this take on the Titanic story is not quite as good as the James Cameron version, but it is slightly more historically accurate than 'Legend of the Titanic.' 5/10 (6/10 had I seen the whole thing in English).
  • mere829116 January 2013
    Warning: Spoilers
    In general, movie remakes are a bad idea, but I honestly have to say that I enjoyed Titanic: The Legend Goes On far more than the original Titanic. While Titanic seemed long and drawn out, this remake created an elaborate subplot with talking dogs and cats searching for a missing necklace that made the time fly by! The beautiful animation allowed Sir William and Angelica's romance to be much more believable, as it was unhindered by the atrocious acting of Leonardo DiCaprio and Kate Winslet, and unlike Titanic, everyone had a happy ending! Titanic: The Legend Goes On is yet another masterpiece from Camillo Teti and his company. Altogether it's one of the best movies of all time and I will definitely be re-watching soon!
  • zartok-3517 May 2009
    I'm the kind of person who likes to expose themselves to bad animated films in attempt to get my kicks, so when I saw a glorified review video for this particular movie, I was not going to pass up the opportunity for some fun. I kind of wish I did…it's not that nice.

    Apparently there was a lot more going on aboard the Titanic then was let on originally. Some anthropomorphic animals have a party, and Jasper and Horace steal a fake pearl necklace for Cruella De Vil, a French masher named Gaston tries to woo a large breasted singer with stolen jewels, and a detective wears an orange toupee. But in the center of it all, princess Anastasia must overcome Lady Tremaine and here evil daughters, and fall in love with some chap named Bill. Many other notable animated characters appear over the course of the film, including Pongo and Perdita from 101 Dalmatians, the Mousekewitz family, and 3 variants of Speedy Gonzales. It is said the animators of this film were urged to plagiarize, so customers would watch the film to see characters that they recognized from elsewhere.

    Does it come off? Of course not! You're offended by what these people have done, the film is very boring, there are too many different things going on at once, the animation is poor, the problems are numerous. It all just a big dirty cluster-****! It doesn't help that the film was processed beyond recognition before it was released. For my purpose, I watched the 'Uncut' version of the film, hoping it would be a lot closer to Camillo Teti's original vision. The dog raps a different song that makes more sense, the girl doesn't row the boat until the end of the movie, and it's a little bit longer. It made a lot more sense, so if you are going to watch this at all, which I hope you won't, check that one out instead.
  • Like the previous one, except less weird. But that doesn't mean it's any better to watch. Now how should I start this off. Let's start with the story.

    Starts off similar like the other one except the mice are introduced later. Instead you meet a huge cast of characters who are all about to be passengers of the Titanic. This includes humans and animal passengers a like. Along with cliché scenes we've already seen from the Cameron Titanic and way too many subplots with a whole bunch of characters that had little appeal for any type of viewer. Sure we still get to see the ship sink except that didn't save the story as we see less casualties than the Cameron version.

    I don't know why the Italians tried to make another Titanic Cartoon film. Cause this one has a larger reputation of being all time worst animated movie than it's predecessor. I'm really curious to know what the director think of this film, cause I would totally laugh if he implied that this was going to be a hit. Unfortunately I don't know if any interview exists or not. So all I could do is speculate what went on in the staff member's heads.

    Let's talk about the animation, the animation was worst in this one cause compared to the one from 2 years ago. This one looked like it was made in the early 80s rather than the early 2000s. It's like they decided to downgrade the animation to make it cheaper to make. Whatever the case the film is just not eye candy like the previous film.

    Now for the characters, all I can say is low originality. Cause all they did was copy already existing characters and put them in the film. You not only get two characters looking like the couple from Titanic, you also get characters from Don Bluth, Disney, & Warner Bros. It's been 10 years since this movie was made and I wonder if this film ever got sued by Cameron, Disney, Bluth, or Warner Bros. cause I doubt they got permission to use their characters likeness for this film. Then again it proves you can get away with copyrighted characters in other countries as long as they don't use the copyrighted names. Like what you find in certain anime.

