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  • I-miss-jukeboxes26 July 2020
    It is a great time watching thin attractive female bodies (nature!) and knowing it will be as fun as always. Any of the jealous curvy women that gave it low ratings are the same women who get tattoos to distract us. If you are a man of taste, you'll enjoy !
  • Dan-salinga7 March 2020
    Whittier is fine... delicious snack of an all-American girl Tina too, I would nail her. Monica not so much. Fact.
  • This movie was direct to video release which should tell you right away it lacks a little compared to the success of the first film. Also, the cast are all nobody's (no offense) unlike the great teeny bopper cast of the first (some offense there)

    Aside from all of that the movie really isn't terrible. If you are into cheerleading you'll most likely enjoy it. The acting is average, the "story" is pretty weak, but the cheering is very good.

    If you're a fan of Bring it On then watch this one, just check your expectations at the door. I rate it a 5 out of 10.
  • Whittier is both nervous and excited. She's just made it onto the BEST cheer leading squad (best in WHAT is never clarified). Unfortunately, the captain is rude and cruel to the other cheerleaders, so she and her best friend Monica decide to create their own squad and have a cheer off to see who will go to nationals. At the same time she is falling for the shaggy Derrick who could be perfect for her.

    From the beginning this film annoyed me. The lead girl is too naive and impressionable - after one talk with her "head cheerleader" she decides to cut down on her calories and ridicule her friends - even drop them for acceptance. (Don't most girls grow out of that by college?) When she finally stands up for herself, you'll wonder what took so long, and why she felt the need to strip to make her point.

    The acting is okay at best, especially from the lead, who is out shined by the girls playing her best friend and her adversary. The "comedy" is minimal, with the gag of Penelope getting hurt being very overdone. The ending was predictable and completely unrealistic as well.

    This film left me with a few questions:

    *What was with the constant costuming of Whittier in yellow? *Why did the guy playing the mascot beat box to the costume head before going out onstage?

    *Where did the new squad find the funding to get matching uniforms and how did they manage to unify their routine within two days?


    This is nothing more than mundane teen drivel. It's an unnecessary sequel trying to cash in on the success of it's predecessor. The acting is poor and the ending unrealistic and predictable. Skip this lame flick - you're not missing anything.
  • BaiNst14 May 2003
    Don't be mislead by the title, because other than cheerleading, this movie has little (actually, nothing) to do with "Bring It On". However, I only say that so that you won't be disappointed if you were expecting it to tie in.

    That said, this movie is a lot of fun, and has some great lines and superb actors. It's got more in common with "Animal House" and "Revenge of the Nerds", plot-wise, and what it lacks in character development, it makes up for in spirit, and a charming innocence.
  • The first "Bring it On" is no masterpiece, but it has charm and manages to be very entertaining. In this direct-to-video sequel, the talented cast from the original is replaced by second-rate actors and the script is brooding with everything I hate about teen movies in general. Maybe I'm biased because I'm from New Jersey, but I've never heard any of my peers use the phrase "Shut up!" Give me some characters and dialogue I can relate to for God's sake! Enough of these Barbie and Ken Dolls! Aside from the ultra-lame dialogue, almost every gag falls flat. And the stupid plot involves a couple of cheerleading outcasts training a ragtag team of students (who know NOTHING about cheerleading) in a limited amount of time! I'm not going to give away the outcome, but the premise alone makes you want to puke, right? Bree Turner is a hot actress, but she doesn't match up to Gabrielle Union. And that Reese Witherspoon lookalike who plays the lead definitely doesn't match up to Kirsten Dunst! Don't see this movie! Just another lifeless sequel to serve as fodder for the video shelves.

    My score: 3 (out of 10)
  • It's hard to believe that any movie industry professionals were actually associated with straight-to-video production "Bring It On Again" (2004). Although a sequel, it is more like a really painful blend of "Revenge of the Nerds" and "Cadet Kelly".

