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  • I discovered her by buying a vivid compilation of Cheyenne Silver (# to come) which offers her « Fresh » scene and like a lot of other fans, Tia is indeed the sexiest Latino I have ever seen: smiling, simple and a stunning body: fit, firm, fantastic booty and pair of tits! As a guy, you just see her and feel the desire to do her! It's all the more true that unlike other porn stars, she seems to appreciate this hobby: she has a very lively tongue and she is exceptional in sucking! Unfortunately, she was only active for two years (1997-1998) and we have so few movies with her!

    This one is in addition symbolic of the bulk of Vivid production: At a time when they have the best beautiful girls in the business, this company was to porn what MacDo is to food: cheap, fast, industrial and no inspiration. Here, Tia and her husband receive friends. They have sex by twisting partners but it's always quick and badly directed (action cut as well as the heads, too much close up!). So, Ralph Parfait is faraway to be his name! The only stunning fact is that Tia, even dressed in a long strict robe is just so hot!