    Let's talk about the script, I doubt the writers put any effort into this film cause you see a lot of unnecessary flashbacks and way too many subplots for an animated film. I was laughing at how unorganized the whole film was, not from the lame jokes it had, but from how the characters had really ignorant lines. Plus the animals really got in the way of the story itself.

    Conclusion, I would have to agree with the Nostalgic Critic on this movie. Cause it was a complete insult to the Titanic incident and the ending was so fluffy it would make people think the incident wasn't that bad at all. Historians and teachers will have a field day with this movie. Fans of Cameron's Titanic will be ashame of it. Animation fans of all kind will hate it to death. In fact the only way to enjoy this film is make fun of it as much as possible.

    The only accomplishment the writers made for this film is that they prove you can't make an animated movie out of the Titanic incident or make it family friendly. Was this worse than "The Legend of Titanic", that's pretty hard to say cause they both even out on worst animated film of all time.

    If you like to watch it, be my guest cause my only advice is be prepared to laugh to death.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    This had got to be one of the worst and most shocking ideas in the history of animated features. It's basically the story of Titanic, only butchered by some dumb Italians. The characters are unoriginal, the plot is missing and it's directed to kids, so you'll know what will happen in the end... *shudder* This is also known as "The Legend Goes On", but "Legend"? Oh God. Did they even feel sorry for the 1500+ that died on the real Titanic accident, or did they just think it was a legend after seeing James Cameron's version? At least that film didn't have talking animals!

    The plot is about a young girl named Angelica (Don Bluth's Anastasia) who lives with her stepmother Gertrude (Lady Tremaine from Cinderella) and ugly stepsisters, Hortensia and Bernice (what's next, she is going to get a fairy godmother?). She wishes to see her long-lost mother, whose photo is kept in a locket of hers. Later, Angelica becomes one of the many passengers of the Titanic, along with her grandmother and some talking animals, including a family of mice that obviously rip off that of An American Tail, a magpie named Hector who rips off Jeffery from The Secret of NIMH, two Pongos (one being female), an orange tabby named Geoffery and a chihuahua named Tiger. Jeez, did they seem to screw up on the names of those last two characters?

    Random stuff happens on the Titanic. A detective named Sam Bradberry does his disguising work, the mice and their friends have a wild adventure on the ship to organise for a party, a mean old woman named Ms. Meanstreak (Cruella De Vil from 101 Dalmatians) sends her two minions Kirk and Dirk (Japser and Horace) off to rob stuff, a man named Gaston (the villain from Beauty and the Beast crossed with Lickboot from Tom and Jerry: The Movie) tries to make himself look attracting to a hot singer on the ship, and Angelica falls in love (similar to the 1997 film) with a young man named William (any classic Disney prince), who is just as British as she is. Meanwhile, Maxie, the annoying child of the mouse family, meets Fritz the dog, who is somewhat in charge of the animals' behaviour. And then Fritz raps. Wait, what...? A rap number, a boombox and basketball clothing in 1912? Is this dog a time-traveller or something? It's just ridiculous and wrong.

    I'm not sure what happens after, apart from Angelica's locket being stolen by the singer, because there is no coherent plot whatsoever. There is one scene, though, where the cartoony mouse gets chased by a chef which results in a rip-off of a scene in The Little Mermaid. Much later, after the animals have a party, the most important part of the story takes place, only everyone survives.

    I'll have to spoil it because the creators spoiled it themselves - Angelica finds her mother, Fritz and Flopsy the spaniel (male Lady from Lady and the Tramp) become police dogs owned by Sam who arrests Ms. Meanstreak and Tiger, Gaston has to take care of someone else, the mice and Hector get to work for a new restaurant as the chef's thanks for being rescued by them years before Ratatouille was developed, the ugly stepsisters marry Kirk and Dirk while Gertrude is heartbroken and Angelica and William get wed, adopting the dalmatians and two of the children on the ship. That's right. They all lived happily ever after as many other people were supposed to die in one of the biggest and most tragic disasters ever known since the eruption of Mount Vesuvius. Could you imagine an animated movie based on that disaster where the volcano gets blocked by Zeus? That would suck as much as this.