    Despite the warnings I actually watched my soon to be re-gifted DVD. Anne Judson-Yager (who looks like Reese Witherspoon plus 30 pounds) plays new college freshman and aspiring cheerleader Whittier Smith. She and her friend Monica (Faune A. Chambers) pass the audition and come under the scrutiny of sadistic head cheerleader Tina Hammersmith (Bree Turner). They soon tire of life under Tina and form a rival cheerleading squad of fine arts students and campus radicals. Despite a host of available movie stereotypes the screenwriter can't seem to figure out how to portray this crowd and you actually feel embarrassed for the actors who must deal with these portions of her script. Production design, style, and unity are apparently unknown elements to director Damon Santostefano (unsuccessfully seeking work since making this movie) and the whole thing seems randomly thrown together. It must have been an assembly nightmare for the editor, who may or may not share some of the blame- it's hard to tell.

    I'm at somewhat of a loss as to the target demographic for "Bring It On Again". These things tend to be pitched to producers for their sexploitation potential. And in this case they could at least count on a pre-sold sexploitation audience of original "Bring It On" fans. But the only tie with the original is the subject of cheerleading and those looking for sexploitation elements will be disappointed.

    My guess is that the target audience is actually preteen girls. The script is certainly on that age and sophistication level. The male members of the cast appear to have been selected for their looks (certainly not their acting skills) while the female members are a dreary looking bunch (although their limited acting skills are well-matched with those of the male cast). When your leading lady looks like Judson-Yager and your only really pretty actress is cast as the cheer squad's towel girl; alarm bells should start sounding for those outside this target demographic. I bet the producers wish that they had heard those bells and monitored this project a little closer.

    Then again, what do I know? I'm only a child.
  • I didn't expect much from Bring It On Again. In fact, I only watched it because I was under the impression that Jaime Pressly was in it, which was not the case (OK, so I confused Bring It On Again with Not Another Teen Movie - can you blame me?). But I kept watching, despite the "poor man's Reese Witherspoon" in the lead. And lo and behold, the movie is actually nowhere near as bad as people here have been claiming. It is more of a comedy than the first movie, and there is one big thing that ties it together with the first movie, which I think most people have overlooked: Both movies are saying that cheer-leading is NOT COOL. Both movies are going out of their way to show that cheer-leading is as shallow as anything can be, and clearly pointing to a dozen other things that are far cooler, but which happen not to be the focus of this particular comedy. That's actually pretty funny. These movies are not as empty-headed as they first seem.

    The lead girl in the sequel first struck me as very boring in a "girl next door" type of way, but I have to admit she grew into the part very well and achieved the confidence of character to come across as a convincingly cool cheerleader (in the comedy setting, I mean) towards the end. Ultimately, she was an actress rather than just a pretty face, and that is to be commended, considering that this was a mere straight-to-video release. Somebody in the production team actually had the ambition to create a quite serious, well-written, well-structured piece of work - and they succeeded.

    I rated the first movie a 7, and this one, surprisingly, qualifies for as much as a 6, despite the ludicrous end performance (apparently comprised by an almost entirely new team). It was fun. Quite an achievement, all things considered.
  • BAD BAD BAD! Sorry to anyone who thought this was a GOOD movie.. Hardly Believable, and compared to the fun fast pace of the First BRING IT ON, this one lacks..EVERYTHING! There was a lot of attempts at Copy-Catting the Original..We had the opening "Dream" and then there was a "Locker room scene" And there was a "Try Out" ... lastly a "competition" ... ugh...futile attempt. IMO: Sequels should NOT be made if the original Screen Writer didn't contribute, Very Important...DIRECTOR...The Original director was great! All the scenes were squinting at dark scenes. Lastly, original Actors/Actresses, and if they don't participate...At least get actors/Actresses people can actually LIKE. Sorry, but Bring It On Again just didn't have Anything...Where was all the REAL Cheer leading??(noting: Exception of the "Competition") They expect the audience to Believe that a couple of disgruntled cheerleaders can have a "try out" get a bunch of activists together and uh Bribe them with the Winnings into suddenly being able to do all the moves and flips and such that Competing cheer leaders do? Sorry...Not Even. In the Immortal words of Missy....GIVE IT UP ALREADY!!
  • Warning: Spoilers

    When Whittier and Monica go to college, they hope to get into the cheer leading team. Their tryouts are tough but they make it. Tina, the head cheerleader makes them work- REALLY work! When Tina overworks Monica purposely, and doesn't care, Whittier and Monica are out. They make their own team- it's hard, but they finally turn a group of depressed, happy-hating people into real cheerleaders by using some of their specialties- such as ballet and karate. their's two teams in one school and the rules state only one team a school can go to Nationals. After a talk with the principal, they decide on a contest in front of the whole school! But...who will win??

