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  • This movie is on the level of a badly written sit-com. There is not one original idea in it. Every gag is telegraphed from a mile away. Every character is a cartoon cut-out and there is nothing even approaching a real performance. It's pretty clear that the actors involved knew they were turning out schlock and were only in it for a paycheck. I sat through about 30-40 minutes of this nonsense before I decided it wasn't worth any more of my time. If you are looking in your local video store for a good comedy and you happen across this wretched excuse for a movie, do yourself a favor and rent whatever's next to it. It's bound to be better.
  • This was one of the worst movies i have seen. nobody of any age would like this. i usually give movies 6 stars or more but this movie u guys have to trust me on it is not good! I thought it would be cute but it was the opposite of cute it was Bad! my family didn't like this movie they found it really weird and boring. If you don't believe me see it for yourselfs. i saw this movie this year in 2011. i am pretty sure not even 3 year olds would want to see this. This movie was so bad i didn't even catch the plot or idea of the whole movie. everybody has their own opinion and thats pretty much my opinion of this movie. i hope this review helped you.
  • This movie does not break any new ground -- but it does offer some great characters and some unbounded silliness. The writing is clever, the camera work is skilled, but the performances from the ensemble are what make the movie work. John Laroquette shines as always, the kids are adorable, and Bill Dawes as the archvillian across the street does some physical comedy on par with Jim Carrey. In particular, check out the single camera shot of him flipping headfirst into a bucket.
  • rockprincess17329 December 2003
    this was a cute movie, and it wasn't bad. i think it is for more of a younger child crowd (as i am 16) but it was still not bad. my sister is actually friends with devon werkheiser who plays the younger boy Max, and i always hear about how hard he works to get roles like this. that's actually the only reason i watched the movie, because devon was in it and i wanted 2 know who this kid my sister kept talkin about was! lol. but it was pretty good and really cute, especially for young children.
  • This movie is a series of slapstick gags mostly set within a restaurant. The first half seems quite mean-spirited and uninvolving, while the second half does capture a spirit of zaniness that makes it watchable if not very enjoyable.

    Margo Harshman and Michelle Brookhurst do a good job as the protagonist and antagonist and can look forward hopefully to better things. John Larraquette and Leslie Ann Warren have done better things and hopefully will look on this as the low point of their distinguished careers.

    I think the target audience for the film is kids 8-12 years old. They might enjoy some of it. Adults will be bored rather than amused.
  • Home Alone crossed with Spy Kids but set at a brand new gourmet restaurant. My grandchildren and I enjoyed it immensely on a rainy Saturday afternoon. As a former chef I much appreciated the antics of the kids as they tried to make up for their missing parents at the restaurant's opening, meanwhile fending off the evil doings of a rival restaurant, while dealing with fussy customers and imperious restaurant critics. John Larroqutte does his usual masterful job as does Leslie Ann Warren, as his wife. The kids are marvelous, going from sibling hatred to grudging respect as they are forced to team up to try to save the day for the family. William Propp's script offers more comic twists than a pushcart pretzel.
  • Today is November 13, 2005, and I just saw this movie for the first time on PAX TV. I really enjoyed the movie and so did my kids. Its nice to see a movie like this for a change where the family pulls together for a common cause. Again, we all really enjoyed it. As a sort of side note, we also enjoy John Laroquette in the new series that he did on the Hallmark TV channel entitled McBride - there is a series of movies - all two hour specials where he plays McBride - a Defense Attorney looking out for the underdog. I think that Laroquette was stereotyped when he did the Night Court TV series - and that was a shame. He really is such a good actor - and this movie and the McBride series really bring out his acting abilities.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    I'm honestly glad I found the title because I'm gonna start saying everything wrong about it!

    The actors:they look as if they never acted before and I can see how they felt uncomfortable doing this! It made me cringe just looking at them!

    The storyline: The parents just leave their kids to mind the rest of their family restaurant. I consider this child abuse, why weren't social services involved?! It just doesn't make any sense to leave your children alone in a restaurant, what if they burnt themselves or even burnt the whole place down! This movie is a really bad example of parenting, children should not be made to watch it regardless if it's meant to be "family-friendly"!

    The setting: Even though it's meant to be set in a restaurant, the background looks like it's a café since it looks too cramped and the colours were disgusting. Seriously, they should've set this in a diner for all I care!

    I've seen this movie years ago and it just haunted me badly since then. This is an opportunity to share my opinion of seeing it.

    I extremely hate this movie, I wouldn't suggest watching and think it's great. It was overrated and stupid. This should be the top of the worst movies list since its definitely mine!

    Avoid and don't waste your life watching this like I did!
  • Possibly the worst comedy that I have ever seen. I cannot even think of an age group that might enjoy this cliché-ridden garbage. I made the huge mistake of buying the DVD and I wanted to enjoy it. In the event, I never smiled once whilst watching it.

    If you collect all the hackneyed old scenes from every comedy film that you can think of and string them loosely together, you do not have a comedy. If you then get all of the adults to act like idiots and make the children be irritating, you still don't have a comedy. Comedy is all about comic timing. Don't expect any of that here!

    It pains me that in this day and age, with all the wonderful comedy of recent years, these particular film-makers appear to have learnt nothing whatsoever! Truly dire! Recipe For Disaster? It certainly is!
  • Small kids will love this movie for its simply storyline and slapstick silliness, but it's entertaining enough that parents should enjoy watching it too. The headflip into a bucket by the villian that another reviewer mentioned is pretty incredible to see. A restaurant critic who has a number of scenes in various disguises is also quite entertaining. It's refreshing to see a simple predictable film that's well performed once in a while. This film exemplifies just how a "G" rating and an obviously low budget can still entertaining for everyone.

    (One warning, though . . . you may have to caution your kids about playing around in the kitchen or in the electrical fuse box after they watch this movie.) :o)