    There are two versions of the film but first, let me review the original version: The original Italian version that only got dubbed in English for one country lasts 90 minutes, which is quite surprising. You wouldn't expect an animated movie this cheap to be that length. Anyhow, the MIDI- style music is just weird. The instruments sound like they're in reverse. The three songs are quite nicer to listen to that the cut version; I kinda liked listening to the Mexican mouse song. The parts of the English dub of the original that make it awful are the few sound glitches where part of the dialogue gets cut or repeated.

    The cut version doesn't beat the original at all. The animation is slower and more repetitive. The opening isn't even that exciting. The uncut version had a nice opening where we pan through a countryside. But the cut version doesn't do that. Instead, the opening is just opening credits on a black background while dramatic music is played on a piano, and repeated bits of the ending are played. There are a lot of cuts, which prevent people from waiting, but that doesn't mean it's any better. The music makes more sense, but the songs suck. Including the replacement for the rap song "Viva Fritz", named "Party Time", which is just so ridiculously bad it's shockingly hilarious! The end credits are also 12 minutes long with footage from the original to keep it at 72 minutes. Rubbish!

    Overall, this version of Titanic is a true disaster. Why was it made? Who thought it up? What the hell was on the creators' minds? They just made fun of a horrible disaster by making another one! I'm glad it sold out on And didn't Disney, Don Bluth or Warner Bros. even file any lawsuits? Avoid this movie at all costs. No-one likes it, and you wouldn't want to waste your time. If you are brave enough to encounter both versions of the worst movie ever created by Italian-kind on YouTube, god shall have mercy on your soul!
  • I sat down with my kids begging me for months to watch this and I went in not expecting much, having said that I was truly touched by some of the dialogue. If I'm honest some scenes captured the sadness of the real titanic crash, my kids wouldn't go to bed until the film had ended. To the point this film was nothing short of a brilliant film and a fun watch for any film enthusiast, especially those interested in the star wars saga, although this film strongly out competes against. I strongly recommend this film to anyone interested in the titanics history and what happened to it with the iceberg crash (bear in mind how beautifully this movie captures it) this is nothing short of a perfect movie which gets it well deserved 10. Credit where credit is due. I hope to see more from this director.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    Wow... it's just a big ripoff... and a horrid one at that. The animation is so horrid, artistically challenged children could produce better.

    This film rips off everything... shamelessly too. I mean, they rip off "Titanic", "Anastasia", "Cinderella", "An American Tail", "The Aristocats", "101 Dalmatians", "Speedy Gonzales", "The Secret of NIMH", "Sherlock Holmes", "Lady and the Tramp", and "The Little Mermaid".

    They even have a Celine Dion rip off, who's dressed like a whore.

    And they even have a rapping dog... Be afraid.

    This movie's terrible... I recommend you watch The Nostalgia Critic's brilliant review on it.
  • this film is just amazing. The movie just reaches out at you and just grabs your soul! i seemed connected to all the character they all seemed to get me especially those 3 Mexican mice. This film is been said to be be the best film since shooter or even bigger than the Krazy Kidneys from Aberdare. i feared if i took my off the screen for 1 second i could miss EVERYTHING! the moment the Titanic hit that ice berg my heart missed a beat and my eyes filled with a thousand tears. i would recommend this film to every one from young to old i would especially recommend this to hardcore movie fans that are truly enjoy films such as the uprising or stickamon. why this movie is rated so low i have no idea they obviously to know i film that touches they're heart.
  • Why? Why did this film exist? A film based on one of those horrible tragedies in human history, and they decided to add talking animals, a rapping dog no less. What's next? Schindler's List with Sesame Street?
  • DrkRed150527 March 2009
    Warning: Spoilers
    ***WARNING! PLOT SPOILERS AHEAD!*** (Consider them your life saver)

