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  • This is not a film for people who like their entertainment sophisticated. Nope,...this film is meant for those who take pride in enjoying a really silly and stupid movie now and again. And, boy do I mean silly!! This short features human thumbs with computer technology in order to make the thumbs "come alive" in a wonderful parody of the recent Batman movies. And, overall, the parody is pretty broad and silly. I especially liked his side-kick. Instead of a helpful "ward", it's just some nut who dresses like a bird and can't seem to do anything right,...and WON'T go home like Bat Thumb keeps telling him to do! It's a good time passer, though not as funny as some of the production company's other thumb movies--most notably THUMB WARS, THUMBTANIC and THE GODTHUMB. Since they are all pretty short, I say see them all!
  • shawshank8621 February 2007
    Warning: Spoilers
    this is by far my favorite of the thumb sexology, probably because i love the batman movies, all the way back to the classic starring adam west and up to "batman begins". most of the jokes are playing off the stereotype of the legacy, like bat thumb's interest in saving the day if women are at the scene or the forced feeling of blue jay's unnecessary presence, but there's also quite a bit of creativity, like turning alfred's character into an incredible drunkard. i also highly recommend checking out the special features, namely the cast interviews and deleted scenes--they are worth your time! i also appreciate how no face allots ample time for bat thumb and blue jay to escape his crafty dooming contraption and leaves the scene, assuming everything works out. it's very reminiscent of dr. evil of the austin powers trilogy, yet it doesn't feel overdone.
  • I bought this flick along with Thumb Wars yesterday, with absolutely no clue whatsoever what to expect of it. The simple fact that I had to give 130 SEK (´bout 12$ I think) for but 30 minutes each had me hesitate for quite a long time, but finally I decided to give it a shot anyway. The first one I watched, Thumb Wars, where boodywell great! The creators knew EXACTLY which toes to step on and how to step HARD on 'em, so since I´m a great fan of Star Wars I knew very well what they ment. After watching the first one I couldn´t help but feelin' a little hopeful. Well, (not very unexpected), it wasn´t as hilarious as the first one. With this NOT said that it was rather lousy, bad or even a little mediocre, it wasn't just as fun as the first one, as it put up the expectations far to high. In this movie (I would rather call it episode, if it only where a few more of 'em), Wuse Bane, aka Bat Thumb, fights the dreaded, evil, as well as ugly, No Face. A thumb WITHOUT eyes and mouth. Imagine that! That´s pretty much the whole story, Bat Thumb´s wanna beat the fertilizer outta the villain, pork the blonde and get rid of his pathetic excuse of a sidekick. Lucky for this movie (err, well...), it really doesn't NEED a story that badly, since it´s just a sofisticatet puppetshow anyway :-) I dearly recommend it to anyone who enjoys a really ill-willing parody :-)

    May the force live long and prosper
  • Warning: Spoilers
    "Bat Thumb" is another of these parodies of famous films with the main characters played by thumbs. The writer and producer is Bob Oedekerk as usual and he made this one a year before he gained his Academy Award nomination for "Jimmy Neutron". The director of this 15-year-old film is David Bourla and for him it is also one of several Thumb works. This Batman parody is probably the second most famous after the "Star Wars" parody. Other include "Titanic" and "The Godfather" for example. But back to this one. It was actually done before Christopher Nolan launched his mega-successful trilogy. Sadly, these 28 minutes here were not particularly entertaining apart from 2 or 3 mildly funny moments and from the dramatic perspective this film does not deliver 1% actually. So yeah, not a good watch, also not for "Batman" films. The Cock Robin reference also got old pretty quickly. Overall, a weak watch. Not recommended.
  • DeRaiLer21 March 2003
    Blue Jay had to be the funniest thing about this movie! I mean when he follows bat thumb using his sisters bicycle was too funny. And the whole thing about everyone finding the sidekick a bit on the "funny" side while bat thumb is denying his relationship with a fruity sidekick.

    True, not as funny as thumb wars, but still a good watch.