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  • First of all, the movie is half english and half czzech. and there is no subtitle of this movie on internet. but still it can be understand easily. the performance is nice and production quality is ok for czech cinema of 2002.

    a story of a wife who is married to her sister's husband because after the sister death , so that she can take care the children. there is no feelings or passion between husband n wife and also she didnt like to be there and also husband was kinda abusive to her. things change in her life when american army came to town and found her that she can speak english and then they hire her for interpenetrate. then one of the soldier starts having feeling on her, and as well as she.

    the ending of the movie is not that good. or maybe good for one point. explain in spoilers.

    -----------------spoilers------------------ why ending is good and bad both.

    even she runaway from home and then she n soldier starts an affair and she likes to have Love or feeling for the first time in her life. and even after that she returns home and later she regret that and starts packing again until husband came and start abusive again. then later in the end they both reconcile. as there is no subtitle , but its understanding that husband told her that he try his best to understand her and starts a life again , there she agrees and hugs him. that is kinda bad ending but in good way , as she sacrifice herself for the children's sake and their future.

    it would be a good ending, if husband let her go , so she could start a new life with that soldier. because in the end she handed that army pass to her husband to decide her fate as she were trying to leave again. so If in the end, husband told her that he understand that she married him for his children but there is no love , so she could leave with daughter and start again.. then it would be really great ending.