    Straight from the start of the movie, you get the ending thrust into your face as if to tell you "This is how the movie ends. Seriously, it's that bad, we want you to know what's gonna happen." But nope, the director wasn't so considerate. Instead he decided to just show a few glimpses of the Titanic sinking while the rest would focus on a few pointless characters and one main character. Maybe more of a "My animation rocks, see it. SEE IT!" Well it doesn't. The animation is crude and lazy. Of course the movie is just getting started. If you haven't planned on turning the TV off yet, do it now to save yourself. We now jump into a flashback by the main female character! Gee, that sounds like an original way to tell the whole story! *COUGHJAMESCAMERONCOUGH* We are shown that the main female character, Angellica, is the servant girl of an evil stepmother and her two ugly step sisters. Once again, completely thought up by the director's own imagination! *COUGHDISNEYCOUGH* As if the voice acting was bad enough, the animation and lip syncing is just out of line and completely inexcusably lazy. Okay, ending there before I start explaining the entire movie, let's continue. While all we see at first are humans boarding the Titanic, we must remember this is an animated musical. And of course what is an animated musical without animals? That's why in THIS version of the Titanic, we are introduced to some -minor- animal characters subtly boarding the ship through a porthole via a plank of wood. Wasn't the crew prepared for the possibility of rodent infestation? This movie is for kids but do parents really want their children growing up while believing the Titanic compromised of men, women, children and talking animals? Remember, this movie's -supposed- to be historically accurate.

    Next up, the subplots. While a movie's supposed to have a main plot and sometimes a couple of subplots, at least one or two, this movie has perhaps 4 or 5! And the bigger problem is no one can tell just WHICH is the main! Each one is just so poorly developed, you think they're supposed to interlink somewhere in the movie! But really they just spread further away from each other per scene! And yes, I said they are poorly developed plots. That's because the scenes are poorly developed too. I'm serious. The scenes change so quickly and fast forward from one moment to another so instantly that you think the movie was burned onto the CD with a few scenes accidentally left out before the film was released to stores. No, that's exactly how the director chose for it to be. And this isn't the only scene they fast forward through, oh no! The entire freaking MOVIE is chock-o-blocked with these "on the move" scenes. I'm surprised this wasn't just a 30 minute movie! There is just so much I want to get out about just how poorly directed this film was but I just can't fit them in. I shall cover in my honest opinion the worst blasphemy this movie had the guts to perform. The historical inaccuracy, the very thing the movie boasted about NOT doing! Let's see, we've already covered the rapping dog and other walking talking animals. Let's move onto what can't be excused for because it's a children's movie. After the crew realised the ship would most definitely sink, the Third Class passengers were locked away down below with no hope of escaping while the higher classes would make it to safety first. However, according to this movie, the Third Class passengers managed to break free with ease as if the gates were built with plastic. This ship was state-of-the-art at the time, hello! Next comes the aftermath. The moment after the Titanic plunged under the water, it is shown William, the main male character, had saved a boy while they were on board the back of the ship as it plunged. A mere literal SECOND after the second half had disappeared, a lifeboat comes from nowhere and saves the child! And to butcher this inaccuracy to its fullest, William is shown barely holding above the surface while his foot is found to be tangled to the bars of the half of the ship that went down last! A large piece of the ship that apparently stayed just 7 feet underwater long enough for William to stay above the surface with a child to pass him up to the lifeboat and then 3 seconds later FINALLY decided to sink! Moving onto the last inaccuracy I'll cover (trust me, there are plenty more but I just can't bring myself to explain them) we see the animal cast on some type of home-made raft. Somehow animals from the cargo hold survived the sinking of the ship! As if that wasn't stupid enough, we get to see dolphins happily appear from nowhere and bring the animals to safety!

    If you think this hasn't explained enough of the movie to give you an idea of just how good *cough* or bad it is, seriously, don't bring yourself to watch it. It was terribly made and mercilessly ripped off many other adult and children favourite movies. This movie makes the disaster look like an inconvenience and still had time for a few happy funny moments. The disaster was heart breaking and terrifying. This movie is an heretic and insults the families who lost both lives and innocence.
  • Wow, just wow.....

    There is almost nothing original in this movie. The "plot" was obviously a rip-off of the 1997 Titanic. Every single character was a rip-off of either a Disney or Don Bluth film. As atrocious as it was, it actually made viewing this a bit more enjoyable; every now and then I would go "Ah! So THAT'S where they came from!". Examples would include:

    1. The geese - Aristocats 2. Mouse family - American Tail 3. Rapping dog - Oliver and Company 4. The two robbers and their leader - 101 Dalmations 5. The orange cat - Alice in Wonderl 6. Angelica's family - Cinderella

    The list goes on and on.

