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  • Warning: Spoilers
    This is the story of a man who works for a drug dealer - the abuse hurled by his boss and co-workers, the intrigues of the work, rejections and finally, revenge. It is a low-budget movie with just one camera set up in a fixed position throughout where we follow the man as he interacts with the people in his life.

    Worth noting is the occasional mock 'narcotics advertisements' throughout the movie as fillers which tells us why people want to use narcotics, with songs presumably if not all by Juan Dela Cruz Band.

    The movie has a very Southeast Asian appeal in that it could be adapted into Thai or Malay or Indonesian without much modifications needed because it is very representative of the struggles facing the region - the fight against drugs, discrimination against lady-boy and/or LGBTQI and the structure of power (which breeds oligarchies & cronyism while those at the bottom struggle to survive & to improve their positions in life).

    Not my favourite Filipino movie but it's still entertaining.