This movie remade as 2007's movie with the same title.

This movie based by a novel with the same title written by Marga T.

This was the number two most popular film in Jakarta, 1978, with 212,551 admissions, according to data from Perfin (National Film Distributors Association).

In an interview with Tempo magazine, director Teguh Karya candidly said, that he did not care much for the popularity of The Storm Will Pass. For him, "It was a fair exchange. The thing was, (because I made The Storm Will Pass) the producer allowed me to make Marriage For A Season (Perkawinan Dalam Semusim, 1976)."

The 35 mm copy of this title can be accessed from the collection of Sinematek Indonesia.

Slamet Rahardjo, who played the role of Helmy in 1977 version, returned to the 2007 version as Siska's father.