    The rest of the script was of fan-fiction quality. There is no trace of historical accuracy, unless of course rap dates back to the early 20th century. The dialogue was unbearably bland, and often had relatively little to do with the plot. Some characters only had grunts and "ughs" for their lines. Character development? Michael Bay could do way better.

    The animation was of the same quality as the writing. The movements came out horrible, sometimes the characters even acted like robots. Often the same reels would be reused in future scenes (most obvious with the rapping dog and mucho gusto).

    Overall it was a tasteless jambalaya of rip-offs, crude animation, anachronisms, and more rip-offs.
  • Ignore ALL bad reviews and/or it's 1.4/10 average vote, as this movie is just awesome! The characters were completely original and well-developed. The voice acting was just brilliant. the lines were so unforgettable and powerful i burst ed into tears. The animation was just totally smooth, the voices actually matched to what they were saying! and the songs,oh the songs! well, they were just amazing! The song "it's party time!" was the best song. The lyrics were completely unforgettable and the song was completely catchy,powerful,tear-shedding,heart-warming and just completely AWESOME!!!!! This movie is 100% recommended as it is the bested animated movie of all time. please watch it and it will change you forever.

    I give it a ten out of ten. If i could,however i would of given it an Million out of Ten.

    Now go and watch it now. truly amazing movie. Once your finished watching go watch the 2 other movies,In Search Of The Titanic & The Legend Of The Titanic,as these movies are just as good,maybe even better!
  • Warning: Spoilers
    This film is an abomination of cinema, attempting to jump on the Bandwagon of James Cameron's 1998 epic and failing miserably. Basically, this story can be summed up in a few sentences. Lower Class Girl and Upper Class Boy fall in love, talking animals from An American Tail, a Rapping Dog come back to kill the audience, Titanic hits the Iceberg and takes a sink into the drink and the two get together and marry at the end. You're rock-bottom basic love story woven into a disaster with Mexican Mice and a Rapping Dog. They even had the gall to put on the DVD blurb that this was in fact the 'Real adventures of the Titanic.'

    Forgive the pun but this film really does sink to a new low in film making, with awful animation, awful music, characters that are as bland as cardboard and the worst story you could possibly write about a real disaster. It really is a disaster in itself, insulting the memory of the disaster as well as the intelligence of the children who were unfortunate enough to watch this garbage.If you do happen to come across this film in a HMV somewhere, destroy it, just throw it on the ground and utterly obliterate it before some kid who doesn't know what it is accidentally buys it and is forced to endure this shipwrecked story.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    Ugh, everything you could imagine was bad about the film. Since I like to do my reviews in lists, here we go:

    1) It is a complete rip-off of James Cameron's Titanic, and tons of other movies. Okay, yes I know it's going to be the same story, but it has the same love story sub-plot with the male character being Kate Winslet and the female being Leo DiCaprio. The producer did not put any effort into this film at all. Not only that, but it has a rip-off on Pongo and Perdita from 101 Dalmatians, the mice characters from An American Tail, and many, many more.

    2)The animation was the worst I have ever seen. Everyone was drawn ugly (ESPECIALLY the little girl crying about her ball), the talking animals (Yes, you read correctly. Talking animals on the freaking Titanic, and that isn't the worst part) were drawn as cartoons not keeping in sync with the human characters, and well, I'm ranting on about this when there is so much more to hate.

    3)The plots are really annoying. Everywhere there's a subplot that just doesn't serve any purpose as the real story, or what should be the real story, is the Titanic! The subplots are so annoying and didn't entertain me.

    4)The talking animals. Yes, here we go. There were talking animals. On the freaking Titanic. And the sad thing is, it's still not the worst part.