    This movie, as said in the above comment has nothing to do with the first one, but is good on its own. It has different characters in the movie and different people playing them. I'd have to agree its not really all that funny but is great whatsoever, though it does have funny remarks here and their. Their cheers are excellent (and i never liked cheer leading!) and overall, the movie is worth watching.
  • Well i liked the first one Bring it on, I mean, Kirsten Dunst, Eliza Dushku and Gabrielle least we know who they are and they rock on that movie..! Great music, great moves! Bring it on again..well one hour and a half, small, the story : clich√©, some funny parts..really nothing special. It's a good movie to watch on a Sunday afternoon with your grandparents :)! Just kidding.. I'm just trying to say that this sequel is not very good. Makes me wanna say maybe they should just stop on the first one and everybody would be wow nice movie, know what i mean? I haven't seen the third one. But if it's something like this one, i rather not.. I liked the last performance by the renegades. I mean, trough the movie they suck, but in two awesome! Go renegades :P!
  • Warning: Spoilers
    I need to wash my eyeballs and earholes after seeing this rubbish. Perhaps the entire cheerleading team borrowed a time stopping device from the bad plot department and studied choreographed performance arts for 2 years straight. Personally, I wish I had a time travelling device simply so I could travel back in time 2 hours, and smash the DVD player before my girlfriend subjected me to this tripe. I will never get my 2 hours back. In fact I'll stop typing this right now, because that movie is still occupying my time, and not another second... HOWEVER, Apparently to submit a review it needs to be 10 lines, with that in mind... Don't WASTE ANY TIME ON THIS MOVIE Perhaps a visit to the dentist would be more enjoyable.
  • amalmer28 September 2007
    After hearing a lot of negative comments about this movie, and how poor the acting was, I expected it to be one of the worst movies I would ever watch.

    However, I actually thought the acting was very good in some points. Bree Turner was AMAZING as Tina!!! She played her role as nasty head cheerleader so well I actually wanted to go in there and tell her off! Her part was so believable, and I think she deserves props for her acting skills.

    I thought the plot line was OK, but a bit copy-cat of the original. Some parts of the movie were hard to believe and a little corny, but I don't think it distracted too much from the overall message. Although the original was much better, I don't think this movie was a complete downfall.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    I like Bring It On, and Bring It On: All On All Or Nothing, but I didn't enjoy this movie. Possibly the only good thing about this sequel was the Renegades performance at the end. Looking at number one, which was enjoyable, I found this to be a really poor excuse for the sequel. They should have cut this one out and made number three, number two. This just was like a copy of number one, with a few differences. One) they don't make an entirely new squad, two) the music is good, and three) number one and three both had good song tracks, while this had a really boring track. No offense to those who liked this one, but this was a really bad excuse for a sequel.
  • hnt_dnl14 September 2008
    Warning: Spoilers
    I love the original Bring It On, a fun, witty, lively look at rival cheerleading squads and I do think that most sequels aren't as good as the originals and don't expect them to be as good, but at least to have elements of the original to draw the viewer in. This movie, BRING IT ON AGAIN, is the ANTI-Bring It On! It is joyless, unfunny, witless and unlike the talented stars of the original, the stars in this turgid sequel have no personality whatsoever. There isn't a funny character, scene, or even moment in this movie.

