Bank Depositer: Hi, I'd like to make a deposit.

Bank Teller: [gasps in disgust and slaps him]

Bank Depositer: [holds up money] Money. I'd like to deposit money.

Bank Teller: [gasps in disgust and slaps him]

Bank Depositer: In your bank! I'd like to deposit money in your bank.

Bank Teller: [gasps in disgust, slaps and knocks him out]

Blue Jay: Would you wipe my tears?

Bat Thumb: No I will not wipe your tears, what part of you thinks that I would wipe your tears?

Blue Jay: The good part of me!

No Face: Ah, you remember well Bat Dung.

Bat Thumb: No face!

Blue Jay: I'll have you know, that the correct term for bat dung is 'Guano' so if you insist on calling him that then you should just call him Guano!

Bat Thumb: Okay remember the be quiet part?

Bat Thumb: [about No Face] Man he sure talks a lot.

[about Bat Thumb and Vicki have just had sex]

Vicky Nail: Wow, I've never done anything like that before.

Bat Thumb: Really?

Vicky Nail: No, I've done it a lot.

[No Face has just explained is plan to Bat Thumb]

Bat Thumb: You're insane!

No Face: Yes, you already said that.

Bat Thumb: Oh... you're in... you're ins... you're insane!

[No Face has removed his mask]

Blue Jay: Aaah, he's got no face!

Bat Thumb: ...Duuuh

Wuce Bayne: Fred, I need to get to the Thumbcave!

Fred: [drunk] ... Fish!... Oh Wuce, I thought you were a marlin. If you're going out be sure to take an umbrella because there's BACON outside.

Wuce Bayne: ...That's fine, Fred.

Fred: Fine for you maybe but what about the Bacon Bits people? They can't be happy!

[wanders off]