    5)The total offensiveness of the actual movie. This is one of the most gruesome events in history, but we have singing animals who are also very racist (like the Mexican mice), annoying subplots that have nothing to do with anything, and anything else you can think of. Not only that, but at the end (SPOILER ALERT, although it won't make a difference because you won't want to see this movie anyways) when the little mouse is narrating how some of the characters that survived had a wonderful life after the sinking to cheery, clichéd music, he actually says "Here's hoping they have a happily ever after. See you soon!" The writers had the nerve to actually say "Happily ever after" after the GD SINKING OF THE TITANIC! Hundreds of people died that night in ice cold water! That is not a happy story, and that to me is the second most offensive part of this infuriating movie, and the first is number 6. My thought is the producer saw James Cameron's Titanic, thinking it was just a fairytale, and decided to make his own film for the kids. And that still isn't the worst part. But number 6 is. And the worst part of this offensive, horrible, infuriating movie is...

    6)The rapping dog. There is a rapping dog in this film. I will say that again. There is a rapping dog in this film. A dog, in a jersey with a "T" on it to stand for "Titanic", that comes out of nowhere and decides to rap, horribly, for absolutely no reason at all (no exaggeration, there is nothing that promotes this dog to start rapping), and all of this happens in 1912, before this form of music has even been invented, on the ship that would soon sink and drag most of the passengers with it. A rapping dog. I'm speechless. I cannot even begin to fathom how pointless, stupid, and most of all, offensive this was.

    Well, I'm finished. Bottom line is don't see this movie if you are reading this. Don't even do it to see how horrible it is (not even the rapping dog sequence, as tempting as it may sound). I am confident this is the worst animated film of all time, making Doogal look like The Godfather, and it is definitely one of the worst films of all time in my opinion. And the only reason I give this movie a 1 is because there is no choice for 0. This movie is worth 0 stars.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    I first heard about this movie from the Nostalgia Critic's hilarious review...and I had to witness bits and pieces of the movie. I knew it was bad by the looks of it from a fifteen-minute review, but I wasn't fully convinced. This movie COULDN'T be as bad as A Troll in Central Park, right?? Boy, was I proved wrong.

    This is the biggest piece of garbage I have ever seen in my life. Seriously. I know a lot of bad movies out there, but this is just ridiculous. It tops them all.

    Reasons why this movie is the worst: 1.) Animation: Animators (if you can even call them that) were lazy, high, or eight-year olds in art class. Animation is sloppy and repeats OVER AND OVER. How could the director watch over the film and think "Ohhhh boy, this is going to be great!". I mean, seriously, I've seen Beavis and Butthead have prettier artwork than this.

    2.) Rip-Offs Galore: This is a good drinking game. Whenever you spot a rip-off of another film in this movie, take a drink. You'll be passed out halfway through the film, I assure you. The film's most noticeable rip-offs are Cinderella, 101 Dalmations, An American Tail, and even the James Cameron Titanic movie. It's disgusting to point out "Seen it." until you're ready to claw someone's eyes out.

    3.) Voice Acting: Lack of everything. I rest my case.

    4.) The Horror of the Rapping Dog: I think everyone who watched this part of the film were APPALLED by this. A Big Lipped Alligator Moment nonetheless, but it is still extremely unnecessary. They try to make it so it's fun for everyone, but really, it's a pain in the ass to sit through. Who thought it would be a freaking good idea to toss in a dog with a jersey singing music that won't exist in decades?! I would like to meet this wise guy and give him the rest of the money he needs to get back to school, to learn that rap music did NOT exist in 1912.

    5.) Happily Ever After?!: A lot of people REALLY hate this, and I hate this. The ending is happily ever in fairy tales...THEY FORGOT TO MENTION THE 1500 PEOPLE THAT DROWNED AND FROZE TO DEATH! A lot of people say that this movie's for kids and that it should end happy, but i think even KIDS know about how many people died on the Titanic! I knew it when I was five or something like that! They made it look like everyone survived (except the singer, who was an idiot and kept singing while everyone was escaping.....) and even DOLPHINS saved the talking animals. For crying out loud, the Titanic isn't a fantasy, it's BASED ON A REAL-LIFE TRAGIC EVENT! It was like they thought it came out of a fairytale book and wanted to redo it so it can be happier and crap.

    Avoid this movie at all costs. Unless you like to watch movies that will give you headaches and begin to question humanity in this world, then knock yourself out. But other than those people, don't waste your time. 73 minutes will be wasted from you if you dare watch this.

    The end.
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