    While the original was about high school cheerleaders, the premise (if you can call it that) here is about college cheerleaders. What's weird is that in Bring It On, the stars (Kirsten Dunst, Gabrielle Union, Eliza Dushku) were playing high schoolers but looked and acted older, while here these supposed college-age girls (Andrea Judson-Yager, Bree Turner, Faune Chambers) could easily pass for high schoolers, in both appearance and maturity level!

    The only real plus is when the 2 girls break off and form their own squad filled with those dormitory protesters. The movie started to get a little interesting, but again, the humor just wasn't there. But I will admit that the ending routine was fairly impressive. But kind of anti-climactic I would say. And that post-movie 80s song ending overlapping the scene goofs was not nearly as good as the one at the end of Bring It ON. Although I do prefer Pat Benatar to Toni Basil. But then again, who doesn't?!
  • inkery@hotmail.com13 January 2005
    So...I've seen Bring it on. Not one the greatest movies of all time, but fair enough; it's mindless entertainment for the whole family. And then came the sequel...I figured it would be a bit lame, a bit cheery and good for an hour and a half of killing time. I was wrong. The only way to see this is to gather all your friends just to make fun of it, preferably while drinking heavily. It's all American, and quite sickening preppy, and I can't imagine why anybody at all would paint such a picture of college-America, let alone watch it! People behind a flick such as this should be ashamed of themselves; honestly, how do you sleep at night?! As for me, I got physically sick just watching it, and will not attempt it again for the sake of my own sanity. Thank you!
  • mkblond18 August 2006
    OK so the first bring it on movie was NOT the best movie ever made, but at least it was good and made sense....bring it on "again" was in my opinion a sequel from hell...i mean, it's OK if people like this movie, but compared to the first one, it had really no point to it other than that the new cheerleader gets in a cat fight with head cheerleader, new cheerleader forms a squad of people who didn't even seem to know wut cheerleading was, in like, 3 days she trains them from freaks to actual cheerleaders, they oddly "win"....blah blah's storyline is like, the exact same as the first one. I mean, it wasn't required to have the same characters, but it should've at least had the same spunk and flare like the original...i'm sorry but i wasn't impressed by this movie at all...
  • party pat14 August 2005
    Warning: Spoilers
    This movie was terrible, the plot the script the actors, all terrible. The first one at least had its funny moments like the part with Ian Roberts, and the girls were hot. This one no funny parts and the girls could definitely be hotter. As I was watching this movie all I could feel was embarrassment for everyone involved with this movie. At the end I was totally hoping they would fall in a close vote to the Varsity squad making the Rocky comment earlier in the movie warranted and the movie in general more believable, but no they will. At what was up with the fans at the end, they went from totally booing the squad to having home made and professionally made signs. This movie may be good if you have some time to waste and a lot of drugs, not just some but a lot.
  • I quite enjoyed the original Bring it On, especially because it had two of my fave actresses (Kirsten Dunst and Eliza Duska).

    The second film has none of the original cast members, and is replaced with some average actors. Well they are not bad, but i dont think any of them were as good as the first film.

    Anyway, the plot is quite different from the original film but obviously still features cheerleaders fighting off against each other.

    Its an enjoyable film, wasn't that funny but it had its charms. The only problem i have with it is that some of it seemed "unreal" especially the end scene (I wont say what it is, cos it will ruin the film).

    Not bad, not great. *** out of *****
  • In all my life, I have never seen such a horrible and quite frankly, disturbing movie. I thought I had seen the worse, but this is a disgrace to movie-making. I mean, who came with this? I borrowed the movie from a friend because I liked the first one. But I already had my doubts when there were different actresses and all. Even the title gave me a shudder of fear. Several points:

    1) ACTING: None

    2) PLOT: Must've have missed it, because I was probably protecting my eyes, from this tragedy

    3) CHARACTER DEVELOPMENT: Does the main actress going from shy and idiotic to ghetto and idiotic, considered as "character development"? I think not

    4) OVERALL MOVIE: Someone, get this director arrested and burn him with every copy of "Bring It On Again". This movie took every single stereotype about all sorts of people, and conglamorated it into this 90-minute Armageddon.

