• WARNING: Spoilers

    Bob, a 55 year old, looking bored, oblivious, is a still famous actor who comes to Tokyo to shoot a commercial for $2 million. As soon he arrives and is greeted by a bunch of smiling overly friendly Japanese crew, he gets a fax from his wife Lydia, 45 years old, reminding him that he forgot his son's birthday. The next morning, he spots Charlotte, 25 years old, in the elevator full of expressionless Japanese people. Bob, feeling totally oblivious, shoots a whiskey commercial.

    Charlotte is accompanying her husband John, who is 30 years old and a constantly busy photographer, who doesn't pay much attention to her. He goes to Tokyo to shoot for a few days. She feels sad, lost and alone in a luxurious hotel.

    After a few days, Bob and Charlotte have a pleasant short conversation in a hotel bar. For the next few days they briefly meet, whether accidentally or on purpose. Their sympathy for one another grows.

    Charlotte invites Bob to join her and friends for a party. They all have a great time together. Their understanding of each other's feelings deepens. Charlotte reveals to him her fear of not knowing what to do with her life, he tells her about the scary and troubling parts of his marriage. After going back to his room, Bob tries to share his emotions about the party with his wife over phone, but she remains cold and talks about her daily routine.

    The next day, Charlotte travels to Kyoto and Bob appears as a guest in a popular but meaningless Japanese show. Still desperate about his appearance in that show, he finds himself again in the hotel bar. Charlotte is not there. The singer from a hotel approaches him and the two have a brief affair. Charlotte is disappointed about the affair the next day. They spend a terrible lunch together.

    The last evening he admits that he wishes to stay in Tokyo with her. They both know their wish is just a romantic fantasy. They stay without words, holding each other's hand, and kiss gently goodbye.

    Before he leaves the next morning, he calls to see her again. They say bye without a kiss, both embarrassed, not knowing exactly how to react. She walks away. On the way to the airport, he spots her from the car. He rushes toward her. They embrace warmly. He whispers to her. They kiss gently but passionately and say goodbye. He observes the city from the car, feeling happy.