Shuichi Shindo: But we're both guys.

Hiroshi Nakano: You moron! If you love someone, then what difference does it make if they're a guy or a girl? Just be happy.

Suguru Fujisaki: [crying while standing in front of his keyboard] Haven't you ever heard of respecting the will of the artist?

K: [smiling and holding a gun to Fujisaki's head] Hell no!

Shuichi Shindo: [smiling blissfully] Hey Hiro, why don't you ask what happened to me last night?

Hiroshi Nakano: [smiling and humoring him] Hey, Shuichi, what happened to you last night?

Shuichi Shindo: [has heart-shaped eyes] Something GOOD!

[Hiro winces]

Shuichi Shindo: Now you say, "Come on, don't just say that. What happened?"

Hiroshi Nakano: Come on, don't just say that. What happened?

Shuichi Shindo: I won't tell!

Shuichi Shindo: [shows up at Yuki's door with all his things] Well, hi!

[hums and enters, setting a mug down on the table]

Shuichi Shindo: This is my favorite mug from when I was a little kid.

Eiri Yuki: Um...

Shuichi Shindo: [holds up a comic book] Have you ever read this comic? It's my favorite!

Eiri Yuki: Uh...

Shuichi Shindo: [pulls out a computer] Where's the electrical outlet around here?

[pulls out pillow and walks over to the couch]

Shuichi Shindo: Call me crazy, but I just can't settle down without my favorite pillow.

Eiri Yuki: What the hell do you think you're doing?

Shuichi Shindo: I'm going to work now!

Eiri Yuki: [waves sleepily] Yeah, whatever.

[sits up]

Eiri Yuki: Hey, wait a minute, I don't remember saying you could live here with me.

Shuichi Shindo: [snuggles up to him] But, Yuki, this is a big house and you've got this whole place all to yourself and besides, you brought me here remember?

Eiri Yuki: [shoves Shuichi off the bed] Biggest mistake of my life.

Shuichi Shindo: I'm going!

[munches Yuki's ear and runs out]

Shuichi Shindo: Hee hee hee.

Eiri Yuki: [throws pillow at door and clutches ear] That bastard.

Touma Seguchi: [sitting on the floor] Ah, Eiri, I had no idea that your ear was your weakness.

Shuichi Shindo: [shouts] Yuki is all mine!

Sakano: The president will be here any minute! He expects everything to be ready! If he's disappointed I'll lose my job! Clearly I've failed as a manager. The only thing I can do is to end it all.

[opens first-story window and prepares to jump out]

Sakano: Good luck with your careers! I will miss you!

Shuichi Shindo: This really scary guy saw it.

Hiroshi Nakano: What were you doing? Peeing in the bushes?

Shuichi Shindo: Not that! The lyrics! He saw the lyrics!

[repeated line]

Shuichi Shindo: It was like some horrible joke. I only wish *that* was the punch line.

Eiri Yuki: Quiet! I haven't cried in six years and my head is really killing me.

Shuichi Shindo: Six years? You're just too cool! As for me, I cry at least once a day. Man, that's just mega-cool! It's like you have a dark past or something! Oh, right. You really do.

K: [while loading gun] Missing work for a week over a mere cold is pitiful. I'll fire off a couple rounds and beat his spirit back into shape.

Hiroshi Nakano: Oh, that's okay. I'll drop by his place later. I wanna talk to Shuichi anyway.

K: [softly] Darn.

K: I'll bet that he must have spent the entire day mixing it up, licking, and banging.

Sakano: [shouts] What? Mixing it up? Shindou wouldn't do anything that goes against public order and morals! But licking with Mr. Yuki... ahhh! Oh, my sweet baby!

K: What are you getting so excited about? Mixing it up means enjoying yourself at the beach. Licking refers to yummy soft serve ice cream. Banging means hustling at the mole-hitting game.

Sakano: Oh. I knew that.

[Shuichi, disguised as luggage, is being dragged away by airport security]

Shuichi Shindo: Leggo, you bastard! You're discriminating against suitcases!

Ryuichi Sakuma: Sparkle, Shuichi. Make the sparkly reach out!

[Shuichi stops in front of Yuki's moving car]

Eiri Yuki: [Steps out into the street] If you're going to jump in front of cars, choose another one.

Hiroshi Nakano: [Confronting Eiri in the parking garage] I warned you. I told you that if you made him cry because of something other than his own stupidity, I wouldn't forgive you! Shuichi took a beating from Aizawa of ASK just to protect you!

[Eiri says nothing]

Hiroshi Nakano: Right. It doesn't matter, because you dumped him. So you don't care. So, in that case...

[grabs Eiri by his shirtfront]

Hiroshi Nakano: Why did you do this to him earlier, huh? Before Shuichi got serious! *Before* something like this happened! You are the one I really blame.

Eiri Yuki: Let go, and answer just one question...

[Eiri prys Hiro's hands away, surprising him with his strength]

Eiri Yuki: [Enraged] This Aizawa of ASK... where is he?