    I beg of you, if you want to live a normal life, do not buy, not even rent this movie, for if you do, your eyes will sue for a capital lawsuit.
  • This movie is definitely the worst bring it on movies made, maybe the worst movie of the year.The Concept is stupid, with a bad lead actress {Anne Judson-Yager}. She cannot act in anyway possible. And maybe if they put a better person to play her part, the movie might have got a second star. But to my opinion,the movie isn't even worth half of a star. The plot is pointless, the way some of the actors {Anne Judson-Yager} cheer is very annoying.I'd rather watch a blank screen for days then watch this movie for even five minutes. And i know i'm speaking for a lot of people when i say this movie is horrible and should never be played on t.v for the rest of eternity.
  • markpaulovich27 February 2006
    Bring It On Again lacked the originality and flair of the first film. That's what it's problem was. It tried to be exactly like Bring It On and used the same format that the first movie used. The opening of both films were dream sequences of the main characters and something humiliating happening to them in the dream. Then both introduced us to the schools and the locations. Later, we get the audition scene that the first film has made a classic but the second film poorly imitated. Then the build up to the big final showdown and then the ending where the underdog wins somehow. Even the credits tried to be the same with the bloopers and text style.

    That seems to be the major problem...the sequel tried too hard to be like the first film and didn't have the style or energy the first did. It trudged along trying it's hardest, but lacked everything that made the first film great.

    The poorly written script, lacking the vivacity and cattiness of the predecessor, had no clever one liners or dialog. The direction was also terrible. There was no sense of personal style, but it seems as if they gave first year filmmakers some low budget cameras and told them to make it look like the first film. The cinematography slightly resembled BIOs style, but didn't have the flair that was introduced in the first.

    It seems Bring It On Again was made as a quick-buck scheme. It would've made much more money and would've been a much better film if they had most of the original cast signed on and a better script that could've placed the cast in a college or elsewhere and brought on the same collaborative team that helmed the first.

    Poor writing plus bad direction plus bad acting times unoriginality equals horrible strait-to-video sequels.
  • maggielady629 December 2004
    I am a fan of Bring it on but Bring it on again isn't what i have expected it to be.I thought the actors were better in Bring it on.The routines were not as good in bring it on again.When the movie was over I thought it basically just started and that they never had a very good ending.It was definitely not as good as the first movie.I thought they were going to go to the nationals but then the movie was over!Bring it on again would of been more enjoyable if they continued the movie until the we don't even know how it ended!From now on I am never going to watch a cheer leading movie again but i will watch it if Kirstine Dunce comes back in a cheer leading movie!
  • This film was terrible to be honest. No acting, no story, just a cop-out of the first one. Everyone is commenting on Bree Turner's portrayal of the "bitch" being great and the best .. it's not actually? I'm from the U.K and maybe shes not a familiar face over here but I cant think of anything else she's been in. She tried too hard to be the "bitch" and gives a mediocre performance? The cheering was o.k in this one, but nothing special. On the back of the D.V.D cover (yes! i didn't know i wouldn't like it!) it says something like "with a group of rising, up-and-coming new stars" .. what stars? They haven't been in anything since. I can ONLY vaguely remember watching Faune Chambers in "Epic Movie" which was also a flop in my eyes? The acting is shocking! I LOVE the Bring It On series and I actually do prefer the straight-to-DVD films rather than the original (my opinion!), i like the first one, and I LOVE bring it on 3 & 4 .. but this one? - - NOT WORTH A PLACE IN MY FAVES.
  • trendy_girl17 January 2004
    I just finished watching this movie about 2 hours ago and I want to cry that I actual spent money on this film! I loved the first one. It was fun, upbeat and the characters were really enjoyable. This movie, i just couldn't get into it.. the dialogue seemed fake and the characters, were unrelatable. Although it did deplict some of the "realities" of university life, the story line never went anywheres. The best part of the movie was the last 10 minutes, when cheerleading actually took place. I think thats what made the first one so much fun. It was actually about cheerleader. So for those who want to see it, don't bother! Stick to the original, cause you'll be disappointed by bring it on again!
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